SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 26



“Do you Ella Adams promise to spend the rest of your life with Miguel Adams in all circumstances till life do you part? The priest asked “yes, I do” Ella replied with a bold smile written on her beautiful face.
That was how they officially became the mikElla couple. Such a cute couple they make! The hall was filled with family and friends, all dressed in their best outfits.
They were lots of gifts presented to the newlyweds.
Mr Adams bought a duplex in Aja estate, one of the newest and most classy estates in Ikeja and presented to the new couple. Mrs Adams is not left out as she presented lots of things like sofa, washing machine, kitchen utensils, plasma TV, gas cooker, etc to her kids. Both parents really made sure that their kids wedding was held in a grand style…. Both of them are their kids after all!
Ella cried a lot, yunno how daughters can be while Mike tried to be the man.
Cars? Both of them have cars. Mike’s father was promoted in zenith bank to the managerial so he employed his son as his secretary while Ella is one of the best neurosurgeons in Loot hospital.
The wedding is over, the new couple are in their new home. Did you notice? Ella Adams became Mrs Ella Adams, not much change.

Today’s event is really one thing that I’ll never forget in a lifetime. Mike carried me in a bridal form till we opened the door to our new home. This is the second time we’re coming here, we came three days ago with Dad, that was when he presented the big surprise to us. It’s still like a dream, one of the sweetest dreams ever to come true.
I looked round the house and I love what I am seeing, Mom already made the house conducive for us. Everything I would ever need in that house was there. Well, why not? After all her two kids are getting married today😋
God bless Momma and Popsy for me jareh!

Mike stretch forth his right hand for me, I took the hand while we walked upstairs. We didn’t actually talk to each other, just smiling at each other. He looked at me with one kind eye, I know the meaning of that look in his eyes but I dunno about you. I was shy, I giggled and buried my face in his neck as we walked to the room. He opened the door and ushered me in.. Awwn such a gentleman!
OMG… One of the most romantic room I’ve ever seen. Yunno the way they do it in the movies? I feel like I am in a movie right now. Lest I forget, I love the sweet aroma of this room .
On the bed was a short dark-red gown with spaghetti hand. I took the gown, on it was boldly written “wedding night” in white. I smiled, looked at Mike, he winked at me and left the room. Gosh! Am I ready for this🙄. I went into the bathroom and had my bath. I need no soothsayer to tell me to wear the cloth or to tell me what will happen next. I lied on the bed with one pillow in my hand and my head on the other. I was just smiling as I remembered when Mike told me yesterday night via whatsapp that he won’t go easy on me, that he’ll make sure to fulfill the promise he made to me five years ago the day I told him to impregnate me. You remember??
Just then, Mike came in. He stood at the door staring at me while I stared at him too. I dunno what he was looking at but I do know that I was checking out my man, he looked so handsome. I can’t believe he’s 26. Should I tell you what he’s wearing? Nope, on your wedding day you’ll know what your man should wear on his wedding night😝
I looked away shyly, dunno why I am so shy tonight. He laughed and joined me on the bed….
Mike : What are you thinking?
Ella : Anything possible
Mike : Did you think of this?.. He kissed me
Ella : Way way
He drew his face closer to kiss me again, I closed my eyes only for him to hit his forehead slightly against mine. I hissed, pretending to be angry, I turned away only for him to turn my face back with his left palm and kissed me passionately with a smile. Soon he laid me on the bed, I stopped “are you really going to do this to your own sister? I teased, Mike smiled “dunno about my sister but I could do it a million times with my wife” he kissed me “don’t you think? He asked and kissed me again “Huh? He kissed me again. We got carried away again, soon he was sucking my boobs and I enjoy it.. Really!
Mike took his hand under my gown, I was a bit scared as he removed my pant, he noticed and stopped, then he looked me intently in the eyes and said “I won’t hurt you, I promise”, I nodded in affirmation. Then he took off my gown, I was totally naked and ready. He kissed me down to………….
Dear reader, you can help me and complete this part of the story. You’re free to have bad thoughts and imaginations in your head 👌
The next morning, Mike wasn’t in the room when I woke up. I checked the time, twas 9am. “Ella, so you still think that you’re in your mother’s house, baa? I muttered to myself. “Crazy love, why are you talking yourself? Mike asked as he entered the room grinning at me. He was shirtless and wore a golden necklace. I could see some part of his fair hairy thighs through the knicker he was putting on, just then the event that took place in this very room with this very sexy dude came running through my memory lane “Good morning love” I quickly greeted and pulled the bed cover over my face. “morning angel” He hopped on the bed “how was your night?
I uncovered myself with my face still buried in the bed. I looked up at him with one eye…
Ella : “I woke up late
Mike : I’d be disappointed if you didn’t
Ella : You crippled me
Mike :..kissed Ella’s neck… Second round?
Ella :…laughing.. kukuma kill me
Mike : Come and have your breakfast
Ella : ummh.. You prepared something?
Mike : yes nah
Ella : Noodles? Tea? I know you wouldn’t dare prepare a nice meal
Mike : I would try anything for my lady
Ella :…smiles.. But I can’t walk
Mike : Lemme carry you
…He didn’t even wait for me to respond, baba swept me off my feet. Yunno what? He dropped me on the staircase and ran away..
Ella : What for nah
Mike : .. laughing..I want to see you limp
Ella : Chai.. It’s not fair nah
I tried walking down but I couldn’t walk straight, such a bad boy! He came and kept his back for me but I refused to hop on, feigning annoyance. He carried me again to the dinning table. He made Jollof rice, I am salivating already. I started eating. …
Mike : Do you like it?
Ella : eehm.. It’s manageable
Mike : are you for real?
Ella : Pls I want some more
Mike : No way
Ella : ..laughing. ..pls nah
Mike : Not until you say something nice about my food
Ella : I won’t
Mike : Dey there nah
Ella : OK. I love the food and the person who made it, both are delicious
…..he then released the food for me to dish more. Half into the meal, I noticed Mike has been staring at me.
Ella : Where did you buy this chicken this morning?
Mike : Not very far
Ella : Don’t tell me you went out looking like this
Mike : And what if I did?
Ella : This jobless girls will not know that you’re married
Mike : Hahaha.. Got them tripping
Ella : ..dropped my spoon.. “you’re so unbelievable, they will come for you. God, what do I do now? I don’t know why you’re just so handsome” I picked up my spoon Again and continued eating
Mike :..laughing so hard.. “Better treat me well, many fine girls hello-ed me ten times today
Ella : Let them try, I’ll just break their bones
….he was still staring at me, not really me actually but my boobs “just what on earth are you staring at to the extent that you’re eating with the back of your spoon? I asked
Mike : you caught me
Ella : what?
Mike : You’re distracting me.
Ella : How?
Mike : I wan chop
Ella : See food, eat nah… Pointing to the food on the table
Mike : Not this one naaah..
Ella : ..pretending… That’s the only one I know
….he stood up from where he was sitting and made his way towards me cox I was sitting opposite him “don’t come near me oh” but baba don reach sef. He was just turning me on with that his eyes. I quickly averted my eyes amidst smiles……
Mike : Baby look at me nah
Ella : ..eating.. I don’t want you to charm me
Mike : If not me then who?
Ella : After you na you
Mike : Then? Treat me well nah.. He came behind me and placed his neck on mine. I then looked up at him….
Ella : Yunno, am still wondering if you’re still a newbie in this act
Mike :..chuckles… Then let me make you wonder some more”. He carried me up and made me sit on the dinning table. He shifted the dishes to the other side of it….
Ella : Am not done eating
Mike : Let’s chop first
Ella : My legs are still paining me nah
Mike : Why?
Ella : Is it not you?
…he smiled and bit his lower lips seductively, then he pulled down my gown through the hand to my waist level.
Ella : Hey! We’re in the dinning
Mike : We can do it anywhere
Ella : Then get ready to father a nation
Mike : Haha.. Of course I’ll
Ella : Naughty brat, how can you be so irresistible……

