SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 25



We Forgave Mum for everything that she’d to us. It wasn’t that hard sha tho mum was at the Verge of losing our love Especially mine. Within a week the house returned to normality, mom on her part tried her very best in pleasing us.
School actually resumed last week but I will be going back to school next week.
Yes, just me.. Mike is going abroad to complete his studies. We can’t just let mommy’s money waste at least he’ll be going on a good note now, I fully support his traveling even though am gonna miss him a whole lot. Dad will be back in three days time, am so happy cox am sure he’ll buy goodies for us and I’ve missed him too.
Mike felt so free, no more Mom will do this or that. In fact, he became such a clingy boyfriend especially now that he’ll soon leave. When am cooking, he’ll come and hug me from behind, when am watching movie, he’ll come and lie on my laps, most times he’s my room, etc.. But I love it jhoor tho he doesn’t do that when Mom is around. If mom is around we’ll be chatting online, even when mom is watching movies with us in the sitting room, Mike will be in the other chair chatting me.. Such a crazy lover! Ask me what we’re always talking about , I dunno sef but we always have something to text each other. Sometimes it’s love text messages, we’ll just be challenging each other, you’re to reply within five minutes, the first person to run out of what to say will grant the other a wish.
Three days later, Dad returned from California. He bought lots of things for us especially clothes and foot wears but my favorite was the electronic sawing machine, yes he bought it for me! I was so excited eh… Now I can make fine dresses for myself and mom, sorry I didn’t learn how to saw boys clothes too.
On my birthday, twas just celebrated by my family and few friends. Mom prepared a big chocolate cake and different delicacies and that was her own present for me. Are you curious as to what Mike presented to me? Well, I won’t tell you. Maybe you should guess, I’ll tell you in the final episode 👌

The following week, I returned back to school. Chommy still is and will always be my best friend. Omolala and Jasper came back too, a changed person. They were still hot headed as before but they don’t bully people again, no more cultism or sleeping around, more serious with studies, no criminal activities, etc. In fact, omolala and I became friends, she invested her money, now she owns the biggest and most classic boutique in school for both male and female wears. Jasper still cared for me like a junior sister.
I really do miss Mike a lot tho I was in touch with him. We had video calls most of the time.

*** 5 years later, Emeka got married. He was supposed to get married six months ago but because Mike was going to come back this month after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he postponed it. Guess who he got married to?.. Chommy!
Yesssoh he got married to my best friend. Don’t even ask me how it happened cox their love story still dey do me like joke sef. Emeka the player that we used to know is now a one lady’s man. I was the chief bridesmaid while Mike was the best man.

Twas very nice having Mike finally home. He comes back every December but he didn’t come back last year, so it’s been two years since I last saw him. But now, he’s finally home, no more going back again! We actually had other troubles in our relationship but the main storm is over. Other ones were just lover’s quarrels and fights yunno of which I actually enjoyed. But this time around, the Ogbanje that used to possess girls came over me. I went through Mike’s timeline and saw the last photo he posted before coming back. Twas a picture of him and a white girl, I became a little jealous. It’s not the first time I am seeing this photo oh. I took it to Mike to make troubles…..
Ella : Who’s this girl?
Mike : Are you just seeing this photo? You even commented on it
Ella : I know but who is she?
Mike :.. Smiles… A friend. Isn’t she just so pretty?
Ella :..scoffs.. Pretty ko, pretty my ass
Mike : Are you jealous?
Ella : Why should I be jealous of her? I just don’t know why you’re so relaxed holding her waist, you even posted it on social media
Mike :..laughing..Hia! You were begging me to come back and now you’re giving me head ache, I’ll just leave
Ella : …Angry tone.. I know you’re missing her. Goan meet her nah
Mike : Hmmm
………He stood up to leave. I became angry for real, why is he not petting me?
Ella : Where are you going? Do you want to go and call her?
Mike : ..soft voice.. What’s wrong with you this afternoon?
Ella : You nah, why would you hold the waist of a woman who’s not your girlfriend? Are you cheating on me or what?
Mike :..surprised.. Are you for real?
Ella : Tell me, what business do you have with her?
Mike : but you saw this pic last month
Ella : So? It just caught my eyes today. Why do I feel as if you love her?
Mike : Yunno what? I don’t have your time this afternoon.
….he started going up stairs. This is not what I wanted, I just needed a little petting. Why can’t he just say something sweet like he used to do? I began to doubt if he now has a change of heart, I felt as if he now loves someone else. He should have given me attention, why didn’t he he say anything about the girl?
Ella : Mike, do you still love me or you’re just with me because of Mom?
…..he stopped at the stair case, looked at me, shook his head and continued going.
A day, two, I didn’t speak with Mike. By now we’ve gotten jobs so we’re both busy actually. I began to doubt if I still want to be with Mike, I felt as if he’s still with me not because he still loves me as before but because he was afraid of Mom.
The third day, as I came back from work. Red roses were sprayed from our door to upstairs, I called out to Mom and Mike but no one answered. Even our little cousin that came for holidays, she didn’t answer too. I kept going up, the flowers led to my room. What’s happening? I entered the room and twas so well decorated in red and white.
“For all the times you stood by me….. By Westlife” was playing. Just then Mike came out from where he was hiding behind the door smiling mischievously “this is my sincere reply to your unending questions” he said. I was speechless, those eyes, his eyes, they always get me all the time, I was lost in them, I totally forgot that I am supposed to be angry with him, I was just smiling. Then he knelt on one knee, brought out a diamond ring from his pocket “Pls Angel, will you marry me? He asked softly
I just stared at him with so much love and disbelief, so he acted like he acted like he didn’t care just give me HBP. I hit him slightly on the shoulder “Go away jhoor, you scared me. You didn’t even talk to me for two days and I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head” I said in a teary voice, he was just laughing at me.
………..What if I say NO??? 😝


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