SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 43



Clarice Turner
I groaned and rolled over but there was no one on the bed just me.
I guess Jay had snuck outta bed early.
He also left breakfast and a note too.
I must have slept for a while. I picked up the note and went through it.
” Hey buttercup had to go somewhere be back soon. Love Jayred. ” It’s reads.
I SMiled and dropped it on the bedside drawer.
I scrawled outta bed rubbing my eyes lazily before walking into the bathroom.
I did my morning routine before coming back to the room.
Breakfast was omlet and coffee with some egg sandwich too.
Where could Jay had gone to that he had to leave Early enough.
I ate in total silence which was seriously boring.
Breakfast is much fun when Jay is around.
A knock landed on the door disrupting my thoughts.
” Come in.” I Mumbled.
It’s Adrienne oh great atleast there’s someone I can actually talk to.
” Erm hi Clary are you busy?” She asked politely..
” Ofcourse I just finished having breakfast. Come seat down. ” I SMiled at her…
” Okay good. Well I was just hoping we could catch some fun by the poolside together alongside my friends. ” She giggled..
” I wish I could Adrienne. “, I sighed tiredly.
” Please please don’t say no pleasesss. “She whined like a child.
” Okay fine you won let’s get on with this.” I Smirked playfully and followed her outta my room…
Wow the poolside was so big and was beautifully decorated.
The girls were already at the bar helping themselves to drinks..
” This is it Clary are you ready to have some fun?” She giggled excitedly.
” Yeah yeah I’m ready let’s get this party started.” I grinned from ear to ear..

Seriously this is fun. I don’t really remember the last time I had a girls time with anyone.
” Omg girls Freddy just broke with me.” One of the girls panicked..
” WTF did you guys quarrel? Or is there something you’re not telling us.” The other one said.
” Tell us what happened dear.” Adrienne spoke up.
” Wait don’t say anything yet it’s not worth it.” I cut her short.
” Excuse me I don’t really understand what you’re saying tho.” The girl whose name is Maya.
” What I mean to say is that he doesn’t love you. Am very sure if he does he won’t just break up with you without any explanation .* I paused and their facial expressions ..
” You’re right Lisa doesn’t really love her.” The other one which was called Lauren said.
” You know if you stop crying all over a man he’s gonna neglect everything you him that you are not stupid in love.its high time you teach him a lesson.” I advised.
” Thank you so much Clary you’re a lifesaver.” They all chorus.


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