SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 23



OMG… This girl is really testing my Pimpim Me? Sleep with Ella? No, no, no. I rushed out of the room. I was really sweating eh. But wait oh, the weather is cold, really cold plus the AC in my room so why was it hot in there? Why do I feel so hot? As I was going down the stairs, I pulled off my shirt and placed it armrest. I rushed the refrigerator and gulped down a bottle of water. I thought of Ella in my room, those pointed nipples staring at me, beautiful girl begging me for sex, the woman I love was there waiting for me to touch her, I started going up stairs to do as she asked but I stopped halfway. I just couldn’t, Mom will kill me!
It’s true that I was in love with my sister before I came to know that we’re not blood related but I have always loved and treated her like my sister right from childhood. It’s already hard adapting to her as my girlfriend, and now she wants me to make love to her? No, I can’t. Some part of me still sees her as my little sister. I went in to the guest room bathroom and turned on the shower.
I sat on the floor, staring at nothing in particular while the water helped in cooling my head. I walked straight to my room and thank God, Ella was gone. Yes, I was relieved that she’s still not in my room cox I might do as she requested. I was already feeling guilty, twas as if she got h—y and begged me to quench her fire yet I refused. Yunno one of the hardest things as a guy? Resisting the woman you love.. That’s it!
It’s hard for a guy to say no to the woman he loves when she ask for sex, most wives find it hard to ask their husbands for sex that’s why any day they ask for sex from their husbands, even if he’s in the office, he would leave whatever he’s doing and come home to meet his wife cox it must have taken her a lot of courage to do that. We’re young with hot bloods, Grace saw me through. That’s why I don’t judge my age mates like Emeka who lost their virginity a long time ago, maybe they couldn’t hold it in any longer. Respect virgins if you see one cox it’s really not easy for them in this world where men have sex in the streets. And do not hate a non-virgin cox twas grace that kept you all this while.
F–k love??… No.
F–k the person who made you think that. Love is really sweet!

*****After Mom instructed Ella and I to come to her room, we followed her immediately with fears. What is she up to? Will she now kill us? As we entered her room, Mom came and hugged me tightly..
Mom: Thank you my son, thank you so much
Ella : My son?
Mike : ..confused.. Mommy are you OK?
Mom: I know everything that transpired between both you this night?
Mike: What are you talking about?
Mom: Ella go inside your rooms and check the back of your door, edge of the curtains
Ella : What for?
Mom: Go first
……a minute later
Ella : Miguel!
Mike : What happened?
Ella : CCTV cameras
Mike : What?
Mom: You can never outsmart me. I’ve been monitoring your rooms since you returned. I know sneaks into your room every night.
Mike : ..scared.. Mommy we didn’t do anything oh!
Mom: I know
Ella : So, why didn’t you react to it?
Mom: Because it’s not a dirty meeting
Ella: Should we now clap for you?
Mike : Ella
Mom: Let her speak, she’s angry.
Mike : Mom, do you still hate me?
Mom : Am sorry Mike, I never hated you. Your Dad said what you guys need right now in other not to misbehave is our support but I decided to use an iron hand instead. Forgive me my kids, if you think that it’s a test, then it is. There’s no true love story without hurdles.
Ella : Story! All those bad things you did was just a test. You even tried to kill Emeka.
Mom: I would never kill, I just threatened while making it look real.
Mike: OK fine, let’s say that twas just a test. Where did you get the heart to do such things?
Mom: Don’t forget I used to be in the army till I quit and started selling cosmetics\Provision 9 years ago. I can do anything I set my heart on but not at the expense of loosing the love of my kids. What Ella did today brought me back to my senses, I came to realize that I am at the verge of loosing my precious little minnows.
Ella : So, you watched everything? Like, everything!
Mom:..smiles.. Both of you come here and sit down let me tell you the full story.

Do you believe this c–k and bull story? Even she’s saying the truth, don’t you think that mom crossed the line?


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