SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 12



I took my bath and wore something different from usual. I don’t want to end up seducing my brother, I wore my pajamas. Yunno I don’t really like wearing long things to sleep. Some girls might think it’s not good of me but trust me, sleeping naked issa bae.
Twas half past nine, so I wanted to go and prepare Dad’s food cox he’ll soon be back.

My heart was racing, I wish not to see Mike. What will I tell him? What will be his reaction? Hope he doesn’t scold me or get angry with me? Gosh! I regret my outburst.

I opened the door to behold Mike sitting there. Oh my God! Don’t tell me he’s been sitting here all this while. ‘Ella’ he called and stood up quickly. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. What next?
He rushed and hugged me affectionately. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything, I won’t ask anything either” he said. I nodded “thank you Mike” I replied.
I was relieved he didn’t ask anything. We went downstairs with his hand wrapped round my shoulder. I set daddy’s plate, peeled and slice the plantain. I brought out other things as well. It’s just plantain and egg, doesn’t take time to prepare. So I just made things ready so I could prepare the food when he comes home and serve it hot. Dad doesn’t like cold food.
All this while, Mike just watched me as he stood at the doorway. I tried to avoid eye contact with him cox I was still embarrassed. When I was through, I spoke to him…
Ella : Should I go?
Mike : Where?
Ella : To meet Emeka
Mike : Just do as you please
Ella : But what do you think?
Mike : Will you do as I say?
Ella : Yes
Mike :Follow your heart
Ella : Oya come and help me wash my hair.
……I was disappointed. All I just needed was for him to say ‘don’t go’ and I’ll stay. He knows that’s what I want to hear so why is he not saying it? Such an annoying brat!
We arranged my room before going to wash my hair.
We didn’t talk as he washed my hair with the shampoo. I didn’t like the silence, twas really awkward. I splashed him water a little, he retaliated, soon we were taking the water in big quantities till we became soaked…
Ella : Just look now, my cloth is wet
Mike : Were you not the one that started it?
Ella : Must you retaliate?
Mike : You would have been dissapointed if I didn’t retaliate cox this was what you wanted.
Ella : Mtchwwww, whatever!
Mike : “Look”.. He pointed at my nipples.. “you’re cold”
Ella : pervert!.. I quickly turned to the mirror.
Yunno girls breast seem to stand and harden the nipples when they’re cold. I was wet, so my pajamas stuck to my body and my nipples pointed out. Twas clearly seen.
I was combing my hair in front of the mirror..
Ella: What should I wear tomorrow?
Mike : Whatever you like
Ella : “Yunno, I should look so good tomorrow. It’s been a while since I last saw him, I really want to stun him. He’ll be so determined to get me, I’ll still be doing shakara small small. He will be so carried away that”…… I was still talking when Mike hugged me from behind. I was surprised, He didn’t look up, just buried his face in my neck, I stared at him through the mirror. His two hand were wrapped around my chest, I could feel water dripping on my neck, at first I thought it was from my hair before I realized that twas Mike’s tears…
Ella : What happened?
Mike : Don’t go
Ella : Huh?
Mike : Don’t date Emmy or any other guy
Don’t get back together. Finally, I’ve said it, Just stay with me. Not long ago you confessed to me and now you’re talking about looking all good for another guy.
Ella : But I’d ask for your approval and you said yes
Mike : …kissed my neck.. Am now saying no. Don’t get back together with Emeka
Ella : Are you jealous?
Mike : Yes, Don’t leave me
Ella : ..rubbed his wrist gently… Am not going anywhere, I promise
Mike :…finally looked up. We both stared at each other’s eyes through the mirror.
Ella : But since when did you become such a cry baby?
Mike : A lot of things have been happening Ella, a whole lot of unbelievable things.
I turned around, we both stared into each other’s eyes and our eyes were saying the same thing. I couldn’t wait any longer, I gave him a quick peck on his lips. He wrapped his hand round my waist while I wrapped my round his neck. He kissed my forehead, my nose and down to my lips. We kissed, yea you heard me.. We kissed. Twas a long kiss, a very long kiss, I bet we’ve been yearning for this moment a long time ago. I totally forgot he was my brother, he seem to have forgotten too. Nothing else mattered, I just chose to enjoy the moment while I can. We were still kissing when we heard Dad’s horn…. Puuuuuuupuuuuuuu!
I was mad at myself, what did we just do? Why is Mike relaxed? Am I the only one feeling guilty for kissing my own brother? Someone needs to explain to me before I totally run mad cox I feel so filthy right now!


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