SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 21



It all started the day we returned from the village, I went to greet Mom alone but she slapped me five times, she called me names saying that I discovered that she is not my biological mother so I decided to spoil her daughter for her. She told me not to date Ella but I insisted that I really love her, and that I meant no harm. She threatened to kick me out out of the house, just look at me, where would I go to if I get kicked out of this house? Then she called the school management in my presence, twas not fake cox twas a video call, I could see Professor Ahamefuna with my own eyes. They negotiated and he agreed to manipulate Ella’s results so that she will have a carry over, that way Dad will become angry and won’t buy the electronic sawing machine that he promised to give Ella on her twentieth birthday. Ella had learned how to saw after secondary school, she had been begging Dad for this electronic sawing machine, also she was already going to third year, if she has carry over now then that would be my fault. Repeating class that she’s already done with, I just couldn’t take it, That was when I started keeping my distance.Then I thought to myself “Mom would never do such to Ella, her flesh and blood.. It’s not possible” I decided to still keep the relationship going, but then she did the unexpected. The day Ella went to meet Emeka, one of the workers there was mom’s person. I could watch you guys from mom’s room cox the waiter connected a secret video camera. He poisoned Emeka’s food and served, I was scared of loosing my best friend so I promised Mom that I would never have anything to do with Ella again. Unknown to me, mom already has my transfer papers and said that the only way she could believe me was for me to go continue my studies abroad and stay far from Ella. Mom said that if I have ever seen and respect her as my mother, if I appreciate the fact that she took good care of me right from childhood then I would have to do as she said. I was helpless cox I really love Mom a lot, now she wants me to prove it. I promised to do as she said on the condition that she shifts my travelling to be next month so I could sort myself out. I was actually supposed to travel two weeks ago. She did as I requested, that was why I broke up with Ella but because I couldn’t stay in the same house with her till next month due to the fact that it breaks my heart, I decided to run away from Ella and Mommy.I don’t want to travel and I don’t want to keep seeing Ella in pain, thinking that I betrayed her. But Mom found me the next day, her boys kidnapped Emeka and I, for three good days we’re beaten up, no food. I begged to let go of my friend but she refused. Instead she let go of me and told me to stay in Emeka’s house, with her boys under watch. As I am talking to you now, Emeka is still under mom’s custody. She said that she will release him after I’ve gone out of Nigeria…..
Ella : Do you really expect me to believe this? Mom would never do such!

Mike : You see, that’s why I couldn’t tell you. Mom said that she prefer Emeka to date you, that’s why I told you to go ahead with him.
Ella : Do you mean to say that mommy is holding Emeka captive somewhere?
Mike : Yes. Why didn’t you see Emeka in his house after 5 days?
Ella : Because he traveled
Mike : And who told you that he traveled, me right? She’s using him to threaten me. Oya look at me… He pulled up his trouser….
Ella : Oh my God, you have scars on your ankle
Mike : You see, yunno am fair. My legs and wrists were tied to a chair for 3 days alongside Emeka…. He pulled off his shirt…. Look at my back and chest
…Ella was surprised, I had scars on my body as a result of what mom’s boys did to me, she couldn’t believe it.
Ella :..stammering… You, you, you mean that, that, Mom, our own Mom did this to you?
Mike: Even I myself couldn’t believe it. You need to hear the words coming out of her mouth, I am a bastard child, I was picked from the gutter, I am a poor orphan, I have no status or something to boast of yet I dare to seduce her daughter. That she might have raised me but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a low class, that a nobody like me can never have any thing to do with you.
Ella :..crying… Mike pls tell me that you’re lying to me
Mike : Am not lying pls believe me. I actually knew that you were at the gate the day you came to Emeka’s house but I refused to open it
Ella : But you were surprised to see me
Mike: Mom called me in the afternoon and told me that you left the house in search of me. I should make sure that I leave no trace, she said that I will then have to travel from Emeka’s house without seeing you again. When you arrived Lekki that midnight, her boys called her and told her that you were around. She called me and told me that I shouldn’t open the gate when you arrive but then you came in some minutes later, that’s why I was surprised as to how you came in.
Ella : ..crying.. How did she get boys? Why did she become like this?
Mike : Even I myself is still recovering from the shock. Do you still think that I am lying?
Ella : No, cox that day I went to meet Emeka. The waiter served him food, he didn’t start eating immediately cox we were chatting. When he was ready to eat, the waiter rushed and took the food, he said that he made a mistake and that he’ll serve another one. Emeka was like “I ordered Jollof rice and that’s what I got” but he said that the one he served is not meant for him. I was really mad at him that day, I thought twas just another careless waiter working, it didn’t occur to me that something is fishy.

Mike : Mom said that I have to choose between her and you and to be sincere, I can’t choose. She just wants the best for you, it’s just a matter of time she’ll stop all this tho she’s taking it too far.
Ella : Are you defending her or you’re just comforting yourself? Can’t you see? Mom has turned to a monster, she’ll do more
Mike : Ella, watch your mouth. Despite all this, I never insulted her for once. I just told you cox you want to know the truth, but don’t insult Mom OK. Don’t call her names.
Ella : I’ll report to the police
Mike : Am I stupid for not reporting? Just trust me on this OK?
Ella : No, no, noo… I will report
Mike : Just listen to me pls. I really missed you Ella, now that we’re finally together just listen to me pls. Else we might be separated again, just trust me ok
Ella : OK, if you say so
Mike : Don’t tell Mom about this OK. Don’t call me, my phone is bugged. Keep pretending like we’re at war, let’s fool her, that way she won’t create more troubles for us
Ella : like seriously? I should just keep quiet?
Mike : yes… Seeing that she’s not happy.. Ella plsss
Ella : OK fine
I reconciled with Ella and I was happy to have cleared the misunderstanding between us. When Mom returned, Ella acted as if she will never reconcile with me in this life, she’s so good at acting. Mom was happy because Ella is angry at me and I know it. Later in the night, Ella sneaked into my room. She slept in my arms till morning… Cuddling things yunno.
The next day, Dad traveled after seeing me, so Mom became more strict.
A week to the date of my departure, Ella couldn’t take it anymore so she sneaked into my room at night just as usual. The next thing, she started undressing….
Mike : What are you doing?
Ella : Are you dumb?
Mike : Huh?
Ella : Impregnate me
Mike : What???


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