***10 years later…
“Mummy, mummy, mummy ” Alexa called out to me as she ran to hide behind me…
I gave birth to twins, Alex and Alexa. Just then, Alex ran inside the kitchen too…
Alex: Come here now!
Alexa: No way!
Ella : What happened sweetie?
Alex: Mommy, Alexa scattered the room and ran away. I just finished arranging it just like you instructed
Ella : Huni is that true?
Alexa: Mommy he went inside the room with the TV remote so I wouldn’t have to change the channel. I asked him nicely but he refused to give it to me so I started scattering the room
Ella : Alex why nah? You shouldn’t have done that
Alex: Mommy it’s not fair. You’re supporting Alexa whereas it’s a girl that is supposed to arrange the room
Alexa: ….making face for Alex
Alex: Mommy shebi you see now
Mommy : Baby stop that. Apologize to your brother now
Alexa: uh uh
Ella : Hurry and grow up lemme separate you guys
Alex: …angry.. She doesn’t want to apologise
Ella : come here my boy.. I squat down and drew him closer into my arms…. Yunno what? Go upstairs and take a shower then you come down for lunch. Alexa will have to arrange the room since she’s too big to say sorry
Alexa : OK sorry, Mike sorry, please nah am sorry
Ella : too late. Right my boy?
Alex:…smiling and nodding… Yes
Ella : Give mommy a kiss nah
Alex :..laughing… No jhoor. Have you brush your teeth today?
Ella : God! You’re so unbelievable
Alex: Oya take… He pecked me and ran upstairs
Alexa : no kiss, no hug, Nothing, nothing For me
Ella: I’ll give you double when you’re done with what I asked you to do
Alexa: really? Let me take one now… She hurriedly pecked me and ran away too
Ella : ..laughing… Thief!
Alexa: I love you too!… She screamed on her way up
Ella :…smiling… Love you baby.. I muttered to myself
……five minutes later. Mike came into the kitchen. This feeling just never changes, you wake up each morning only to love more.
Mike : I love what I am perceiving
Ella : You went straight to bed when we returned from church, hope you’re fine?
Mike : Yes love… He carried me up to his waist level and I crossed my legs behind him and hands behind his neck
Mike : Did you miss me?
Ella : no way
Mike : Sure?
Ella : very very
He kissed me and stopped a few seconds later….
Mike : Maybe I should just leave since you didn’t miss me
Ella : Joker!….. I bent and took his lips again. Some seconds into the kiss, I heard “Chakam! . Twas the kids in their swimming pants, they just took a picture of uswith the camera their Dad bought for the ……
Ella : What?
Alex and Alexa : ….laughing
Ella : Thought I told you guys to take your bath?
Alex: We’re going to the swimming pool
Ella : And the room?
Alexa: We arranged it?
Ella: we?
Alexa: …smiling… Yes!.. Then they ran towards the door. Hearts of children, one minute they are fighting, the next minute, they’re playing. I was still on Mike’s body…. Mike: They’re my kids after all. Told them to make memories with the camera and they’re doing a good job
Ella : our kids
Mike : Sorry Ma
….I watched Alex and Alexa through the window as they dived into the water, happy and healthy, I looked at my husband, brother turned lover, I looked at myself, just who am I to be so blessed by the almighty? Then I muttered……


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