SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 9



📍 Giovanni 📍

📲📱 Poison I need you to do something for me 📲📱

📲📱What is that 📲📱

📲📱I need you to find every details about the girl in the picture I sent to you 📲📱

📲📱Fine hope you know you have to pay 📲📱

📲📱Sure I will pay you $500,000 📲📱 I said to poison ..

📲📱It’s okay for sure I am gonna find out everything about her 📲📱

After work I went to Melanie’s house to take Jasmine home but she was sleeping on her laps ..she feels so familiar with her class teacher .
I carried her and Melanie brought her bags and her bag pack to my car …I drove out of her house to …

There was no point waking Jasmine anymore ..I laid her in bed and I fixed a dessert for myself and I went to bed as well …
I want to know everything about Melanie … Alessia maybe right …

📌 Poison 📌

April and Giovanni wants me to find out everything about Melanie ….. Alessia and Melanie are stepsisters but I can’t tell Giovanni that I want a bright future for Alessia …

I sent my men to gather every information about her ..her DNA test, relationships , Education and everything about Melanie

I sat back in my chamber and I smoked the pipe gently waiting for my men ..
I received another shock…

💎 Melanie💎

I couldn’t take my eyes off Giovanni when he came to pick Jasmine … I think I am falling in love with him….

I walked back into the house and I slept off also ..

I woke up the next morning ..I took my bath and I prepared for work as usual …
I wore a perfect suit and I drove to school ..I was expecting Jasmine to come to school but I received a call from her Dad saying she won’t be able to make it to school today for today. I am really troubled …I pray Jasmine is fine .. .

I need to go to their house immediately after school …

👘 April 👘

Poison satisfied my desire …I took my bath and I left the hotel and I drove to my house …
I am going to make Melanie’s life miserable like I did to her mum…

I will make sure Alessia marries Giovanni because he is rich …

I smoked my pipe again …I really can’t do away with drugs and smoking either…. It kept me going and it makes me feel better …

Alessia walked in from work and I dragged her to my room ….

I locked the door

“Mum what’s going on ” Alessia asked .

“Quiet” I told her

I told her to take of her dress which she obeyed …I brought out the tools for tattoo and I started drawing a tattoo on her breast ….

” Mum please stop this it hurts ” she said crying ..

“Keep quiet ” I shouted back at her

When it dawned on me that she is never gonna listen I tied her to a chair with her hands to her back …

I drew a very lovely tattoo and she kept crying ….I drew another on her viginal and I gave her a nose piercing …..

I added some ointment to the tattoo and she slept off in my room ….

I went downstairs and I walked into the kitchen .. It has been really long i entered the kitchen …

I prepared dinner whole the maid watched me cook …Alessia came downstairs later still in pains and I help her treat the tattoo …

The tattoo was beautiful it covered her right Brest up to get cleavage …it could make any man go crazy …she is gonna have to seduce Giovanni

📍 Giovanni 📍 {cont }

I entered Jasmine’s room in the money to see her crying …

“Jasmine what’s happening ” I asked her carrying her on my laps ..

I felt her temperature and it was very high ..I took her bath and I took her to the hospital …I told Melanie that she wouldn’t be in school

I was walking to the doctor’s office a guys bumped into me making me almost fall …he helped me up and he told me his name is Mark …. Jasmine tried to convey something which I didn’t understand so I went to see the doctor ..

She was attended to by the doctor and she slept off

“Mr Giovanni your daughter will be fine she just has a little bit of malaria and pains in her teeth she will be fine soon ”

” Thanks a lot doctor …hope I will be able to take her home today ” I asked him

“Yes sure ”

⭕Ellen ⭕

Mark is so wicked ..he locked me in his room which is sound proof even if I scream till tomorrow no one will be able to hear me …. ..

I cried my eyes out and I slept off with my hands still tied to my back,the tight role was draining my blood what can I do ….

I stayed there till the next day hoping Mark would be back in the morning but unlucky me he came back in the afternoon…..

He opened the room himself and he looked angrily at me …why isn’t the water cleaned …

“My hands are tied to my back ” I hardly finished my statement when this hot ….

What do you think about the Episodes

Mark and Giovanni meets what a coincidence ??

What will Mark do to Melanie ??


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