SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 40



Jayred Knights
I don’t know what I was thinking or what was happening because everything happened so fast I found myself kissing her..
I really don’t know what she’s doing to me but whatever this feeling is I don’t want it to stop..
Had to stop because I was feeling guilty.
I was literally taking advantage of the fact that she’s my best friend..
” Erm am sorry freedom.” I said apologetically.
She nodded and looked away.
” So? ” She started.
” Well how about I take you around Seattle. “, I tried to change the topic.
” That sounds great. ” she scrawled outta bed.
I led outside and went through another exit .
I don’t wanna be caught up in any family drama.
” Where are we going to first?” She asked.
” Oviado.” I Smirked playfully and opened the car door for her.
She got in and I did too.
Oviado is like my second favorite spot in Seattle they serve the best meal so far.

” Welcome to oviado your number place for your tummy.” An Android standing outside said..
I know freedom is thrilled to see an Android.
It looks so real with skin too.
” Wow this place is the bomb.” She cooed as she observed the whole place.
” I told you. ” I led her to a VIP spot and pulled out a chair for her ..
She mumbled a thank you before seating down.
Unlike any other regular restaurant you don’t need to place orders directly.
There’s a tab on each table once you click on your order a robot will bring it to you.
Cool right?
” Ladies first ” I points to the tab in front of her.
She did few clicks and showed it to me .
She ordered for French fries and smoothie.
I ordered the same.
In no time the bots brought the orders and placed it on the table.
” Bon appetit.” They said and left.
” Wow this is so cool. Selfie time .” She said and brought out her phone.
“I don’t really like taking photos tho.” I told her.
” Don’t tell me you’re a selfie virgin.”, She said mockingly and did few clicks.
She took about fourty pictures. She’s so much like Adrienne.
” Hell no I just don’t like taking photos. ” I defended and toss some french fries into my mouth..
” Am so posting this on Instagram and tagging you too.” She stuck out her tongue..
” Don’t post it yet. What if I don’t look so great on photo ? ” I furrowed my brows…
” Nah you look great anyone in their normal senses can see that.” She said and I felt embarrassed or should I say I was blushing ..
” Thanks for the head shot.” I chuckled softly..


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