SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 49



Clarice Turner
It’s been two days since we return from Seattle and am yet to talk to Jay am scared he might still be mad at me.
I went over to work but I couldn’t concentrate. All my attention was on Jay I just wish I could talk to him right now.
I almost left a surgical blade in someone’s organs.
Luckily one of my teammate saw it on time
Am afraid am loosing it , I can’t seem to concentrate without Jay.
He’s my mode of distraction at the same time means of getting motivated.
I walked outta the theater tiredly.
“Erm wait up miss Turner.” I heard Mandy’s voice from behind.
I stopped walking and turned towards her direction.
I hope she’s not here for some girls gossip because I don’t really have time for that.
“What is it Mandy?” I asked.
“Am sorry to bother you miss Turner but we need to talk. ” She said Calmly.
” Okay tell me ” i sighed.
” It’s about the little incident that happened an hour ago. I don’t really know what’s up with you but I think it’s getting in the way of your professional life. You should try and work things out . ” She said with concern.
I exhaled sadly.
” Okay thanks. ” I managed to say.
” No offense tho. ” She walked away.
I watched her retrieving figure vanished outta sight before walking towards my office..
I tried burying myself in some work but it wasn’t helping matters.
I really don’t know what to do right now but all I need is Jay
I stood up and ran outta my office.
I left the hospital and boarded a taxi which took me to Jay’s mansion.
I didn’t bother calling because I know the password to his house which is surprisingly my name.
The gate opened automatically and I walked into the house.
This is it Clarice. You have to apologise to him.
I Walk towards the entrance door and got into the mansion.
I found him laying on the couch but something was off
He was sweating profusely despite the room temperature.
“Jay ? ” I shook him but he seems like he had gone unconscious.
I squats in-front of him and placed my ear on his chest.
His heart rate is decreasing. I placed both hands on his chest and applied pressure.
He gasps and opened his eyes immediately.
“Thanks goodness you’re okay.” I rushed him with hugs.
He looked at me confused.
” C.. Clary? ” He mumbled.
“Ssh you don’t have to say anything. Am sorry jay am sorry I can’t spend a second without you flashing at my thoughts. ” I sobbed…
” Am sorry too I overreacted.” He said and kissed my forehead.


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