Sam’s P. O. V
Lillie and I sat on the couch beside each other.
I gently moved closer to her and took her hand in mine, gently caressing it.
I smiled as she started to heat up.
We stared at each other until our lips met and moved in perfect sync.
She wrapped her hands around my neck while I caressed her hips and deepened the kiss.
We pulled away to catch our breath.
“Uhm I think I should go meet Andrea ” she stuttered a little and left.
I smiled happily at her funny act.
I love Lillie, she’s the one my heart beats for.
I smiled and followed behind.
Andrea’s P. O. V
“OK I’m all ears ” I said smiling.
“yeah me too ” Lillie said from behind.
“and me too ” Sam said and we all chuckled.
“so Esmeralda is… ” Bryan paused looking at me.
“she’s my aunt ” he blurted out and I arched an eyebrow and Sam nodded.
“yeah my aunt, well I’m an orphan so one day I ran outta the orphanage and she was the one who took me in ” he said softly.
So Bryan is an orphan?
“so where’s she now ” Lillie asked and he sighed.
“she’s dead, she fell sick and died, leaving me all alone in the world ” he said lowly.
So painful.
“and that was why I considered myself unlucky and decided to kill myself since all my loved ones left me, including you.. Before ” he blurted out.
“you’re not unlucky Bryan, you’re special, unique, you’re worth more than you can ever imagine ” I said and Lillie and Sam cleared their throats.
Anyone noticed they kinda move along very well?
Well I did and it’s fishy.
“well all said and… ” I was saying but trailed off when I felt nauseous.
I ran to the bathroom to throw off.
I watched my mouth and splashed water on my face.
Good, for a moment I forgot I’m pregnant.
How do I tell Bryan?
I turned only to flinch backward when I saw all of them at the door.
Sam’s face held a shock expression and so as Bryan’s but Lillie was smiling ear to ear.
Bryan came to me and wrapped his hands around me.
“I’m gonna be a father soon ” he whispered into my ear and I chuckled.
“I love you ” he said.
“I love you too ” I said and we turned to Lillie and Sam who were staring at each other dreamily.
Their lips were just centimeters away but they came back to reality when I burst out laughing.
I just knew it!.
There’s something going on between them.
I’m so happy Lillie found her Prince Charming just like I did.
Few weeks later………..
“do you Bryan Torillo , take Andrea Cosby as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse till death do you apart ” the priest asked.
“I do”
“do you Sam Ramirez , take Lillie Cosby as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse till death do you apart ” the priest asked.
“I do ”
“do you ladies, take them as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, till death do you apart ”
Lillie : I do.
Andrea : I do.
“by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands and wives, you may now kiss your bride ” he said and we kissed.
I can’t believe I’m married to the love of my life.
Two sisters wedded on the same day to two friends.
Isn’t that wonderful?
That’s just too …too …too
“super fabulous ” Lillie completed and I smiled.
“didn’t realise I was saying it out loud ” I said and we chuckled.

6 years later……………
“dad!!!! ” Bryan and I heard a tiny scream.
Bryan sighed and headed to wherever the voice was coming from and I followed.
No doubt it’s from Alaric.
Our stubborn 5-year-old son.
Bryan opened the door to his room and went in.
“what’s it honey ” I asked.
“you’re not dad ” he blocked me out and I sighed and glared away.
“OK what’s it ” Bryan asked and he pointed at his toys.
“so what’s up with that ” Bryan asked.
“can’t you see they’re broken ” he asked and I chuckled.
He’s just so rude but loving.
Bryan’s the one pampering him coz he wants to give him the love he never experienced when he was a kid.
“Dennis, was the one who broke them! ” he half yelled.
Dennis Lillie and Sam’s 3 years old son.
“and mom here ” he said and pointed at me while I arched an eyebrow.
“is still under the impression that Dennis is a good boy and she still allows them to come here ” he blurted out and Bryan and I looked at each other.
“but darling Dennis is your cousin and Lillie is your aunt ” Bryan explained.
“was aunt Lillie so stubborn like her child when she was young ” he asked.
“yes she was ” Bryan said and I glared at him.
These two stubborn heads are so gonna get it from me.
“then I must say mom’s got a nuisance as a sister while I’ve got a menace and a chipmunk as a cousin ” Alaric blurted out.
“what the…. ” I exclaimed and sprung towards him but he ran off while Bryan burst out laughing.
“and you too, who told you Lillie was stubborn when she was a kid Huh ” I asked and tapped his head gently.
“I need not be told coz its obvious ” he said and ran off before I could spank him more.
I’m so happy that though I was once a slut, I still found the man who cherish and loves me just the way I am.
So no matter who or what you are, never look down on yourself.
I smiled to myself as I thought of all the love and care and the happy family I’ve got.
“someone seems to be in the dream world ” Bryan’s words brought be back to reality only to see Alaric and him at the door with their tongue out playfully at me.
“These two brats” I muttered bad headed for them but they took off.
Thankfully pregnant and I already went for a scan and it’s a baby girl.
Soon I’ll have someone to be on my side while Alaric is on Bryan’s side.
So cute…

The End.

By Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Kemute
Mhiz Jenny Da Gold.
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