I dropped at New Nyanya junction and strolled
casually to my destination. The internet cafe is
located in a place facing my street. Elder Ogba
street. I had passed the Market a little bit
when I heard my name..
I turned round to see tall Israel walking
towards me.
“O boy, how far na”
He asked as he caught up with me.
“I bam o.”
I replied.
“Na where you dey go so”
He asked.
Now we all know that is a foolish question.
One thing is to see me dressed in working
clothes, another is to ask me where I am
headed to.
“I dey go your father wife place”
I replied him.
“Baba, stop to dey play na. I wan introduce
you to one girl. She say she like you well well.”
He said to me. My ear twitched at the mention
of introduction, like and most of all, girl.
“I for like follow you o. But e get one babe wey
me wan go meet for plaza”
I answered him.
“Eh, make we go there together jor.”
He said and walked in step with me. Na so we
begin waka dey go o. I no even spoil my mind
as to wetin make the babe been dey cry. I just
bone unto say e fit be say something dey
disturb am. Na so we reach plaza, I look the
environment, I no see babe. My phone begin
“Hello, I am seeing you. Walk into the street by
the side of the plaza, you will see me there.”
My mind cut. The street wey she just yan na
one kind dark street like that. The place to me
na no-go area for night o.
“O boy, na double pole street she say make we
enter o.”
I said to Israel. I could see the reaction on his
“How we go do now?”
He asked.
“Since you be my back-up, make we enter na”
I said to him. He nodded his head. We walked
into the Plaza and exited through its side gate.
The whole area as expected was dark. Now,
we have electric supply 24hrs daily but damn
it, those guys have vandalized their
transformers. The area is always in constant
darkness. From the darkness, all you see is
little glowing lights and white smokes. The air
itself is no longer oxygen, if there is any
element like igbogen, with formula I•2.
I nearly jumped out of my skin.
“I am here.”
Perpetual’s voice sailed through the darkest
part of the street to me. Israel and I walked
towards the voice. A black gate was there,
there she was, dressed in black too. She
turned, pushed open the gate for us. We
walked in. A chair was placed at the extreme
end of the compound. We walked there and I
allowed Israel sit there while I stood and
waited for her to bring a seat for me. This she
did. She brought two. I sat on one while she
sat on the other one. She was looking at my
face, I was looking at hers.
“I broke up with my boyfriend”
The door holding her tears broke open and
water flowed. It is only expedient for me to
draw close and hold her in a warm embrace.
My shoulder was getting all the tears and
catarrh but to me, it was an investment.
Before I could say.. Sex doesn’t kill, my
shoulder had become wet. Israel just sat
voiceless not knowing what to say or do. I too
did not know how to comfort her. Instead the
nice smell from her hair which was placed on
my face was consoling me. Who says it
doesn’t pay to comfort a woman? People even
say, “a shoulder to cry on is a dicckk to ride
on”. Figure it out.

I whispered into her ears. I was too taken back
to even ask her why he had broken up with
her. Maybe I was the cause, maybe not.
“Attai, I wan ball”
Israel whispered. Her arms were still round me
so I dismissed him impatiently. He stood up, I
only heard the gate shutting. Maybe he tiptoed
“What happened?”
I asked her.
“Ehm.. It’s a long story.”
Long ke? I have all the time. No time to do
what Nigerian actors do.
“I have all the time in the world.”
I said to her gently. She paused her embrace
and lifted her head and looked into my eyes.
Now, that moment passed slowly like in
movies. I could see stars flying around.
“Promise me you won’t break my heart”
Screecchhhh!!! Eh, when did I even get her
heart that she is talking about breaking it.
Some girls can really jump the gun.
“I won’t”
Now I did not say that, my diickk did. And
before I could say anything further, warm lips
fell on mine. Hey, don’t get it all wrong, she
did not just throw herself on me. I kissed back
but not with as much enthusiasm that she
kissed me.
“I love you”
She whispered and lowered her head down
“I love you too”
My diicckk replied. Hmmm, this diickk no go
put me for trouble o. We gisted for some time,
talking on things, avoiding emotional things.
That was from my part though. I don’t get
emotional with Kitty-cats I wanna fuucck.
“I think I should be going.”
I said to her having spent close to an hour


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