SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 4



📍 Giovanni 📍

To my surprise Jasmine was standing on a chair sitting close to the gas cooker and preparing noodles …I stood there in awe still amazed that a six years old girl can cook whereas her father can’t cook

She didn’t even notice me she kept on humming while cooking the noodles …

I stop at the door crossed my legs resting my head on the door frame …

She dished the noodles into a plate and she fried two eggs …she brewed the tea and she placed milk and brown sugar on the cabinet …

She brought a tray and she arranged everything needed neatly ..

“I will surprise my dad with this “she said loudly to herself …

I tiptoed back to the couch pretending to have been sitting there for a long time …

“Daddy I have a surprise for you “Jasmine screamed from the dinner

“I am coming baby “I replied …I am really hungry I can’t even resist the aroma of the food

I walked to the dinning smiling

“Close your eyes Daddy “she said the moment I got to the dinning

“Open them “she said after minutes of closing them

“Wow this is beautiful princess”I said pulling her into a hug …

Ellen really trained her to be active, smart and strong ..

I ate the food with happiness in my heart I promise never to let any harm come to you

“Jasmine aren’t you eating “I asked with noodles still in my mouth …

“Eating late at night isn’t good for children “she replied …

“Fine “I replied and I continued my food

I ate my dinner and I took Jasmine to her room ….I switched off the light and I went to bed

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

Yippee I was able to make my dad happy I thought as I went to bed ….
I slept off…

I woke up the next morning around 6o’clock in the morning …My dad was sitting on my bed already

“Morning Jas “he greeted me

“Morning dad”I said hugging him tightly
“Thanks for yesterday dad”

“You have to prepare for school right now …

“Fine ”

I got up and I went to the bathroom to take my birth while my dad help a little ..

He dressed me up in a gown that looked perfect in me ,he gave me a new school bag that had a barbie animation on it

We got downstairs and he made a little bit of food which he packaged in my launch box …

He drove me to school playing music as we drove along the road dad is so cool

The school is so beautiful … Amethire schools is very beautiful and wonderful…… I hope I have a good stay here …

I was taken to the principal’s office and I wrote an entrance examination ….

My dad bought my book, drawing book , painting colours and every other thing I needed was provided for me ….

My result was very good and I was admitted into the school

“I must commend your daughter’s performance she is sharp and beautiful”principal Amethirex said smiling

“Here is her class teacher ” she said pointing to a woman standing at the door


💄 Alessia 💄

I yawned the moment I woke up ,I checked the time and I had almost an hour to get to work …

I took my bath and I wore a short maxi black gown with a matching heels ..

I walked downstairs gently coming down the stairs ….I started perceiving a foul smell

“What the f*ck !!!!” I screamed the moment I got to the sitting room

My mom is so disappointing she’s drinking again …

I didn’t say anything …I just walked out angrily

I drove my car to the office in fury …I don’t know what to do to my mum even the sections she had with a therapist didn’t work

My boss wasn’t at work yet ….I had a file to deliver so I have to strike today and make sure I attract him …

I sat in my office and I sorted out the files and I did everything necessary …

Around 9:30 AM Giovanni walked into the company while the bodyguards followed him…..

I waited for him to settle down …

Time to strike

👿Mark 👿

Why should she faint right now ?? I called the guards to take her into the car … I sat at the front sit and I told the driver to drive to the hospital …

She was taken into a room where her wounds were treated and she was attended to …

The doctor called me to see him in his office

“Evening sir “the doctor said trying not to look at me

“Kindly have your sit ”

I sat down looking curiously at the doctor ..

“Mr Mark Martin’s your wife needs a lot of attention and care from you ….you have to stop beating her at every chance you get ‘ he said trying to be calm

“She almost loosed her memory and she has a very bad injury …you have to stop beating her …

“We are carrying some test in her to check if she is fit or she needs a better care” he spoke firmly this time

“Fine I would Change “I said and I left the office angrily …

“Ellen would suffer more than she thinks .I would make life miserable for her … I know she won’t be able to pay the money and I will never allow her to work

Just then a nurse called me

“Sir the doctor told you to come see the test results “the nurse said

I walked to the doctor office and he handed the test results to me


Guess who Jasmine class teacher is ??

Guess what the results says ?

©️Amethirex 🖋️


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