SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 37



Clarice Turner
Seriously his mom is so comforting. Unlike some rich folks who thinks everyone are below them.
She’s so free with me and jovial too.
” So tell me everything about yourself and ofcourse work too. ” She asked as she handed me a glass of pineapple juice brought by the maid.
” Well am Clarice Turner as already know. I live with a single mom back in LA. My dad died before I was born. Work at the city hospital as a surgeon. ” I explained.
” Wow that’s awesome. Jay he’s sure lucky to have you in his life.” She said grinning from ear to ear.
I really don’t get why she’s still saying that.
Just then a girl who had a striking resemblance with Jay rushed downstairs and sat down beside me.
” Hi am Adrienne and you’re so beautiful.” She cooed touching my cheeks .
” Clary this Adrienne Jay’s younger sister and a drama queen. ” Mrs knights said with a chuckle.
” Oh hi Adrienne you look beautiful too.” Complimented.
She looks so much like Jay only she had golden straight hairs.
” Oh my gosh am blushing. I can’t believe Jay hid you from us .. ” she grinned.
I was blushing heavily. Jay has the most perfect family with beautiful mom and sibling.
Can’t wait to meet the rest I hope they’re also happy to meet me too.
” Hello darling.” I heard a masculine voice said .
I turned towards the direction it was a man in his late sixties. I need no prophet to tell me who it was .
” Hi honey thank goodness you’re here. Meet Clary Jay’s friend.” His mom Introduced.
” Hello Mr knight.” I said nervously.
” Oh hi dear I’m happy to have you here considering the fact that Jay won’t stop telling us about you.”, He smiled showing off his dimples.
Now I know where Jay got his handsomeness from.
Even in old age he’s still handsome..
” Hello Dad.”, I heard Jay voice.
He descended from the stairs and walked towards his dad.
They did the coolest handshake have ever seen.
” Hey man what’s up.” His dad said and ruffle his hair.
” Erm hi I’m Adrian. ” A male version of Adrienne said extending his hand for a handshake.
” Hello Adrian nice to meet you.” I shook hands with him..
I guess they’re both twins.
” Ahem mom where’s Tyler?” Jay asked.
I guess that’s one of his brother.
” He’s probably out with Lanez you know how Tyler is.” Adrienne quickly answered as they were all making eye contacts with each other.
I think they’re probably hiding something from Jay.
” Gosh am farmish.” Mr knight announced.
” Come on everyone it’s time for lunch.” His mom said and led us to the diner.
” Don’t get me wrong but have got the weirdest family.” Adrienne whispered into my ear and I was forced to laugh .
She has this positive vibes coming from her.


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