SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 17



I really missed home and am glad to be back home but what I don’t understand is why Mom is so serious with her words, she spoke like a different person. I know it will be hard for her to adapt to changes but she’s totally different from what she’s usually like when she disagrees with something.
After saying it, she went upstairs without even welcoming us. So that was her welcome address, wasn’t it?
Ella : Mike, isn’t this the same Mom you said missed me?
Mike : I think she’s still upset
Ella : No Mike, can’t you see? There’s something different about her.
Mike : Be careful of what you say, go to your room.
Ella : Where are you going?
Mike : To meet Mom
Ella : Alright then
Mike : Won’t you come with me?
Ella : Right now? In that mood?
Mike : Ummmhn
Ella : No, I’ll see her later
Mike : if you say so
Ella : Are you sure you want to meet her now?
Mike : Don’t worry, I’ll be fine
Mike went upstairs to meet Mom while I went to my room. Later in the night, Dad returned. To my surprise, he didn’t even talk about what happened or scold us. He just welcomed us, we prayed and ate together, then he asked of Amama’s well being of which I replied that she was doing good.
Wow, Dad is really calm about everything as if nothing happened but that doesn’t mean that I took him for granted. Infact, I started respecting him the more to avoid reminding him of the past, yunno they say that the silence of a tiger is not because he’s a coward. On the other hand, Mom was trying to separate me from Mike. Each time she sees us together, Mom would send me an errand in order to keep me busy. She was becoming a bit mean and harsh to Mike. I really don’t understand what’s happening in this house. I barely spend time with Mike yet we live in the same house. Mike was beginning to distance himself from me, making up excuses each time I try to make out with him.

One day Emeka called to meet with him, even if it’s for the last time. So I agreed, I didn’t even tell Mike cox we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.
Meeting with Emeka again brought back those lost feelings that I had for him. He didn’t ask to get back together, he just apologized and we were just friends. At least we didn’t end up as enemies, we ended up being in good terms. At least he can’t see me on the road without waving at me, we often chat and I was totally OK with that. I still vividly remember what he said “Ella, you’re my most painful love. Really regret the fact that I would have to refer to you as ex now. You’re the only girl that ever left me, I’ve always been the one to leave first. I don’t feel very sorry whenever I cheat on girls, but with you, twas different. I dated so many girls but never truly loved any of them. In fact, the truth is I didn’t believe there was anything like falling in love with a girl. To me, a guy could have many girlfriends, sleep with them without having a single feeling for any of them sef but to me, I just wanted to have you, no one else but you. But then, I messed up a big time. You really didn’t deserve what I did to you.
If I could turn back the hand of clock, I would definitely do that to make things right between us. Please forgive me Ella, am sorry. You’re really a rare gem, even moment spent with you will always remembered. To be sincere, I really loved you tho I didn’t realize just how much till you left. Guess we’re done…. You found another one” I felt this one, he was being sincere with me. Each time I remember him, I begin to imagine what it would have been like if I was still with him.
Are my feelings being divided or what? One part of me still wants to be with Emeka while the other longs for Mike.
Mike is at home, but I still feel bored. He keeps staying away from me, so I decided to goan get some fresh air that evening and also buy suya. Hello pals, you remember Daniel? The one Mike punched on the face. I met Daniel on the way, I was actually the one who called him cox he was with friends….
Dan: Hey Ella, what’s up?
Ella : The sky is up.
Dan: Lol.. How far nah? Long time
Ella : Cool. Come and accompany me
Dan: Abokki side?
Ella : I see, you know me well
Dan: Of course, you like suya
Ella :..laughs.. Before nko. Who no like suya? Abi your girlfriend no like am?
Dan : Girlfriend? Ah no get gf oh
Ella : Make I hear say…
Dan: Am serious. Girls no wan date me again
Ella : Haha… Dem dey run from fine face
Dan: Ah dey tells you. You get bf?
Ella : Before nko. Ah go wait for you?
We arrived Abokki shop, I bought for myself and also bought for him. He wanted to pay for it but I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t even behave like he’s my ex, I didn’t look like someone who used to like or love him. I was just talking freely as if nothing happened between us. Am sure he was wondering cox he finally said…
Dan: Ella, you’ve changed
Ella : No, just became stronger
Dan: What happened to you? Believe me when I say you’ve changed
Ella : I know, people say I’ve changed a lot, I say a lot changed me
Dan: I really like that. You don’t cry over some crazy shits anymore
Ella : All thanks to you for being a good lesson, guess I’ve not thanked you properly. Thanks a lot Danny.
Dan: I don’t want. Let’s give our relationship a second chance, trust me it will survive this time around
Ella : Thanks but no thanks. Told you I have a boyfriend
Dan: I can still join the queue
Ella : ..laughing.. You’re not well. Just a moment ago, I thought you’ve repented but you’re still the same crazy dude I used to know. I can’t believe I once dated you sef
Dan: You see, that’s what am talking about. Before, you would never laugh like this not with someone who broke your heart. I’m falling for the new you all over again
Ella : Fall Weller. Who told you that you broke my heart kwanu?
Dan: …smiles.. How’s Mike?
Ella : Go up up the street, you’ll see a white house by your left, knock hard, ask anyone who opens the gate “where’s Mike? And when they show you. You ask him “how are you?
Dan: Woah, woah, woah, easy babe. Una don fight?
Mike : Ah no get strength to fight sef
We laughed and chatted till we reached the front of my gate. Twas nice being with but don’t even think about it, I don’t have anymore romantic feelings left for him.
Mike visited my room that night…
Ella : What are you doing here?
Mike : can’t I visit my ‘sister’ again?
Ella : Your ‘sister?
Mike : Yes nah
Ella : What’s wrong with you? Is this how you treat the woman you love?
Mike : Love? You’re in love with me but I don’t love you. I never loved you to begin with so stop expecting me to behave like your boyfriend
Ella : Mike???
Mike : That’s what I came to tell you, am leaving
Ella: Don’t you dare take a step you liar!
……..What’s happening?


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