I had already start telling the conductor I was
going to stop at Oceanic Bakery. I had called
Gordon earlier and told him I have a quest to
conquer in his house. Like the french will say
“je suis plus que vainqueur” (I am more than a
conqueror). Na so my mind deceive me sha. I
dropped from the car as soon as it stopped,
told the conductor to keep the change. I
walked into Oceanic Bakery majestically,
looked at the ever frowning receptionist and
Wahala, she smiled back and even winked at
me. My diiicckk enlarge by one inch.
Before I fit react, Perpetual don carry my
mouth for warm kiss. Kai, I been wan surprise
but I control myself. Wetin woman no go do to
get her man back?
That is, if the man no be liability.
“That was swift”
I tell her as she comot her lips. Na so I catch
my breath back. I turn look receptionist, she
frown her face as usual but this time the thing
come tight like say person dey help her
squeeze the face more more.
“What would you like to take?”
See me still wan make she chop my money.
Wowwwww…. I swear, I no even ask her the
second time.
“So? That means we should leave this place
I said and extended my hand which she took.
We walked out of the place like a couple. Her
hand as usual was soft and she had this aura
around her that I cannot explain. Thank God it
was night as my diicckk was already pressing
hard against my plain trouser. At intervals,
when a girl is coming in our direction, I
stylishly use my hand to hide the ere.c.tion.
“Where are you taking me?”
She asked as soon as we turned the street
that leads to Gordon’s house.
“I want to see a friend”
I replied.
“Can’t you see that friend another day?”
She asked. O boy, see me o. See who another
Make I postpone toto wey I wan chop again?
“I can’t. It is important.”
I answered.
“It seems you don’t want me to follow you ba.”
She asked.
“No o. I would even like to introduce you to
I replied.
“Like you’ve introduced all your other
girlfriends to him ba?”
Na wa o. See question.
“No o….”
I just keep quiet. I no even know wetin I go
say. Na so she hold my hand turn me back
come begin go back till we reach the
beginning of the street. Na from there we
proceed dey go her house. As soon as gate
just dey close, she just press me for wall
begin kiss me. I confuse come push her small.
“What of your people?”
See wetin I suppose ask as she dey lead me
go her house since o.
“They are out.”
My brain just alert as I begin dey kiss her
As we kissed, my hand found its way to her
soft which I squeezed and pressed her
close to myself. I was thinking deep within me.
Finally I have gotten the pusssyy of my dream
and really there aint no way I am not going to
hit this hard. I squeeze her nyash like say I
dey squeeze bread make e strong so that I go
eat. Na so ma the babe carry her hand hold
me tight dey rub me for my head.
I turned her round and propped her back
against the wall while I began my experiment
on her. I took my hand and placed it on her
bosom which I squeezed gently. I wan savour
the moment while e last. Na so I hold this
bosom dey squeeze am dey rub am round
while the babe just close her eyes. I carry my
hand put am through the up of her low neck
cut (abi how them dey call am) shirt come dey
brush am lightly against the soft skin wey dey
there. I come pinch the thing small. Na so the
babe open her eyes come let out one kind
shout and laugh like that.
“Auuuccchhhhiiiii ”

