SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 13



After thinking whether Ella loves me just as I do, I went to her room upstairs but she was already asleep. I went closer to her, kissed her forehead and said “Am tired of kissing your forehead, pls hurry up and fall in love with me so I could kiss your lips”, I cuddled her in my arms. She was sleeping so she didn’t know what was happening, we stayed that way for like twenty minutes before I left her room and came down stairs. I really didn’t want to let go, I wondered how the truth will unveil. Will she find out herself? Will I become impatient and spill the truth? Will our parents tell her? What would be her reaction?… I really had a lot of questions without an immediate answer. Then, I was becoming confident when we played that game and I became convinced that Ella was in love with me after her outburst. I really didn’t like the fact that she was feeling filthy for being in love with me, I so much wanted to tell her the truth but I just couldn’t. I promised Mom and Dad, just what do I do now?
And now? She kissed me. I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I reciprocated. Those lips I’ve been longing for just asked me for a kiss, how could I possibly say no. Twas my first kiss at the age of 20 with my sister my lover. I had no regrets giving my lips to the girl I’ve always wanted to have it.
Puuuuuuupuuuuuuu!!.. Came Dad’s horn thereby interrupting our kiss. Gosh! Why did Dad come back now? All the same, I was glad to know that Ella loves me. So many things have happened between us today, but this one is my favourite!
I just hope she doesn’t change her mind and push me away…

The feeling that accompanied Mike’s lips was totally different from my exes. I felt as if I’ve been tasting guy’s lips in search of the right one and finally, I found it.
I was so carried away, Oh mehn! Mike is too good for a first kisser. I was glad he gave me his first kiss. Twas really fun stealing my brother’s first kiss not until Dad returned. I rushed down stairs, straight into the kitchen while Mike went to open gate for Daddy.
I felt so rotten, I was asking myself what went wrong? What happened to me? How did I become like this? Why me? Why kiss my brother? Why, why, why? Tears were dropping from eyes. I tried making food for Dad but my hands were shaking vigorously. Kitchen utensils were just falling out of my hand. “Oooooooh God, what’s this nah? I yelled in frustration.
I squat down and cried with my face buried into my palms. Mike came in, lit up the gas cooker and started frying the plantain. He must have seen me. He didn’t look much bothered about what happened in the bathroom, he just looked at me with pity in his eyes. For all I know, Mike wants to say something to me but why is he not saying it? Why do I feel like whatever he has to say will help in consoling me right now? He should at least be crying just like me cox what happened between us today should never have happened. I became more worried about Mike’s comfort than my own discomfort. Just then, Dad walked in…
Ella : Good evening Dad, welcome
Dad: Thanks my baby girl, how are you?
Ella : Am fine
Dad: You sure?
Ella : Yes Dad
Dad: Mike, are you the one cooking?
Mike : Just helping her out
Dad: So you sabi cook. Tell me, what’s wrong with Ella? She’s crying right?
Mike : Ehmm..yea. She has.. I think she said its headache
Dad: Headache? Have she taken any medicine?
Mike : She’ll take it after eating
Dad: Ada be get well soon ok. You’re healed in Jesus name
Ella : Amen… I replied
Dad went upstairs “Mike bring the food to my room after cooking, am too tired to eat in the dinning Abeg” he added on his way up.

I didn’t talk to Mike through out that night, I just went to my room sluggishly with guilt written all over me, and cried my eyes out.
The next day, I didn’t wake up early. I’d my morning chores and dressed up. I kept dodging Mike’s eye, I snubbed him each time he tried to talk to me. Tnkx to Nepa, there was electricity so I went to the parlour to watch movies, any movie at all. I just want to be distracted from yesterday’s encounter with Mike.

Ella has been snubbing and avoiding me. I felt bad for hiding the truth from her, I know how hard twas for me when I was going crazy before I came to know the truth. I’ve been in a similar situation before, I decided to goan try talking to her. I won’t tell her the truth just like I promised our parents but I might just give her a hint. I feel so helpless too, this is just the least that I can do for her or should I say ‘for us’…..
Mike : Ella (x3)
Ella : …….No response
Mike : Why are you avoiding me? If it’s because of….
Ella : Because of what?
Mike : Because of what happened yesterday
Ella : Did something happen yesterday? sorry, memory has been erased. I can’t remember
Mike : I see, Should I remind you then?
Ella : Ok, fine. Can you tell me why you’re relaxed about it?
Mike : So, you don’t regret it?
Ella : …crying… Why are you not shaking at all? We’re siblings and we.. we.. we…. You know already. Just tell me what you are hiding from me
Mike : Am not hiding anything.
Ella : You’re still lying. You kissed your own sister and you are not regretting it, why?
Mike : Do you regret it? Kissing me?
Ella : Yes, I regret it all
Mike : And what if we’re not related by blood, will you still regret it?
Ella : What nonsense are you saying?
Mike : Nothing in particular, just asking
Ella : What are hiding from me?
Mike : Nothing. Just asking, the same way you asked what I would have done if you had kissed me?
Ella : I asked because I almost kissed you. Is there something that you’re not telling me?
Mike : Like what? Am just saying that Mom and Dad has the answer to our problem. They have to tell us why we’re in love with each other despite our good upbringing. Am just as sad, crazy and curious as you are. Ask them, am sure they will have an explanation for it.
Ella : And what do you mean by that?
Mike : Nothing, just saying
Ella :It’s clear that you’re lying to me.
…….she stood up and went to her room in tears. I didn’t want to say anything more cox I already said much than I expected.

As promised, Ella didn’t meet Emeka again that day. Mom came back with lots of goodies for us. We all ate together that night, so glad Mom is back but Ella seemed worried. She went upstairs to meet Mom when she was alone and I trailed her to eavesdrop….
Ella : Pls Can I ask you something Mom?
Mom: Yes, go on Sweedy
Ella : Mom what’s happening?
Mom: Where?
Ella : Between me and Mike
Mom: As how?
Ella : Mom pls tell me, why am I in love with my own brother, Mike????


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