SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 42



❌ Jayred Knights ❌
I placed her in the jacuzzi tub and bathe her myself.
She was tempted to say something but I wasn’t gonna listen.
We ended up bathing together. I carried her outta the bathroom and took her to the room.
I placed her on the bed. Just as mom said she had sent some clothings and dinner too.
I guess we won’t be going downstairs for dinner who cares tho..
” You should eat something before going to bed.” I Mumbled as I looked outta the window just like I do few years ago when I was in this room.
” Am not eating without you Jay.” She said Calmly.
I turned to face her. I don’t really know how or when but I think am in love with her..
If it’s not love then I don’t have any logical explanation for the feelings I’ve harbored for her..
But still I broke our no relationship vow.
Freedom can’t love. She’s a player and am a person who doesn’t wanna get his heart broken.
I walked towards the tray of food and brought it to her.
I sat down opposite her and opened the meal.
It was brown rice and chicken wings.
There’s coffee alongside too.
Mom still remember the one habit I couldn’t stop is drinking coffee every night..
” Should I feed you?” I asked.
“Erm not really I can take care of it.” She mumbled as she dug into her food..
It’s so amazing to see that she’s still a virgin despite being a player.
” Are you sure? Cause I know you as a master planner. ” U chuckled softly as I enjoyed my meal..

After eating we decided to play games though at first it was really boring..
But now it’s the battle of the fittest..
Freedom is learning so fast. I Finally won and gave her my smoking hot looks…
“Oh come on you’re such a pidge.” She rolled her eyes dramatically.
” Oh yeah ! But you can’t actually do without this pidge. ” I Blurted out.
She went mute as she locked eyes with me.. I really enjoy staring at her beautiful face always.
She placed her palm on my cheeks and locked lips with mine..
I responded to it as I deepen the kiss.
It was so full of emotion as our tongues fought for dominance.
I made her lay down with me on top not breaking the kiss.
Damn she’s a perfect kisser. I ran my hands all over her body as I pressed kisses all over her face.
She was slowly getting turned on as I loosen her bathrobe revealing her flat tummy..
I teased her there with my tongue. I moved my finger down to her already wet honey pot and Inserted a finger.
Damn it’s so tight.
I finger f**ked her till she cummed all over my hand..
I cleaned my hand and moved her closer.
” Am sorry dear but you’re not ready yet.”, Peeked her forehead.


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