SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 20



A lot of things has been happening since we returned from the village of which Ella is not aware of. I ran away from home, denied ever loving her, not contacting her, pretending to be alright……. All because I love her a lot, more than she can imagine! I don’t just know what to do, I am in a dilemma. A situation where you have to choose between two people you sincerely love with your whole heart is a very delicate one. Seeing her here again is so heart warming and heart breaking. I am happy because it shows that I still have a place in her heart, on the other hand I am sad because I can’t even express my happiness over her presence here tonight.
Like joke, Ella stayed for two more days. After she asked “what exactly is going on between you and Mom?…I couldn’t answer her. Since then, she insisted on knowing what’s happening and won’t leave till I talk to her. I’ve been avoiding her since she came and she doesn’t care. She said that I’ll tell her the truth when I am tired of hiding it from her.
It’s been five days since ella came. She’s in front of me, yet I miss her everyday. She cooks food but doesn’t dish for me or eat with me, she eats with Chisom and spend most her time with her. To some extent I became jealous of the little girl. But I don’t blame her cox it’s all my fault, I snub her whenever she talks to me, I keep maintaining my distance with her and so she decided to also do same.
Chisom was sleeping in the afternoon when I walked up to Ella in the sitting room…..
Mike : Ella what are you doing here?
Ella : I came to take you home
Mike : Really? But I don’t think so
Ella : Why?
Mike : Because we don’t even talk, chat, etc. So, you didn’t come for me ok
Ella : Alright fine, I came to meet my boyfriend but he traveled so I am staying till he returns
Mike : your boyfriend?
Ella : Yes nah, Emeka. You said I could get back together with him. You said I should trust him and love him from now hence forth, am just taking your advice
Mike : But you said you don’t want him
Ella :..stood up…”What do you want me to do? Just what on earth should I do? I want you but you don’t want me, I came to you but you pushed me away, I missed you, I searched for you and I found you yet you pretend like I don’t exist. You advised me, I decided to take your advice and now you’re asking me why I am taking your advice. You don’t talk to me, you avoid me, you are here with me yet I miss you every single second. But do you know what, I am not going anywhere till I am satisfied . At least it’s better than before, at least I see you everyday and know that you’re still alive, at least I cook healthy food for you every day and know that you’re okay”…yunno, Ella is too emotional, by now she was crying. “pls leave me alone, pls. Just do as you please. I’ll leave when I want, since you don’t know me, keep it that way and stop confusing me by acting like you know me. Ignore whatever I do or say and don’t worry, I know my presence here is pissing you off…
Mike : ..feeling bad…. “Ella…
Ella : Am not done talking, since my presence is pissing you off, don’t worry I’ll soon leave but don’t forget that I’ll be waiting, be quick and come fast else I might be gone before you come cox I won’t be waiting forever”
Mike : You won’t be waiting forever? But you said it will always be me or nobody else.
Ella : I just changed my mind. Yunno I hate people who hurt me. You hurt me everyday yet I still love you, maybe it’s high time I place you where you belong since I make no meaning in your life anymore. “Let go of people who don’t value you” remember you taught me.
Mike : Yunno that’s not true. I….. But she brushed me aside and barged into Chisom’s room where she was staying. Within a minute she came out with the car key and a little bag containing the clothes she bought from the street when she came, Ella was leaving…..
Mike : Ella wait I’ll tell you everything!
But she was really hurt, she left. I was hurt too, I should have told her everything there is to tell. She ran away with mom’s car just to find me, Mom won’t take it lightly with her. She came here just for me only to get treated like trash by the same me. If she loves that much, why did I deny her? Why did I snub her? Why did I leave her? I want to just open up to her no matter how it hurts. If she still wants to be with me after everything I have to say, then I am lucky she loves me. I don’t want to loose her love, I don’t want this misunderstanding to last for long.
I went in and packed my things, I don’t care what ever Mom will do again. By the way, can she really do that? I came out of my room all ready to go, that was when I remembered that Chisom is sleeping and she’s the only one at home. I called her elder sister to come and pick her. She later came in the evening, so I left that evening. I met mom in her shop, she told me to go home and wait for her. I went home, straight to Ella’s room. She was sleeping, this time she was just wearing pant with face downwards…. She never change! I turned to leave “where are you going? Didn’t you come to see me? She asked. I was stunned….
Mike : So, you’re awake?
Ella : You woke me up”…she walked up to her wardrobe, took a top and bum short and wore in front of me.
Mike : Don’t you think it’s high time you stop undressing in front of me
Ella : Why? Didn’t you say that you are still my brother, always!
Mike : You’ll be twenty next month
Ella : Which is why I’ve been wondering if you will gift me as a brother or boyfriend?
……. I didn’t talk, I was just staring at her.
Ella :..using her two hands to hold her waist… “Oya, start talking”. I stared at her for 15 more seconds, then I rushed and hugged her.
Ella : tell me you missed me
Mike : I missed you
Ella : Add “so much” to it
Mike : I missed you so much
Ella : Say something else I want to hear
Mike : I love you, I love you Ella, I really love you so much.
Ella :..emotional.. “Fool, what happened to you? You’ll tell me right?
I disengaged from the hug and nodded in affirmation. She sat down on the bed and slightly hit the bed three times with her right hand, I went and sat down beside her.
Mike : You sure you want to hear it?
Ella :..nodded
Mike :..takes a deep breath ..”it started the day we came back from the village that I went to see Mom alone………


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