SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 25



Clarice Turner
And yet again it was time to go home.
How fast time flys.
I entered my car and drove off.
Sluggishly walked outta my car and dragged my lazy self into the house.
Mom was seated at the living room watching freeform ABC family.
“Hi Mom.” I Mumbled.
She ignored me. I guess she’s still mad at me.
“Mom am sorry.” I murmured and walked towards her.
She moved away without saying anything.
“Mom please don’t push me away. I’m really sorry. ” I squats infront of her.
” Look just leave me alone Clary. I never said I was mad at you.” She sighed sadly.
I know my mom very well she always act up whenever she’s angry at me.
“Please forgive me mom I promise i won’t ever do that again.” I said in a sober tune.
I know mom hates seeing my tears.
” Okay fine apology accepted. Can you please stop crying.” She face palmed me.
I hugged her happily.
” Thanks Mom I love you.” I cooed.
” I love you too hunny now go take a shower and come downstairs for dinner.” She smiled.
I nodded and took the stairs up to my room.
I dropped my bag on my bed and pulled off my clothes before stepping into the shower.
A cold shower is what I needed at the moment.

I was seated at the diner having dinner with Mom.
It was pasta. My favorite actually. We ate quietly until the buzzing sound of my phone echoed through the place.
I picked up the phone and glance at the screen before looking back to mom who in return was also looking at me.
It was a text from Aiden. One of my hook ups. He had requested I see him immediately.
“Erm mom I gotta go it’s very urgent.” I stood up hurrily.
“Trouble at the hospital? ” She asked.
” Yeah it’s an emergency. ” I lied.
” Okay dear becareful. ” She said.
” I’ll mom. ” I went upstairs and grabbed my coat before leaving the house.
I know where Aiden lives. I always have the habit of putting him in the mood and leaving him halfway.
News flash am yet to break my virginity.
He says he’s at hotel Dmort , I think I know where that is.
I stood at the entrance of Dmort and texted him that I was at the entrance.
“Clary dear.” I heard his voice. He has this girlish voice and also behavior too.
Sometimes I think he’s gay.
” Hey handsome.” I smile and ran my fingers on his cheek..
” You still have a thing for flirting little birdie.” He smirked playfully and brought his face closer like he was gonna kiss me.
” Not here Aiden.” I said quickly before he could kiss me .
“Oops mind my manners, I just have a strong liking for beautiful things.
“Let’s go in shall we?” He stretched out his hand which I took.
Aiden is a very romantic guy and he loves me so much. I wish i could return the love but I can’t.
I can’t risk breaking my heart at all. Look at what happened to Jay.
Maybe I should become a nun since am still a virgin.
Oops just kidding. I can’t be a nun.
Aiden doesn’t wanna give up even when I tried to push him away he stays.
He says he’s going to wait for me till am ready. I doubt if that day will ever come.
What happened next was history.


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