Sam’s P. O. V con’t
“shit” I hit my hand on the car seat.
I’m on my way to Bryan’s house now.
I can’t believe after everything, Andrea refused to come back to Bryan.
What do I tell him?
Bryan has never dated before.
I mean, we were both in the play thing together.
We’re players .
I mean we were players.
But since Eva or Andrea came into his life, he changed a lot.
He doesn’t even go to the club again coz he loves Andrea.
Love hurts a lot.
Oh God! What am I gonna do?
The condition I left Bryan is heart breaking.
He only acted that way when Esmeralda died and I don’t think I can’t take it if he goes back to that condition because of Andrea.
He almost ran mad.
I pulled into the drive way and went up to Bryan’s room to meet him now seated on the bed.
“where’s she ” he asked, looking at me hopefully.
“well… ” I scratched my head not knowing what to say.
“she refused to come back didn’t she” he asked.
I sighed and went to sit beside him
“man, I think you should forget about her and move on ” I suggested.
“I can’t ” he whispered.
“she’s the only woman I truly love and I can’t let her go, never ” he said and I sighed.
“so what do we do ” I asked.
He said nothing but stared at the window.
I sighed and laid down on the bed.
Andrea’s P. O. V
“just forget about it ” I half yelled.
“no, I can’t, you’re just ruining your life when you have the chance to make it better ” Lillie yelled.
“I’m not going back to Bryan ” I blurted out.
“then what are you planning on doing, go back to stripping at the club? Selling your body when there’s a man out there who cherish and respect you ” she asked yelling and I turned away.
I don’t know why everyone is saying I did the wrong thing.
I left Bryan cause I love him.
Can’t they see that I left him so a better woman can come into his life?
I’m not good for him.
“Andrea, please think it through so you won’t live with regrets all your life ” she said, behind me.
“Andrea, I’m your sister and I wouldn’t want you to ruin your life yourself ” she said softly but I kept mute
“fine! It’s your life not mine, ruin your life yourself and by the time you come to realize it, it will be too late coz even I myself wouldn’t be here for you ” she blurted out and I heard the door slam.
I sat on my bed as tears slid down my cheeks.
But I’m a slut!
I’m not good for Bryan.
I want him to go for someone better than me.
Why can’t they understand me?
I felt nauseous and dizzy so I ran to the bathroom and threw up.

OK, this is new!
I was about coming out but I threw up again.
I’m healthy so why am I throwing up?
My stomach growled and I tilted my head in confusion.
But I just ate some mins ago.
I’ve eaten like four times now and my stomach is growling again?
That’s strange.
I went to the kitchen and ditched myself some mashed potatoes that Lillie made.
I ate, ate, and ate till I finished all the food in the pot.
Great! Now what Lillie eat?
Guess she’ll just have to cook again.
“Uhm Lillie ” I called as she entered and slammed the door behind her.
“I finished all the food so maybe you could cook again ” I said like a question as she stared at me awkwardly.
“yeah I know the food was much but I’m still surprised how a lot of food fit into my stomach ” I tried defending myself.
Play time up! These are pregnancy symptoms and it’s not like I’m a newbie in it.
I got up and went out through the door.
I went to a pharmacy and got a pregnancy kit.
I came back and entered the bathroom and did “the deed”
“aaaaaahhhhhh!!! ” I screamed out loud with widened eyes at the result.
I can’t believe I’m pregnant!
The door flew open making me hide the pregnancy kit behind me.
“what happened ” Lillie asked, concern written all over her face.
“I.. Uhm.. No.. Nothing “I stuttered, panting softly.
“you sure ” she asked doubtfully and I nodded as if nothing was wrong then she left.
I’m going for an abortion right away.
Sam’s P. O. V
I opened my eyes smiling ear to ear.
I can’t believe I was dreaming of Lillie.
We were in a beautiful garden, playing and laughing.
We were so happy.
Now it’s crystal clear, it’s Lillie I love.
I can’t believe I fell asleep.
I sprung up immediately it dawned on me I was still in Bryan’s room.
OMG Bryan! Where’s he?
I got up and ran out.
“Bryan ” I called as I ran down the stairs.
How could I fall asleep when my friend is in such a condition.
“Bry…. “I paused as my breathing slowed down.
I could feel tears welling up in my eyes at the sight in front of me.
Bryan laying lifeless on the floor with a knife dug into his stomach.
He killed himself!


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