SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 23



Clarice Turner
“Beautiful day huh?” Jayred said as he stared at the people having fun at the park.
” What can I say? Every day is a beautiful day in every way. ” I chuckled softly.
” Wow for a big head you’re not so bad. ” He smirked playfully.
” Omg did you just called me a big head? This big head is gonna spank your *ss if you’re not careful . ” I pinched his nose playfully.
He burst into laughter.
” Sorry Mom.” He said mockingly.
” When I was a child I would always bug my mom to bring me here.” He said Calmly.
” Yeah the park is a nice place to be whenever you wanna clear your head. ” I added.
” Yeah few months ago I hated coming to the park. I started hating the park . I came here because I wanted to get rid of my fears.” He said as his face when blank.
” You must have a reason for hating the park. But you don’t wanna talk about it am gonna respect your decision. “I placed my hand on his shoulder.
” No it’s fine maybe talking about it might actually make me feel better. ” He looked at me then looked away..
“You know you can always talk to me now. “I assured him.
” Two years ago I would always come to the park to watch the kids play. I met her here and I fell for her on first sight, she was breathtaking yes. Love at first sight she she also fell in love with me. We started dating and would come to the park together to have fun too. ” He paused and exhaled.
” Everything was going smoothly.. let’s just say I was madly in love with her I can’t possibly live without her. Later she started acting up. She nags over little things and called me boring. I never stopped loving her I thought maybe it was just a normal relationship quarrel. I had plans of proposing to her. “He placed his hand on his chest and closed his eyes.
He must have been through alot because of love.
“Not until few weeks back , she broke me and told me to my face that she’d moved on I should do too. She’s getting married to some other dude. I was unable to take the breakup. I kept trying to make things work. I begged her to stay with me, whatever am doing wrong am gonna try to change it. But she had already made her choice. I couldn’t take the breakup and resulted in drinking. “He paused again.
” Oh my God this is alot to take in. You see why I never wanted to fall in love with anyone? I can’t afford to get my heart broken. I rather remain single and keep flirting than falling in love. “, I said honestly.
” But you know flirting around is totally bad. You may be referred to as a slut. ” He said and looked at me before returning his gaze to the kids.
“Actually they call me the Virgin slut. But am not bothered anyways. You need to move on Jay if you want to be back on your feet again. There’s someone out there who cares so much about you and won’t want you to be sulking over a girl. ” I rolled my eyes dramatically.
” Mom , dad, Jasmine my sister and my brother Kayden is in seettle city. Mom would be happy to hear that my brain aneurysm is gone. ” He chuckled softly.
” yeah yeah every mom derives joy from their children’s joy.” I suddenly remembered mom.


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