SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 11



We still play like kids, just that our body and mentality has been upgraded by nature. When Ella fell on me, I saw nothing wrong with it. It’s usual for us to crash down together while playing around but why is Ella not standing up? Why does she keep staring at me? I could clearly see her boobs, she was lying on me which means that her boobs were on my chest, the sensation from her body was too much for me, my body was already doing me tinini tanana🤔, Ella was totally lost, I followed the direction of her eye and I realized that she’s been gazing at my lips all this while, I quickly spoke before the unexpected happens cox I don’t think I’ll be able to resist her if she does what I am suspecting to be in her mind….
Mike : Ella
Ella : …no reply
Mike : Ella?.. Shook my legs to wake her
Ella :..startled.. Huh?
Mike : You’re heavy
Ella : Oh! Sorry… She stood up clumsily.
Mike : Take”.. I gave her the ice cream
Ella : No, you can finish it all… She said and ran upstairs almost immediately.
What’s wrong with her? Does Ella have feelings for me or what? Was she really going to kiss me if I didn’t stop her?
I don’t really want to conclude anything yet. But then, if Ella is in love with me that means it’s been long. If what am thinking is true that means she’s been having feelings for me even before I realized that we’re not blood related. That means that the time I was going crazy for being in love with my sister, she was also in love with her brother.
No, no, it can’t be. Am not thinking straight! But to be sincere, the possibility of Ella being in love with me made me happy. I thought, then it won’t be hard to win her love when she finally comes to know that I am not her brother.

I really wish someone could explain to me what’s wrong with me? Did I just try to kiss Mike? My brother? I must have lost it! Am really going nuts, God please help me.
I didn’t go down stairs again till night cox I slept off. When I went down stairs, Mike was preparing noodles. I stood at the kitchen door…
Mike: Sleeping Beauty, you don wake? You’ve been sleeping since afternoon
Ella :..smiled.. Will I still be able to sleep this night sef
Mike: You can just sit beside me and kill mosquitoes till morning
Ella :..laughs… No be only. Good boy, pls fry eggs too
Mike: Which colour of thunder should I send for you? Better come and complete this thing
Ella : Chai.. Pls nah
Mike : O try nii. What will Daddy even eat when he returns from work?
Ella : I’ll make fried plantains and egg for him.
Mike : That man must be missing his wife’s food, I swear
Ella : That’s why he should tell her to hurry up and come back
Mike : Yunno Daddy prefers swallow at night
Ella : Me I don’t have strength to pound yam this night. He’ll be eating the one I give him until his wife returns
Mike : Yam poundo nko?
Ella: It has finished
Mike : Why didn’t you buy another one?
Ella : The soup I made two days ago finished yesterday
Mike : And who told you to prepare small soup? Shebi we have refrigerator to preserve it
Ella : Ooh nah, Mike stop. Yunno Dad don’t like eating one particular soup for days. Mom always prepare like four different soups and put in the fridge.
Mike : I see, why didn’t you collect money from him this morning?
Ella : Haba! Shebi it’s just for tonight. Have I not been trying? Abeg mommy should better come back oh. You don’t even know, Sometimes Dad will call me on phone at night around 1-2am just to serve him food. Mostly tea or coco pops or noodles, Daddy can be childish ehn.
Mike :…laughing hard.. Good for you! Daddy doesn’t eat much, he just eats in small quantity. He used to eat four to five times a day whenever he’s at home.
Ella : Thank God yunno. Be laughing nah, and you think it’s easy. Mommy is trying oh
Mike : Am telling you. Better get used to it cox your husband will do same.
Ella : He’ll go to the kitchen himself oh. Nobody will disturb my sleep mbok.
Mike : …shook his head side ways… You’re not a wife material. Take jhoor” ..he handed my plate of noodles and fried eggs over to me.. “Shebi am the one cooking for you”
Ella : Lemme hear word oh, because you managed go inside kitchen today. Hope you did not sneeze inside it?
Mike :..coming back to me… Oya give it to me
Ella : Don’t worry, I’ll manage it …I ran to the parlour.
We ate while watching an American movie titled “Deuces”. I kept having a flash back of what transpired between Mike and I this afternoon, so many crazy thoughts followed up. I was just stealing glances at him while he was just calm and concentrated as if nothing happened. I was glad he didn’t ask me questions.