I put hand inbetween the mounds of her
breeasts dey draw am up and down while my
second hand still dey her nyash dey knead
am. I no even kiss her again. I just dey use
my lips dey play around her neck. Sometimes,
I go draw am go her ear place come bite the
thing gently. Men, my preek don stand o but
for where, I just bone the preek.
I draw back look the babe face well, her eyes
dey close. I look her body, my mind begin
congratulate me for wetin I wan hammer.
Right there I just dey reason which style go
dey best to start with. I put hand for her cloth
begin pull am up gently, na so with her eyes
closed, she raise her hand up allow the cloth
make e slide through. See me see white bra
dey stare me for face. I drop my mouth
sharpaly for her the part of her bosom wey
dey stick outside.
Na so I begin use tongue draw circle on top.
The babe self own na to begin press my head
tight against her bosom. I no care say she
wan suffocate me because I no get plans to
miss the moderate breeasst wey don dey do
me minimini wanawana.
I roll my hand go her back, na so she ease
small comot from wall, I hold the hook of her
bra, with one swift movement, na so I comot
the hook from the bra. I come carry my hand
dey rub the place wey the rope of the bra give
line. I just dey wonder how e go be like if I no
fuucckk her at the long run.
Get thee behind me satan. I shout the
thoughts go the back of my mind sharpaly.
I carry hand romance reach her shoulder come
begin dey pull am gently. Each move dey
expose her bosom small small. Na so my
preek ma dey stand small small. I drop the
bra, her yellow bosom just dey look me for
face. I no rush, I just dey feel like say I get the
whole time for this world. Since she no
complain, who be me to hurry? Wetin I don
hustle for?
I begin wey the breasstt, I hold both of them
for my hand come jack am up, measure the
size, length, breadth, width and the
circumference. I impress with wetin I dey hold.
The thing still turgid for her chest. Na so I
draw my head close come carry the breasst
rub my face small, I just dey roll my face on
top, dey place kisses on top. Small time, I just
carry my mouth climb the elongated nip”ple.
Una know say Tips get different sizes. Her
own dey on the longer side. Na so those small
small things wey dey charactize nippple
scratch me for mouth small before I give the
Tip one long suck. Na so I hold am in-between
my lips come pull my head go back. The Tip
follow my mouth. I release am, carry head go
the other one come do the same thing before I
come finally settle down begin suucck the
boobbyy men.
I dey succk one, my finger dey play with the
nipplle and whole mound of the other. I switch
head, the finger ma go switch him position.
The babe just hold my head in place. Each
time I do like I wan comot am, the girl go drag
my head go in-place. She come dey heave her
chest up and down like say she dey try
suppress her moans. Men, me? I kukuma
carry teeth bite the nipplee.
“Auchhii… That hurts”
For my mind na im I say…
“Un hum…. Wetin you expect before?”
I come concentrate dey suck bobbby while my
hands just dey rotate her smooth soft skin.
Men, e get where I go squeeze, the babe go
vibrate like say electric shock dey pass
through her body. Me just dey savour the
moment, dey suck boobby until the babe lift
my head come cover my mouth in fresh
kisses. Na there I know say kisses different. E
get the kiss wey them dey take start romance.
E get the one wey them dey take complete
romance. But the one wey them dey give in-
between romance, na that one dey hot pass.
Picture this thing. Babe place her soft wet lips
on top of your lips begin chew am practically.
Her tongue dey try locate your throat, you dey
push am out. The moment your tongue enter
her mouth, na so she suck am like say she
wan pull am comot.
Fear catch me o, I just know say I gats carry
the romance enter another level.

