SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 10



I banged so hard at the gate till my hand hurts. I knew Mom travelled and Dad would probably not be at home. Is Mike not at home or what? Just then, someone opened the gate, twas Mike. He looked surprised to see me, after staring at each other for like 50 seconds, he turned and left. I was disappointed cox I thought he’d give me a warm hug. “won’t you even help me and carry one of my bags? I asked him cox I was with a luggage box and school bag. He turned and came back, carried the bigger bag and head inside without uttering a word. We didn’t really talk to each other, he just answers my questions as though am doing an interview. We didn’t chat, most times I tried to get his attention but he wouldn’t heed.
Something seems different about Mike but I can’t get a hold of what it is. I thought maybe it’s because of our fight.
In the evening, one of our neighbors by the name Miriam visited. They talked and laughed all through, I was jealous. I should just go there and pour her hot water.
Miriam is one of the girls who wants to date my brother. But her own is the craziest, she’s not even hiding it.
Many times she has written love letters to Mike, even posted it on social media that he’s her craziest crush. She used to ask me to help her get my brother’s attention. Once told Mike that if he’s ever going to date any girl, he shouldn’t forget that she’s been waiting patiently…she’s really crazy about Mike. Mike even told her that he’s not interested in her but she doesn’t care, she said ‘one day, you’ll love me. I will only stop hoping to win your love the day you get married’. Really, some girls get heart, but I love the fact that she’s expressing her feelings freely. Yunno, some people just loves to come out clean, despite whatever happens.
I decided to just go and pass, for notice….
Miriam : Hey Ella, you’re home
Ella : Yea
Miriam : Long time, really missed you guys. How school nah?
Ella : Good, tho the exam was.. Yunno.. I chuckled
Miriam: I know right? Miguel you didn’t even tell me that she’s back
Mike: Oh, about that? Well you didn’t ask of her
Miriam: But I’ve been asking since you came back, so should have told me that she’s back
Mike : But you didn’t ask this evening nah
Miriam: You’re mad ohh… She slapped him on the head and they both laughed.
I excused myself before someone dies of jealousy.

Emmy has been calling me but I kept ignoring his calls. I’ve not even talked to him since that incident. He sent several apology messages but I never replied to him. I want to forgive him but it’s too early. I’ve not reconciled with Mike sef.

The next day, I was in the parlour watching ‘my love from another star’, a Korean series when Mike came out all dressed up….
Ella : Where are you going?
Mike : Out’ …still going
Ella : I know, but where?
Mike : somewhere
Ella : Can you please tell me?
Mike : On a date with Miriam, satisfied?
Ella : You? Miriam? Date?.. Why?
Mike : Why what?
Ella : Why are you going on a date with Miriam?
Mike : Cox I don’t want to live a boring life any more, Ella!
Ella : ..tears were clouding my eyes…. And if I tell you stay?
Mike : I’ll still go
Ella : So, you’ll leave me home alone, all by myself?
Mike : Why not? It’s not like there’s a difference with me staying at home
Ella : Yes there is
Mike : Well, there’s none for me. It’s kinda suffocating being in here with you all day long
Ella now the tears were running down my cheeks… You said you hate to see me cry, look the tears are running down and you ain’t doing anything about it
Mike : Well, that was a long time ago. Your tears are yours not mine, am just minding my own business ..he said and looked away
Ella :…crying seriously… For how long will you stay angry with me? How long will you keep doing this? How long will you keep ignoring me? Pls tell me, I want to know”….I asked amidst tears. By now I was having hiccups
Mike:… came closer… And you? How much effort have you put in pacifying me? The thing is, you’ve not realized the depth of what you did. You don’t actually know how much you hurt me” ..he said and turned to leave. I hugged him from behind…
Ella : Am really sorry Mike. Please forgive me, I know I said alot but I am really sorry pls..
Mike : Let go of me Ella
Ella : No!.. I tightened my hand round his waist.. Pls forgive me already, haven’t you punished me enough? I promise never to do that again. If I say that I am not missing you, then I am a terrible liar. Pls don’t go, Mike plsssss”…. My tears already soaked the back of his shirt, I really wanted to reconcile with him. It hurts, it just hurts so much that I can’t take anymore. We stood there for like five minutes before he finally talked, very calm as it used to be…
Mike : Are sorry because you fought with Emeka?
Ella : No, I was sorry even before I fought with him
Mike : What did he do?
Ella : Something you would never do to me
Mike :…takes a breath… So you want me to forgive you, like here and now?
Ella :…I nodded
Mike : Why? Why should I do that?
Ella : Because you love me alot
Mike : oh oh oh I see.. He turned to me… “that’s why you always take advantage of my love for you, baa?
Ella : …I didn’t talk, just looked at him sadly. He tucked my hair behind my right ear. Wiped my tears lovingly and gave me a warm hug. “yunno I missed you so much that I thought I could die” he whispered into my ear. Now, this is what we call a great day. I so love it! I have my brother back! You see? That wasn’t hard, all it took was just a sincere apology. But something still seems different about him, maybe it’s because I’ve been away from him for a while now, that’s why.
He wasn’t going on a date to begin with, he just wanted to leave the house.😏

I had the best weekend ever. We went to the beach, the cinema, Mall, Mr Briggs, etc. Twas more like a lovers date or something like that.

Two weeks later, Emeka is still apologizing. I finally picked his call…
📱 “Hello ”

📱 “Hy Ella”

📱 “Am listening, what’s it?

📱 “Pls can we meet? I really need to talk to you
📱 “Just talk, am listening”

📱 “Ella pls, just this once. I won’t disturb you again, I promise ”
📱 “Ok. Where and when do you want to meet?
📱 “Tomorrow? Is that OK with you?

📱 “Alright, I will get back to you”

📱 “Tnkx for picking, twas really nice hearing your voice again”
📱 “Bye”

I went to meet Mike….
Ella : Just spoke with Emeka
Mike : Are you back together?
Ella : Nope, said he wants us to meet tomorrow
Mike : And what did you say?
Ella : Said I’ll get back to him
Mike : You should meet him nah
Ella : Mtchwww, do you even know what he did?
Mike : He cheated on you
Ella :…surprised.. How did you know?
Mike : Were hoping that I don’t know? Don’t forget Mom is coming back tomorrow and Dad will call to check on us. I will just tell that I don’t know where you went to.
Ella : Baba oh, you try oh. Just now you said I should meet him, now you’re trying to make me stay. Zigzag movement!
Mike :…laughs… Am just saying that you should meet him and say ‘it’s over between us’ or ‘let’s start all over again’ ..the choice is yours.
Ella : Hmmm, ah don hear
Mike : But wait oh, are you going all the way to lekki?
Ella : No, he will come. Then, we’ll go out
Mike : OK oh. Nepa should bring light Abeg.
Ella : Your laptop will soon turn off .
Mike : I’ll carry your own nah
Ella : Don’t even try it
Mike : Yes Ma.
He stood up and went to the fridge. He took my plate of ice-cream. I rushed to him…
Ella : No, No Mike. You’ve eaten your own
Mike : Why didn’t you eat yours as well?
Ella : Cox I am reserving it
Mike : Oya let me help you small
Ella : No Mike No. Drop it back
He didn’t listen, we ran round the parlour. I collided with the table, we both crashed on the sofa, with me lying on him.
I was just wearing a bum short and a see through top without bra. Ella stand up nah? Ella no wan stand. I just stayed like that, staring at his pink soft lips…..😋


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