After eating, I suggested that we play truth or dare….
Mike : Nope, am watching movie
Ella :But it has been long nah
Mike : No cheating oh, agreed?
Ella : Yes. You play first
Mike : No, you go first
Ella : no, you should play first
Mike : You suggested the game, so play first else I’ll return to my movie and I won’t play again
Ella : Ok. T or D
Mike : T
Ella : Correct! Have you kissed a girl before?
Mike : you see, that’s why I don’t like this game.
Ella : Just tell me
Mike : Nope
Ella : Are you serious?
Mike : T or D
Ella : D
Mike :You used to say that you have a guy you’ve been crushing on for a long time, I dare you to tell me who?
Ella : Am sorry, I can’t. But he’s handsome, very very handsome.
Mike : Was it Emeka?
Ella : I had a big crush on Emeka, but I just realized he’s not my major crush. T or D
Mike : T
Ella : Do you like running from anything? Anything at all?
Mike : Yes, I like running from my own feelings. T or D
Ella : T
Mike : What will be your reply to Emeka tomorrow?
Ella : I’ll reconcile with him and get back together if he’s still interested. T or D
Mike : I see, so you still want to date him. I chose T
Ella : Have you ever been so helpless? Like in your feelings, you want to do something but you just can’t and it hurts alot?
Mike : Yes, I have
Ella : What did you do about it?
Mike : I ran, I ran away, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. T or D
Ella : D
Mike : I dare you not to go anywhere tomorrow
Ella : Why? You don’t want me to?
Mike : We’re just playing game. I didn’t know what else to say.
Ella: Then, lemme be asking till you have something to ask about.
……our game was supposed to be fun but twas too emotional. We were both sad, I don’t know why Mike is sad but I do know why I am sad.
Ella : T or D
Mike : T
Ella : You’ve been choosing T since
Mike : They’re almost the same thing
Ella : Assuming that.. that.. I.. ehm.. kissed you this afternoon, what would you have done?
Mike : I will stop assuming
Ella : Am serious
Mike : Why would you kiss me in the first place?
….I didn’t reply, we just stared at each other for a minute before I replied…
Ella : Mike
Mike : Huh?
Ella : Am really going crazy, I have so many questions but I don’t even know the answer. I don’t want to ask you either, I just have so many bad thoughts
Mike : Bad thoughts? Like the ones a young teenager shouldn’t have?
Ella : Eeh
Mike : It’s normal to have erotic thoughts, it just happens, but try to control it as well. Too much of it is bad
Ella : ..tears were clouding my eyes… I know, but am having it with the wrong person. It shouldn’t be that way, why me?.. I rubbed my eyes to hold my tears. I was actually sitting on the rug while he sat on the cushion chair. On seeing my mood, Mike came to meet me on the floor, he held my cheeks…
Mike : Ella, what’s wrong with you?
Ella : Pls lemme alone
Mike : Tell me, I won’t judge you ok” he kissed my forehead
Ella : Just go, I’ll be fine” I removed his hand
Mike : Look at me, yunno you can tell me anything” trying to hold my hand
Ella : Stay away from me Mike!! I shouted
Mike :..raising his two hands up… ok, fine. Am going but you should stop crying ok
Ella : …crying… This is all your fault, why are you so caring? Why do you love me so much, yet you dare to enter the same womb with me? Are you not supposed to be my brother? Why do you make my heart flutter each time? Who are you? Who gave you such rights to be giving me butterflies all the time? Just go, go away from me!.. I threw things at him, the remote, CD packs, etc. I ran to my room and he followed behind calling after me “Ella! Ella! Ella wait!” but I didn’t listen. I ran into my room and locked the door. He kept banging on the door but I didn’t open, am not going to open it. I was scared, very scared. At least not now, I might do the unthinkable. What if I try getting intimate with him? No, I have to pull myself together first. I was so frustrated that I scattered my room, twas such a mess. Do you know what they call heart ache? I had it at that moment.
What do you think will be Mike’s reaction??


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