SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 18



Ella : Don’t you dare walk away from me you liar!
But he kept going, I rushed and stood at the front of the door….
Mike : Stop being childish
Ella : Don’t joke with me
Mike : Am not joking. Did I make you any promises? Did I confess love to you? Stop making a fool of yourself
Ella : That’s not true
Mike : Then what is?
Ella : Are being serious?
Mike : Since when did I become a comedian?
.. ….. ..I was hurt. Why is Mike doing this? Does he really mean it? Is this a dream? If it’s a joke then he should better stop it cox this is an expensive one. But it does make sense, he’s being avoiding me since we returned from the village. Acting like he doesn’t miss me while I pretend like I don’t care.. ego is a hell of drugs! Maybe if I didn’t pretend like I don’t care this won’t be happening now or did he see me with Daniel and is jealous? what went wrong nah? Why is he doing this? To me???……..
Ella : Are.. Are you breaking up with me?
Mike : Didn’t even know that we’re in a relationship
Ella : So why..why did you kiss me if you don’t love me?
Mike : Cox you looked pitiful, I just kissed you cox that’s what you wanted. Must I love you to kiss you?
Ella : Yes, you must
Mike : Well, sorry about that
Ella : So, what happened now? Why did you come to tell? I didn’t ask you, did I?
Mike : Well… Eehmm.. I just want to make things clear between us. Stop complaining or expecting me to act all lovey dovey to you. And don’t ever come to me with romantic feelings again, always remember that I am your brother, always
Ella : So, to you now, I am.. I am….
Mike : Like a stain that I want to erase!
Ella : …crying.. You’ve not been to my room for the past one week, so you can’t come today to spill nonsense
Mike : OK. Also I’ll be going to further my education abroad next month. The papers are almost ready, just thought I should be the first person to tell you
Ella : What? Didn’t you decline because you wanted to stay with me?
Mike : You’re wrong. I declined cox I wasn’t ready.
Ella : Liar! Bloody liar! So you think you can just do whatever you like, who’s going to sponsor you? Dad?
Mike : That’s none of your business ok
Ella : I don’t know what’s come over you but we’re not done. Whether you love me or not, that’s your business.
Mike : You and Emeka love each other, get back together. Trust me Ella, you’ll make a cute couple. I am not the one for you
Ella : Shut up! It’s not over until I say so. You can’t just make my heart beat for you then you wake up one day to tell me stories. You should have remembered Emmy, you should have remembered abroad, you should have remembered that I am your sister before kissing me, not just once, twice!
Mike : You live in a world of fantasy, move on with your life and stop being a cry baby
Ella : You care for me, you love me, you miss me, even now as am talking to you. So, why are you doing this? What’s different between you and my exes? What…
Mike : Ella get out of my way!
Ella : No way!
But he pushed me forcefully and passed. The door handle injured my my finger “Aaaiiiyyyy! I screamed in pain. Mike turned, and rushed to meet me on seeing the blood but then he realized himself and quickly dropped my hand….
Ella: Why did you come back? Why do you care?.. I asked sadly
Mike : Well… eehm.. about that… The thing is, I didn’t say that you’re not my sister ,right?
Ella : But you’d say that you don’t care for me
…then he came closer, looking into my teary eyes, he said smoothly “Ella, you won OK. But we can’t be together, alot of people don’t want to see us together. What’s the use of being together when one of us will be hurt in one way or the other? We will be happier when separated, right now the best guy for you is Emeka. I fully support and trust him now, he’ll love and care for you even better than I do. Trust me, whatever I do is for is for best. Let me go, even you will be happy that you did”
Ella : ..crying.. I don’t want Emeka
Mike : Then go for someone else, you always have a way of getting a boyfriend. Get another one for yourself but it can’t be me
Ella : Why can’t it be you? Tell me. It’s you or no one else. Do you know how much I prayed for God to find a way in making me date you. And just when I realized that you’re not my biological brother, you are telling me that it can’t be you. Why are you not telling me something useful? Why are you not telling me what I want to hear?
What happened to you? Why. …
Mike : Just listen to me! He yelled “just this once Huh? Stay away from me and stay safe. It can’t be me, they’re so many obstacles. I can’t loose my loved ones because of this relationship. Listen to me pls, even if it is just this once” he said and left without looking back.
Safe? Obstacles? Someone greater than him is blackmailing him. He has no other option than to do as he says. What is he being blackmailed with? Why would the person want him to break up with me against his wish? Mike definitely lied to me, he still loves me, a whole lot and I won’t let this slide till I know what’s happening .
Who do you think it is? Who else if not Dad. He didn’t say much about what happened, he pretended to be like nothing happened. So, this was his plan! You see, I knew Dad had something up his sleeves. He should have made it clear like Mom that he’s against our relationship. Why is he using Mike? But I can’t even confront him, he’s my father and I don’t even know where to start since I don’t have any evidence. I squat down there, crying. I hate Dad, I just hate him now!
The next day, Mike was gone before I wake up. Didn’t he say that he’ll be leaving next month? See, he lied to me again. Mom said that she didn’t also see Mike by the time she woke up, nobody knew when he left. Maybe Dad, he left with him when he was going to work this morning. He packed some of his clothes, his room was well arranged. Mike is not coming back anytime soon!
I was crying, Mom said “you see? Your brother doesn’t love you, he was just toying with your heart. Why did he leave you? Even If your father threatened him with anything, love knows no bound. He should have stood his ground and show just how much he loves you but he ran away. After discovering that he’s not your brother, he decided to use and dump you and I won’t let that happen. Forget him and move on with your life, Mike is not the right guy for you. You’ll soon be twenty, there’s still a lot of time left for you to meet better guys. Even me that notured him from childhood, he just left without telling me. Such an ungrateful brat”…what Mom said entered my head, she’s right! Why would he leave me in the first place? Threatened or not, he doesn’t love me enough.
Dad came back, when I told him that Mike packed some of his clothes and left. He started looking for him, “Mike would never do such thing” he said
Why is dad pretending as if he’s not the one behind it? Why is he looking for him when I already know the truth?.. I just hate him the more.
A day passed, two, three, a week, and Mike didn’t even call anyone. On this day, I missed him so much so I decided to goan take a look at his room. I went through the things there, on his wardrobe was his travelling documents. He was meant to travel the next month just like he said, that means Mike is still in Nigeria. Mom’s name was there too as her guidance sponsoring his travel. She even signed it but mom said that she wasn’t aware of Mike’s departure. Something is fishy, I took the papers to goan ask Mom. But she was arguing with Dad again, they rarely argue before but they often argue this days, what’s happening…….
Dad: I called the school you sent Mike but they said that he has not arrived. Where did you send that boy?
Mom: I don’t know where Mike went to, he was supposed to travel next month but he left before time
Dad: What did you do to him that he left? What did you say to him? I am giving you tomorrow to bring him home. If another woman torment Ella the you’ve been tormenting since two weeks ago, would you be happy?
Mom: Honey..
Dad: Don’t honey me! You honey me up and down without respect. If you think Ella is too small don’t forget that I had my first kiss with you when you were fifteen, does that mean that you’re bad?
Why are you taking out all the blame on him?
……that defines everything, so I’ve been suspecting the wrong person. Mom is behind all this… But why nah? Why did she do that? What did she do to him?


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