SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 19



Twas early in the morning around 6am, like I told you, I missed him so much that’s why I decided to visit his room. Just thinking about him took me through the night, I miss him, yes I do. And now, what’s this about? Mom is behind Mike’s attitude and disappearance yet she dare to pretend in front of me, she dare to console me, God! Mom is really something else. Just then, Dad barged out of their room with his suitcase “Good morning Dad” I greeted, “good morning Ada, see you later” he replied with less interest. Dad is really angry with Mom, so am I. It’s now my turn, I barged into mom’s room after opening the gate for Dad to leave…
Ella : Good morning Ma
Mom: Morning baby, how was..
Ella : What did you do to Mike?
Mom: What???
Ella : Where did you send Mike and why?
Mom: What’s that supposed to mean? Are you accusing me?
Ella : Accusing me? Are you sure that I am accusing you?
Mom: Ella! What’s that supposed to mean?
Ella : Mummy stop shouting let me shock you. I heard everything that transpired between you and Dad this morning, you are the one sending Mike abroad, you are the reason why Mike left this house, true or false?
Mom: Do you really expect me to answer that question? Fine, I am the one sponsoring Mike’s education abroad but I don’t know where he is.
Ella : Why? Why did you do that? How can you not know where he is?
Mom: Because he refused to leave. Mike was meant to travel next month but he left before time which means that he ran away cox he doesn’t want to go. He ran away from me, I am also looking for him cox he is to leave in two weeks time .
Ella : What do you stand to gain from all this?
Mom: I am protecting you
Ella : From what? From who?
Mom: Watch your mouth girl. I am your mother, where are your manners?
Ella :..scoffs.. Manners you say. Get ready to loose me cox I’ll disown you if you don’t bring him back to this house.
Mom: Why should I do that?
Ella : Cox I love him, understood?
Mom: You see, he’s spoiling you. Mom knows the best for you ok. I know better about love than you.
Ella : Spoiling me? If having a boyfriend means that I am spoilt, then I got spoilt a long time ago.
Mom: Meaning?
Ella : I’ve had up to seven boyfriends before Mike. But I never introduced any of them to you cox I wasn’t sure of what I felt for them. But you see Mike? I love him Mom, ask me again, I love Mike, ask me again and again, I love him, even tomorrow I’ll still tell you that I love him.
Mom:…taasaaii, Mom slapped Ella … Have you no shame? You dare stand in front of me to spill rubbish?
Ella : What of you? You kissed Dad when you were just fifteen. Why?
Mom: Cox I didn’t have a mother like me
Ella : Really? Grandma is a better mother than you are
Mom: Don’t argue with me. One more word from you, I will prove to you that I carried you in my womb for nine months
Ella : You gotta be kidding me. You think that I am talking to you as my Mom? Then you’re mistaken. I am talking to you woman to woman. If something happens to Mr Adams will you be happy? If someone separates you from your husband will you be happy?
Mom: Is Mike your husband? How dare you refer to your Dad like that? Nothing will happen to him
Ella : of course, nothing will happen to him. Because he’s my Dad. Now listen and listen good, if anything happens to Mike, I’ll treat you the way you never imagined. It would be your worst nightmare.
Mom:…taasaaii, she slapped Ella again… Get out of my room, now!
Ella : Am not done talking. If you know what’s good for you, find Mike. Is it because you’re not the one who gave birth to him, why did you change overnight or have you always been this way, pretending to be a good mother? Now that the truth is out, you decided to show your real colour, right? Why are you not doing anything to me too?
Mom: That’s what blood can do
Ella : Blood? How can you be so heartless? You raised him as your own didn’t you?
Mom: And that’s why he must do as I say
Ella : OK.. I started leaving
Mom: Where are you going?
Ella : Wherever I please
Mom: Come back here
Ella : Yes Ma.. Still going
Mom: I said come back here. Are you deaf? You won’t date that boy oh. Never!
I left the house too with mom’s car in search of Mike. I went from one place to another, my uncles house, my aunties house, our family friends, neighbors, childhood friends, called the village, etc but couldn’t find him. Where could he be? Twas late, I branched one hotel to eat something cox I was hungry. I ordered for Jollof rice and hollandia yoghurt, just then I remembered coming there with Emeka. That was the hotel that I met with him last. Yes, Emeka! I tried calling him but his phone was switched off. I took the car key from the table and set out to lekki, sorry dear waitress, help me and eat the food that I ordered for since I couldn’t wait.
Traffic jam no be here oh, I arrived Emeka’s house almost 12midnight. Emeka lives alone, his parents are living in Germany. He has three older sisters, all married, He’s the last born of his family which makes him the only son. I’ve been to his house once, before we even dated, I visited him with Mike.
I knocked and knocked on the gate but no one came to open it, I got tired and sat down in front of the gate. About 3 minutes later, someone opened the gate. I don’t even know the girl but I guess she also lives in that compound and is dressed in one kind way, night club things I guess…
Girl: Oh my God, you scared me
Ella : Sorry dear, I’ve been knocking for ages
Girl: Eiyaa sorry baby. Who are here to meet?
Ella : Emeka
Girl: He’s not around but his friend is in
Ella : His friend? Mike?
Girl: Is that his name? I dunno sha. Come inside, gotta go now
Ella : Alright, tnkx

I opened the big gate and drove in. I went to the second floor and knocked on the door, no response. I rang the door bell, a girl around the age of twelve opened the door, I’ve seen her pic in Emeka’s gallery before, she’s their first daughter’s child….
Mike : Chisom who’s that? ..walking towards the door
Chisom: One Aunty, Maybe bro Emeka’s girlfriend.
Ella : …smiles..
Mike : Emeka’s girlfriend? By this time of the night? Aunty, baba is not around to service you oh. Better goan… He froze on seeing Ella
Chisom: Do you know her?
At a time.. Ella : Yes, he does Mike : No
He was about to turn but I rushed and hugged him
Chisom : Is she your girlfriend? The one you miss everyday?
Mike : Shut up
Chisom : She’s the one jareh. You was showing me her picture, that you said that no…. Mike closed her mouth with his palms. I disengaged from the hug and bent to the girls level…
Ella : Fine girl, tell me more. What did he use to say?
Chisom: …laughing… I don’t know ooohh. She quickly ran inside. I stood up, face to face with Mike…
Ella : Hello boyfriend
Mike : Ella go home
Ella : Take me home then…. I passed him, went to the parlour and slumped on the sofa
Mike : ..clears throat.. What are you doing here?
Ella : You nko? Is this your house?
Mike : You won’t understand
Ella : I know everything, mom said that I should bring you home. Can’t you see I came with her car?
Mike : Really? But Mom called me this night? I don’t think she sent you, she never did.
Ella : Wait.. You’ve been in touch with Mom all this while? What on earth is going on between the both you?

Who’s curious as to what I have to say?
Do want me to tell you what happened?
Are you desperate to hear from me?
Did you miss my voice?


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