I carry my hand go lower, all this while, I
ignore the place. I feel her hand for my own,
my mind shake say she wan push my hand
throway. E for bad sha.
Babe allow you see fresh breasst, allow you
kiss fresh lips then come deny you toto. Na
molest sure pass na (na joke o but conji get
him own level of thinking). Na so her hand aid
me pull her pencil trouser go down. See,
pencil trouser dey hard to pull sometimes but
the kind conji wey hold me eh, no time, na so I
slide the thing sharpaly comot from her leg. I
drop my hand there. Shiittt… Na so the place
warm, come hot, come sweet, come dey oily,
come wet at the same time. I just dey for
world of my own.
I carry hand squeeze the pussyy lips together.
This babe don begin kiss me again but na lie, I
refused to be distracted. I adjust my finger,
just slide am enter inside her Kitty-Cat. As we
stand, na so the thing hard to enter. The babe
gatz raise her leg up small give me access. Na
the access wey I see make me begin finger
fuucckk her. Na so her wetness just dey rush
for my finger while she just dey moan inside
my mouth. I move go her femalecore begin
draw zero (0) top both clockwise and anti-
clock wise. E just dey as if the babe go gaga
as she just carry one leg wrap me for body.
Crazy standing position.
Her hand just grab my diicckk for the first time
begin tug. Na so she dey rub am in a hurry so
tay the thing no come dey sweet me, e just
dey like say
my joystick wan cut. Na so I hold her hand
make she reduce the speed, na so she ma
code begin rub my preek jejely. I dey finger
her, she dey rub my preek. Men, I just know
say toto don sure.
I carry hand hold the buckle of my belt, whola,
the belt find im way comot from my waist. Na
so me and this babe begin struggle who go
remove my belt. E just dey like say both of us
dey possessed.
Who no go possess? Toto get power self pass
some guns. While gun go give you pain come
kill you, toto go sweet you, make you laugh,
make you cry, give you pain come finally kill
you. And na the death self dey pain pass. You
die on top toto, men, people wey go come do
funeral procession go dey look your
body anyhow.
As my trouser just drop, na so this babe go
down immediately, my diicckk find im way
enter inside her mouth. Mouth Gig different
ooo. Na so this babe begin suuckk my preek,
she dey twist her tongue on top, she go push
her mouth enter finish until she don almost
(my preek big na) swallow am, she go come
make sound like say she wan vomit, na so she
go bring am out. She go comot am begin use
her hand dey self-service am. She go
concentrate for the head sotey I go begin beg.
Finally this babe just begin suck my preek fast
fast, my abdomen dey constrict, my breath
dey up, my eyes don roll go up. Na so my leg
begin shake. Kai, I carry hand hold this girl
head for place, my balls just do my kind thing,
earth just change. Men, I begin see different
colours. I dey move waist go front while she
just stay in place dey squeeze my balls. Na so
I release enter this babe mouth. Men, my diick
head just over sensitive at once. Me, I pull am
out o but damn, the babe hold am. She
throway the sperm wey been enter her mouth
come begin stroke my preek again. Na so the
johnson ma react almost immediately. As my
diickk strong, men this babe just rise up, hold
me for neck come begin kiss me.
Her leg just go round my waist while me just
do the normal thing. I carry hand hold my
preek, bend down small come plug the preek
inside her toto. O boy, the place don hot pass
100 degree celcius. I just begin dig inside. As
each time dey pass, na so my digging dey fast
until I come begin weak some how. Na so I
turn this babe. She hold wall come adjust her
nyash like say she wan squat. From there, na
so I just insert my preek enter. I hold her waist
while she come start to dey move up and
down. O boy, she dey grind me until my
strength come back. Na so I draw her nyash
go back, adjust her come begin fuucck her
hard from back.
I dey enter her, she dey squeal like say na pig
wey dem dey cut im neck. Maybe na because
of say we dey outside sha. I hammer this babe
till she begin beg make I release say all the
water for her toto don dry finish. For here, I
comot preek, carry saliva rub am, push back
inside toto. How I go invest for something, I
no go chop that thing to the fullest. Na so I
fuucckk her until I release inside her. That
release self get im own story.

Na all night her people go o. She still drag me
inside, we go continue. Na there she make
that statement wey dey the beginning of this
story. Na fucckk we just dey fuucck fuucck till
4:00am wey I wear cloth tell her say I don dey
go. The babe just do her face like say she
wan cry.
“Foxy, I will miss you till we meet again”
My ear ring.
“There aint no again between us”
I drop the bombshell.
“Fucckk yoouu and fuucckk your pusssyyy. I
stopped loving you a long time ago. Goodluck
with finding love again.”
Na so I open gate leave her as she bend down
begin cry. I just close my ears waka go house.
That evening, na so police show, pick me up,
put handcuff for my hands while the
policemen and she with her mother wey follow
her begin call me…
Lol, English don suffer sha. Na 2 days I spend
for cell but e worth am sha. Toto no be toto
until strong preek don chop am. My mission
accomplish so I no lose for any side. She
pulled her pants… I F’u’c’k’e’d Her!!!!

****THE END****

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