SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 2


Yunno sometimes, we are so angry that we have nothing to say. After Ella told me what happened today I felt like tearing Dan apart cox I warned him sternly not to make my sister cry. I was also mad at Ella for not listening to me when I told her not to have another boyfriend after Toyosin broke up with her but that wasn’t the right time to vent my anger on her.
I actually went out for two reasons; to cheer Ella up and to find Daniel. That’s why I kept walking down the street buying whatever she wanted while looking forward to fulfilling my second mission cox Dan live down the street, not very far from my house. Just then I sighted him holding a girl’s waist and be laughing like goat.

As am walking towards him, only God knows what’s on my mind. He haven’t seen me yet cox his back was facing me.

I ran after Mike but cars were passing so I couldn’t cross immediately. I think with the way and expression Mike walked towards Daniel, the girl knew there was trouble so Dan looked behind him but twas too late.
Mike threw a punch at his face followed by another three, they wasn’t any space for Dan to fight back cox he didn’t see that coming. I smiled to myself but I had to go over there, the traffic lights turned red thereby halting the cars and I crossed immediately. On arrival they were arguing seriously ….
Mike: you scumbag, you dare to make my sister cry? I am the only guy permitted to make her cry, any other guy I will beat to death! He shouted
Dan: do you force people to be with your sister? I don’t want to be with her anymore
Mike: I don’t force people to be with my sister but I will send anyone who makes her cry to hell, he said with a calmed voice.

I was crying now, those words ‘I am the only one permitted to make her cry’ has always been Miguel’s words to anyone who hurt me right from childhood and he had tried keeping it that way. Even when those older than him bully’s me, he always has a way of getting back at them.

After their fight, Dan was feeling bad.
Just as Mike turned to go…
Dan : Miguel
Mike: …heaved, stopped and turned his neck facing Dan.
Dan: Am really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt her or you. I really liked Ella, even now I still like her. You’ve got a great sister believe me I’d deal with anyone who hurts my only sister assuming I had one. (Dan is the only child of his parents) but I dunno, just felt like leaving, even now I still don’t know why I left her but still, I don’t want to be with her anymore even tho the spark is still there. I just feel like I shouldn’t be with her.

Mike didn’t talk but now I was angry, how can he say he likes me yet broke up with me for no reason. Does that make sense?
I walked up to him ‘really? You left for no reason? Whoever leaves for no reason? I asked Dan. ‘you’re coward Dan, yunno what? I don’t care anymore! Even if you ever come back I won’t accept you. You liar! You are a real a—–e yunno. You’re nothing but a player. You don’t believe in relationship without sex. Go to hell for all I care! I screamed at his face. Even I was surprised cuz I didn’t see those words coming out of my mouth.
Dan just smiled and said ‘you should have done this before Ella. Know your worth and don’t cry for people who are not worth it. Make them know you’re not to be messed with OK. I love the new you Ella’ he walked away with the other girl.
Now, am starting to realize it. I always cry when a guy wants to break up with me for no good reason or their mistake. I run to answer their calls, am waiting for them earlier before time whenever we’re going on a date, I apologize all the time…. And that’s it, I have never make any guy realise my worth. I didn’t make any of know that I am worth waiting for, worth pleading for my care and attention, worth apologizing to sincerely, etc. I always give in my all when am in a relationship. I say ‘it’s fine, it’s OK, am not annoyed’ all the time. That’s why they think am way too easy. I just realized it now, well thank you Daniel.
I sadly watched him walk away. Mike turned to me, looking into my eyes ‘Sometimes people leave for no reason and sometimes, that’s okay’ he said and headed home. He didn’t talk to me till we reached home, twas really awkward.

Mom was at home when we arrived. I looked at the wall clock twas 8.57pm, Mom must have been home since 8.00.
She was preparing egusi soup in the kitchen. Dad always comes home around 10pm, he’s an accountant and his place of work is 3 hours drive from home, including the traffic jams that should be 4-5 hours.

We went straight to the kitchen and greeted Mom. Good evening mom’ Ella and I chorused.
Evening, where are you guys coming from that you didn’t even pick my calls? Mom asked with a serious face.
Mike: we just went to buy suya. Am sorry mom, my phone was on silent
Ella: I forgot mine at home
Mom: I see, you even have money for suya. Your phones must be for fancy. Someone will never get you when there’s need, maybe you guys don’t even need it since all you do is to facebook with it nothing else.
We’re sorry Ma… Ella and I apologized again
Mom : sorry for yourselves. Hope your bags are ready? Before six o’clock tomorrow morning make sure you’re already in school. Don’t gimme headache, don’t even make me shout, Infact before I wake up make sure you are already school. Kam zuru ike bikonu.

I and Ella burst into laughter
Ella: Shebi is you that will call us and start saying that we should come back home. That the house feels empty without us. Don’t worry, I won’t even come back for one year.
Mom : eehh go nah
Mike : Mom take it easy nah. Calm down, we’re not fowl to leave so early in the morning.
Ella : don’t mind Mommy, after she’ll call us and be cursing the school management that they don’t want to let us come home
Mom: Turkey meat (at Ella) come and turn this soup lemme use the bathroom. Don’t break my husband’s catfish oh(dried), I want to give him in full like that
Ella : I don hear. Your husband is enjoying oh. Kpomo, meat, fish, ngwongwo na ngwongwo all for daddy. Is only your husband that is good to chop full fish baa?
Mom : …on her way upstairs ‘eeh goan marry oh jealousy. You don’t know he’s my ATM so I have to take proper care him’ she winked at us and Ella make face for her.

Women fight eeh. It’s really fun watching them fight while I do the laughing.
Ella saw this as her opportunity and apologised to me. I made her promise not to get into any relationship for a while. At least not without my my consent.

The next day…..


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