SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 45



Clarice Turner
I left the girls and went upstairs to Meet up with Jay but he wasn’t in his room.
I decided to tour around the gigantic mansion.
I heard music coming out from a particular room whose door was made of non transparent glass.
I was so tempted to go inside and see what’s going on in there.
Well you satisfy my curiosity I pushed the door open and landed in a room that looks like a dance studio.
The music was f**king loud tho.
Jay was at the middle dancing freely to Chris Brown ft Tory Lanez _ lurking.
Wow I never knew he could dance atleast not this good.
I stood there watching him as his flexible body moved freely to the beat.
He stopped when he noticed me.
I reduced the volume of the song and Walked towards me.
” Hey how long have you been standing there?” He smiled.
” Long enough to know you can actually dance.” I glared playfully at him.
” Oops sorry my secret is out. Well I can actually dance but not for the crown tho am so shy when it comes to that.” He said grinning from ear to ear.
I was forced to laugh at his silliness.
” Like seriously am so jealous right now. My dancing Skills are so awful.” I chuckled softly…
” Wanna show me.” He stretched out his hand which I refused to take..
” Trust me you don’t wanna see em .” I shook my head negatively..
” I insisted princess.” He showed off his Dimples.
I shrugged and took his hand , he pulled me closer to him causing my hands to hit his hard chest.
He changed the song to tipsy by Raye..
Damn that song is a killer it has a way of getting someone in the mood.
He swung me around and turned me over.
I rocked him pretty hard with my *ss.

” That was amazing babe.” He complimented.
” Are you shitting me right now? I practically danced way worst than anything else.” I rolled my eyes dramatically.
” Well to me you’re awesome. Your dancing Skills is perfect.” He said in a husky voice ..
” You think?” I bit my fingers playfully.
” I don’t think it’s just the truth. So tell me did you miss me?” He pulled me closer to him.
” Hell yeah I did , for a moment I thought you ditched me and left.” I looked away.
” Why would you ever think of that? I won’t ever ditch you not for anything in the world.” He mumbled as our faces were inch apart.
” I don’t know I just thought so .” I shrugged.
” Stop abbreviating okay?” He said as his eyes landed on my lips which was begging him to kiss .
He was about to when someone cleared their throat behind us.
Guess who decided to crash my party.


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