SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 30



Jayred Knights
I kinda admit I enjoyed every single minute spent with Clary.
If she had not showed up and saved me I wonder what would have become of me.
She’s special tome. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to call.
Even though it was just a voice call I enjoyed it.
We are still talking tho. She had challenged me to make a voice call anyone who falls asleep first looses.
So tell me first why did you choose to be a sex therapist? Even though you studied SLT. “I asked as I stared at the ceiling.
Let’s just say I love having fun. You know I get to flirt with my patients whenever I feel like. ” She said with a smirk.
Deep Down i felt jealous when she talked about flirting.
Hmm maybe you should stop flirting okay? You not getting any younger dear. ” I advised.
She went silent for awhile before speaking up.
Okay I’ll try but that doesn’t stop me from clubbing. I’ll go crazy. ” She giggled like a child.
God you’re so unpredictable. Maybe I might take you clubbing on two conditions. ” I Smirked playfully.
Two conditions? Okay tell me I know I can do it. ” She said proudly.
No pole dancing no drinking. I mean you won’t take any liquor. ” I Burst into laughter.
You know that’s never gonna happen. But I’ll try too. ” She joined me in laughing.
Suddenly I remember I wanted her to come with me to seettle.
Freedom? ” I called out.
Yes knuckle head.” She answered playfully.
Will you come wit me to seettle city to meet my family? Please please don’t say no. ” I said with my fingers crossed.
I really want her to come with me.
You know I still have to work. But when it comes to you I’ll definitely go with you. ” She said and I felt so happy and loved.
For the first time I felt someone cares about me.
Thanks so much freedom am happy you agreed. Mom is gonna be delighted to meet you. ” I said but got no response.
Freedom?” Still no answer.
Turns out she fell asleep. Yay I won.
I hang up and placed the phone on my chest.
I slept off with a smile curved on my lips.

It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful day. I yawned and rolled outta bed .
Did few push ups even tho freedom had forbidden me to. Because of the cut on my tummy.
Well I didn’t stress much before stopping.
I picked up my phone and went through it there was a text message from Clary.
‘ am sorry I slept off last night much love ps: freedom. ‘ I read out.
I smiled sheepishly and dropped my phone because heading to the bathroom.


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