Bryan’s P. O. V
I froze as I turned to see Eva.
Like seriously? What’s with her?
Hasn’t she heard of the word privacy?
I could feel anger flowing through me and I almost yelled at her but I kept my cool cuz I don’t wanna hurt her.
I yelled at her few minutes ago making her cry and I don’t wanna make her cry again.
I felt my body relax as I stared deep into her angel eyes.
“what is it “I asked calmly.
“I… I just…. I ” she stuttered and I sighed.
“it’s OK ” I said and walked pass her then opened the door wide for her to go out.
She looked at me sadly and went out.
Ah! What’s wrong with me?
I can’t believe she’s sad because of me.
I pulled off my clothes and went into the shower to call off.
Andrea’s P. O. V
I wanted to go apologize for operating his PC without permission but I saw him enter into another room in his room and I trusted behind him.
I watched as he picked up some photos of a woman.
He dropped it back and turned to see me and he stood frozen at his spot.
He flared up for a sec then relaxed.
“what is it ” he asked calmly.
“I… I just… I” I stuttered and he sighed.
“it’s OK ” he said and walked pass me then opened the door wide for me to leave
I looked at him sadly and left.
I came to my room and laid on my bed..
What an attitude he’s got!
“ah” I gas or do and sprung up at the roaring of the thunder.
I watched from my window as the thunder roar louder.
Drop by drop, the rain started..
I wrapped my arms around myself as I started to shiver a little.

It’s so cold.
Soon the rain stared and I closed my windows and laid on my bed with the duvet covering my head to toe.
A soft knock came on my door and it flew open and Bryan came in carrying a tray I know contains cups of coffee.
I used the duvet to cover back my face as he walked closer
I felt the bed deepen, meaning he sat on the bed.
“hey ” I heard his voice softly but I didn’t bulge.
I felt his hand gently removed the blanket from my face and our eyes met.
“Eva ” he called softly as he caressed my cheeks with his thumb.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you” he said softly.
Wow, what came over him that he’s even apologising?
“I didn’t mean to hurt you not make you cry, I’m sorry ” he said and my lips curved into a smile.
“you amuse me you know ” I said smiling and he chuckled.
“here ” he said stretching a cup of coffee to me.
I sat up and took it.
I sipped it all and gave him back the cup.
I couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes kept wandering over my body.
“seriously ” I said and he laughed when he noticed I caught him.
“I can’t help it ” he said and crashed his lips on mine causing me to lay down.
He came on top of me trailing kisses down my neck to my cleavages with his hands caressing my hips.
Exactly what I need in this weather.
Lillie’s P. O. V
I stretched my hand out through the window, feeling the rain drops on my palm.
I remember when it rains and Andrea and I will play and dance in the rain.
It was so fun!
I smiled as a tear skid down my cheek.
I really thought she has quit stripping but I was wrong.
She’s being a personal slut to Mr Torillo and I’m sure of it.
If she isn’t there has a slut then she wouldn’t disguise herself with the wig.
I just want her to have a perfect life.
A complete life where she’ll have her Prince Charming and kids.
God please help my sister.
I jerked up when I heard an aggressive knock on the door.
Who could that be?
Insisted a little and the knock came again.
I walked to the door to open it but I stopped and moved back.
What if they’re robbers or worse, kidnappers?
I jumped up in fear as the knock came louder as if the person is trying to break the door.
Oh God save my soul.
I brought out my phone to call the cops at least but there was no signal.
I kept on trying and trying but my phone fell off my hand as the door creaked open.


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