“I held her as we headed outside “.
Bryan’s P. O. V
winks I came to the club.
I couldn’t stand the thought of another man touching her if not me.
I got down from my car and headed to the door.
I was about opening it when a blonde guy opened it.
Beside him was the woman I’m dying to see and hold in my arms.
“excuse me ” the blonde guy said.
“uhm are you guys going somewhere “I asked and he scoffed.
“yes we are so move ” he half yelled and I moved aside for them to pass but then I noticed the way “she ” was staggering and waving.
What if he wants to take advantage of her?
I went to them and held his arm.
“she’s drunk so let her be ” I said.
“that’s why I’m taking her home dumbass ”
“did you just call me that ”
“yeah so? Move ” he yelled and pushed me backward.
“hand her to me, I’ll take her home” I said, blocking their way.
“in your dreams ”
“really ” I said smiling as another guy joined him.
“you alright Matt ” the guy asked.
“yes Alex ” he replied.
“give her to me now ” I said sternly as I folded my fist in a ball.
I wanted to pull her from him but Alex punched me in the face, giving me busted lips.
“do you know who I am ” I asked coz I don’t think they do, coz if they do, they
would have ran off by now.
They looked at each other then laughed out loud.
Alex raised his hand to hit me again but I held it, twisting it as he wince in pain.
“look up to me ” I ordered still twisting his hand.
“who am I ” I asked and he looked at me for a while then slowly his eyes widened.
“Bryan To Torillo ” he stuttered and I smiled wryly.
“what ” Matt exclaimed.
I let go of Alex and pushed him to the ground.
“we are very sorry sir ” Matt said and pushed “her” to me and they ran off.

I looked at her beautiful half closed eyes as she inhaled and exhaled slowly, resting on me.
I picked her up into the car and drove to my house.
I took her to my room and laid her on my bed, my special bed no lady has ever laid on but here she was, a stripper, laying comfortably on my bed.
I took off her heels and covered her with the blanket as I watched her sleep.
She’s so beautiful.
I freshened up and sat on the sofa, looking at her beautiful face until my eyes closed and I slept off.
Andrea’s P. O. V
I slowly opened my eyes as I breathe in and out, inhaling and exhaling the sweet smell of the room.
I turned to my left and saw my to be boss, sleeping peacefully on the sofa.
He was the one who took me from that blonde guy yesterday.
But is he the Greek god or my boss?
I looked at him carefully trying to know if he’s the Greek god or my boss.
Gosh I think they are the same.
My Greek God is my soon to be boss.
Jeez, it’ll be hard working with him.
I quietly got down from the bed , took my heels in my hand then looked around for my purse but couldn’t find it
I headed to the door but something caught my eyes .
A briefcase!
I wanted to ignore it but I couldn’t, maybe because of the money I presumed to be inside.
I took a step to leave but I glanced back at the briefcase.
I tiptoed to where it was kept and I dropped my heels then opened the briefcase making a small noise.
I gasped and immediately closed my mouth with my hand as I saw the huge sum of money.
Even if I strip for eternity, I won’t be able to have this kinda money.
I started taking bundles and putting it under my dress since I can’t find my purse.
I put my hand to take another but I froze when I heard his deep voice “what are you doing “.


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