Andrea’s P. O. V con’t
I opened the door and ran out heading to Bryan’s room.
Getting to his door, I slowly and quietly opened the door and took in my head.
I heaved a sigh of relief coz he wasn’t in the room.
I quietly went in and put my ear on the bathroom door and heard the shower on, he’s taking his bath.
I went to the table where his laptop laid.
I opened it and turned it on.
Oh jeez, there’s a password?
Now what do I do?
If I don’t open this damn thing and edit the cameras then I’m doomed.
What to do? Should I just break the laptop?
Sam’s P. O. V
I laid on my bed facing the ceiling as my thought were on Bryan’s new PA.
What’s her name again? Andrea yes Andrea.
She’s so hot, beautiful, she’s just perfect.
I need to get closer to her so she can be mine.
I’m ready to quit being a play boy just for her.
I’m handsome, rich, and every girls dream.
I just have to try my best in being a good guy.
Lillie’s P. O. V
I sat beside the window, staring at the sky.
I’m really lonely without Andy.
Who’s gonna call me a bitch now?
Who’s gonna slap me with pillows?
I really miss her alot.
I picked up my phone and dialed her number
It kept ringing and ringing but she didn’t pick up.
I tried again but the same thing.
I tried it for 5 times but she didn’t pick up.
Is she asleep? Or is she at the club again?
The thought of her stripping hurts a lot.
Seeing my big sister strip just to give me a better life is really heart breaking.
Had I been stronger than she wouldn’t have been a stripper.
When step dad threw us outta the house, Andrea and I slept on the streets so I got sick.
She took me to the hospital and she needed money for my treatment.
She went in search for job but luck wasn’t on her side as the few available job managers want the same thing “her body”.
She got fed up and decided to give in.
If her body will be the solutions to our problems, if her body will put an end to our sufferings then so be it.
So there! That’s how she became a slut.
Now I have to locate where she works and by that I have to find the cab man that took her there and that ain’t gonna be easy but thank God I remembered some of the cab number.
Andrea’s P. O. V
If I’m gonna hack this damn laptop, it’s gonna take a while and Bryan might catch me..
Maybe I should just hide the laptop.
I carried the laptop and headed for the door but froze on my spot when I heard the bathroom door opened and closed.
“hope you aren’t trying to steal from me again” Bryan said and I rolled my eyes though he can’t see me coz I’m backing him.
He came to my front and I couldn’t help but drool at his manly figure.
He was shirtless, just a towel wrapped around his waist.
The towel was bit too low, exposing the v line on his waist.
“you can drool later but first, what are you doing with my PC “he asked and I got myself.
“I.. I…uhm…. I… I wanted to “I paused and looked at him trying to make up a lie.
“you were ” he asked.
“I…. I… Was… I” I stuttered not knowing what to cook up.
“just because I gave you the privilege to live with me doesn’t give you the fucking right to touch my things ” he said and snatched the laptop from me almost snatching me with it coz my grip on it was tight.

He walked past me and went to his bed and sat.
He sat the laptop on his laps and turned it on making me gasp and he looked up to me.
“I…. Uhm.. You.. I.. “I stuttered and went to him.
I slowly and seductively took the laptop from him, place it on the bed and sat on his laps.
I placed a light kiss on his lips and he responded immediately.
He asked for entrance but I denied him and he gently pressed my breast and I smiled knowing that’s what he does when I deny him entrance.
I pulled away and he looked at me with those lustful eyes of his.
“I think someone entered the house while I was asleep so check the CCTV cameras ” I lied.
“I’ll do that later” he said and captured my lips on his but I pulled away.
I smiled when I notice his bulge from the towel.
“do it now ” I said softly and he sighed then faced the laptop that was on the bed beside him.
I watched as he inputted the password and I captured every word.
“oh I was just pulling your leg, no one came ” I said and stylishly closed the laptop and placed a kiss on his lips.
I crashed my lips on his and he responded immediately and grabbed my hips making a moan escape from the back of my throat.
I pulled away and kept the laptop on the table then I pushed Bryan on the bed with me on top of him as we kissed with his hands roaming all over my body.
Soon we were unclad, moaning like crazy.
I opened my eyes to see Bryan’s arms around me protectively.
I gently slid out of his arm and took the laptop.
I inputted the password “Esmeralda ” and I connected to the cameras.
I delete all our sex scenes and everything that can expose my real identity.
I also disconnected all the CCTV cameras in the house.
Now I’m safe.
I closed the laptop and slid back into Bryan’s arms.
I couldn’t help but wonder who the “Esmeralda ” is.
I woke up the next day and Bryan was no where in the room.
I sighted the clip of dollars on the table and sighed.
He’s off to work already and I’m always the one late to work.
I took the money, went to my room and freshened up.
I dressed in a simple white top and a black straight skirt.
I put on my wig and applied a light makeup.
I took my phone and gasped when I saw 5 missed calls from Lillie.
I’ll call her when I get back.
I took my bag and headed out.
I stopped at a restaurant and had breakfast then I hailed a cab to work.
I entered Bryan’s bureau with a pounding heart knowing well I’m late again.
“I’m sorry ” I blurted out before he could say anything.
He stared at me not saying anything.
“I think I have a solution to that ” he finally spoke up.
“and what can that be ” I asked not sure of what he wants to suggest.
“come live in my house ” he said and I exclaimed “what ”
“yes coz you’re my PA and if you refuse, I’ll make you ” he seethed.


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