SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 27



Clarice Turner
I made pasta salad chicken and set it up on the mini diner in the kitchen.
The main diner is something else.
After serving the dish I went back to the living room for Jay but he wasn’t seated.
I heard footsteps and turned towards the direction.
It was Jay and he was on his feet.
Glad to see that he can now walk on his own.
” There you’re, was about to call on you. Come on lunch is served.” I SMiled.
He looked weary but he was quick to cover it up with a smile.
We walked towards the mini diner in the kitchen.
“Allow me.” He said and pulled out a chair for me.
I sat down and muttered a thank you.
” I figured out the other diner is way too big for two people. ” I giggled.
” How clever of you freedom” he said and shoved a spoonful of pasta into his mouth.
” Hmm? Do you like the taste?” I asked feeling Abit nervous he might not like the food.
” Seriously this is the best pasta have tasted.” He moaned softly enjoying his food.
” Am glad you like it. ” I chuckled softly.
We became silence as it was ate in an awkward situation.
” So how about we go have some little fun before you go. ” He finally ease the tension between us.
” yay ! That sounds great. ” I cooed.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been into pool.

” Remind me again where you got the sexy swimsuit from? ” I asked again.
He had handed over a sexy looking swimsuit.
” Shut and put it on.” He smirked playfully.
I scoffs and Walked into the closet. I slide into it as it brought out all my curves.
” By the angels you look breathtaking.” He complimented the moment I got out.
” Really? ”
” Who am I kidding you look beautiful.” He said swears I was blushing hard.
” We have some swimming to do if you don’t mind. ” I changed the topic immediately.
” Oh yeah I totally forgot.” He chuckled softly and dragged me along.
Wow the poolside is one hell of a sight.
Its way bigger and fancier than mine.
” We should take a shower first. You go first.” He said and walked towards the bar.
He turned on the music and got some drinks to back it up.
Now am sure it’s gonna be fun.
I took a shower in the glass shower spot outside.
I stepped outta the shower and he came in.
Went over to the water side feeling the vibes from the song.
Felt like dancing and I did.
” Wow wow. Tell me something I don’t know.”He said with excitement and applaud me.
” Don’t trust a girl who clubs alot.” I giggled as I poured myself some tequila.
” Hmm baddass girl. ” He mumbled as he walked towards me and pushed me into the water unexpectedly.
He dived in two.
Errm there’s something I forgot , I can’t really swim


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