SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 24



I love my kids but there’s nothing like blood. I know what I passed through when Ella was still in my womb, even she fainted two times the day she was born. I really love my daughter and doesn’t want her to make mistakes that will cost her a lot. When she confessed of being in love with Mike, I was secretly happy to be sincere. I raised Mike myself and knows the kind of child he is, I know what he’s capable of doing and what he would never do. I knew he would never hurt his sister but I don’t know about his woman, I’ve never seen him with a girlfriend to know how loving he could be. I wanted to make sure that I could trust him with Ella as his woman and not sister, I wanted to be sure that he would still love her like a man. All this while, they’ve been siblings not lovers, I wanted to be sure of what they felt for each other, I wanted to be sure that they’re not mistaking the closeness they had since they were kids for LOVE. Also, I was scared, scared that Mike might go in search of his biological mother and leave me, scared that he just wants to deceive Ella after realizing that she is not his biological sister… After all, men will always be men!
Their father told me to let them be, if I use an iron fist on them, then they would do the unthinkable. I know what he said is true, what they need at this moment is our emotional support and guidance. But I thought, maybe I should test them that way I would know better.
I first placed a CCTV camera in Ella’s room when Mike was gone to watch her reactions. She cried most nights, I thought maybe she’s just missing her brother, it can’t be love. And when Mike returned and told Ella to stop undressing in front of him, I thought he was just being an elder brother, it can’t be love. Amama said let those children be for I know true love when I see one but I replied “gimme time and I will prove to you that it’s not love”. I was never going to kill Emeka, not for any reason. What the waiter added in Emeka’s food was sleeping pills not poison but that shook Mike up to renounce Ella. I wasn’t disappointed, Mike has a good heart and I want that quality in any man that wants to be with Ella.
“Torturing you on my part was to know if you can endure anything for her, anything at all that would affect your human body, Be it hunger, starvation. I know this is not marriage but it’ll someday lead to marriage. You can’t use and dump my daughter for me. She said to have dated other guys before, but that’s none of my business. I had no idea about them, but the one that made my daughter to dare challenge me has to prove to me that he loves her too.. Just as much!
Am sorry for abducting your friend but that too did help me to get what I needed. Keeping you under watch and ordering you not to go anywhere is because I want to know if you still listen to my voice. I just wanted to know if you still respect me as your mom or you’ve grown wings….
Ella : That reminds me, where did you get boys?
Mom: They were my juniors in the military
Ella : Why are you telling us this things now?
Mom: Because I want you guys to know that I am still the sweet mom yunno. A mother can do anything to ensure the future of her children. I was hurt when Ella called me a monster, my heart cracked when she begged Mike to impregnate her and it finally broke when she wished me death by poisoning. That was when I realized that I’ve done more than enough, the worst fear of a mother is loosing the love of her children. Mike please forgive me, forgive mommy, I really love you my son. I shouldn’t have left scars on your body, I should have known that you will always be the best of you tho as long as you bath everyday, whenever you look at them, you’ll remember Ella and never let go cox I won’t forgive you if you hurt my daughter. Do you think that I didn’t want to have other children? But the creator gave me only one and I would do anything to ensure her happiness. Your grandma predicted it when you were just seven and eight years old but I doubted it. As you grow older you’ll realize that even mothers make mistakes too, I shouldn’t have done what I did to you guys. I know I’ve hurt both of you badly, pls forgive me. I’ve always been a good mother for the past 19 years, don’t let the bad side of me which you experienced for a month fill your hearts more than the good deeds I’ve done for years. I do support true love whenever I see one, I give you my blessings today, tommorow and forever! I know it won’t be easy to forgive Mom but I do hope for you guys to do that for me plss”…she stood up and left in tears.

Why am I crying? Just then I wished to be with my biological mother. Everything Mom did didn’t hurt me before but why does it hurt now, why does it hurt so much? I was speechless, Mom did everything just to ensure the happiness of her daughter, I was right after all. What would my own mother do to ensure my happiness? The tears kept flowing, ask me why I am crying, I don’t know sef. Does she deserve my forgiveness?

Mom is so unbelievable! I left as soon as she left. I was pacing up and down in my room. I was furious and confused.. Should I thank Mom or Stay angry at her? All those things were just test? Unbelievable! She should have just let nature test us, why did she have to do all that? It’ll really be hard for me to forgive her. Just then I remembered Mike, Mom and I left her room. She went down stairs while I went to my room, I rushed back to mom’s room but he was gone. I went to his room but twas locked from inside, I started knocking softly “Mike please open the door” but there was no reply. I kept knocking till he said….
Mike : Go away Ella
Ella : Open this door
Mike :Don’t worry about me, I am fine
Ella : Mike please open the door
Mike : Just go….I’m h—y
Ella : Do you get h—y when you cry?
Mike : Yes, go to your room
Ella : Then open this door
Mike : Why? Will you give me what I want?
Ella : If only you will have the heart to take it
…….He didn’t reply, I know he just wants to send me away. After sometime, he opened the door and returned to his bed. I just stood at door staring at him, he looked pale, sad and moody, this is not my handsome and strong Mike. I could feel his pain, how can the Mom he loved so much treat him like that without mercy all in the name of test? The more I looked at him, the angrier I became at Mom. That moment, I wished he was raised by his biological Mom. She would never do such thing to him, right? He was really pained, I could see it, I could feel it. The next thing, tears started falling out of his eyes as he laid on the bed. We just stared at each other….
Mike : Her mother’s daughter. Yunno, I never knew I was jealous of you, not until today. I really envy you.
Ella : That can’t be the only thing you have to say, say some more
Mike : Should I?
Ella : Yes, go ahead, let it out. I promise to delete it
Mike : …smiles in tears.. Life can be cruel, the world is cruel. Dead or alive, my biological mother is cruel and I pray never to see her. I curse the sperm that formed me and the womb that womb that carried me. I hate this feeling I have right now and pray it never finds itself in me ever again.
Ella : ..In tears.. That can’t be all. Nothing for Mom? How can they be nothing for her? Pls say more
Mike : I wish…I wish.. I wish Mom was my.. my mother! That’s all
He broke down and cried. I went and laid on his chest, we cried… Together. Mom shouldn’t have hurt Mike this much, I’ve never seen him in so much pain before. He’s always been a good boy, he loves Mom so much, she shouldn’t have done anything to remind him that she’s not his biological mother.

After sometime, the atmosphere was a bit clear….
Mike : Go to your room
Ella : You always say that to me all the time but you do wish that I say ‘no, am not going’ right? No! Am not going, I’ll spend the night.
Mike : The camera is still there
Ella : It has always been there
………I cuddled up in his arms…..
Ella : Maybe we should look for her
Mike : Who?
Ella : Your mother
Mike : I don’t need her
Ella : She’ll be very beautiful
Mike : How do you know?
Ella : Cox you’re very handsome
Mike : She can’t be more beautiful than our own Mom
Ella : Why do you love Mom so much?
Mike : Give me a reason why I should hate her
Ella : What she did to you nah
Mike : It’s not worth the love she showered on me for twenty years
Ella : But…
Mike : Can we please not talk about this?
Ella : k. I love you Mike
Mike : Love you too.. Kissed Ella’s lips.. Now sleep ok?
Ella : ok. Good night
Mike : Sweet dreams
…..He stood up and turned off the lights



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