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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 25

5 min read



Grand finale

👘 April 👘

“I am so sorry for everything I did ” I said pleading on the hospital bed
They were all looking at me

“You ruined my life mum but now I am better “Ellen said to me

“You sold me in exchange for drugs ” Ellen said ….

“I am so sorry for lying and causing pains to everyone … please forgive me …

“You all have to leave now “the nurse told them

They all left the ward leaving me to do what I like

📍 Giovanni 📍

I took Melanie and I Dad and we hailed a taxi to the Airport ….

We took seats and we boarded the next available flight to America …

We hailed another Taxi to the main city and another which took us to the hospital

“What are we doing in an hospital”Melanie asked me

“I didn’t want Ellen to get worried but you have to see for yourself “I said to her

We entered the ward to Jasmine lying on the bed with Chelsea beside her

“Melanie I am so glad you are back”she said hugging her

“Auntie ! Auntie”Jasmine said trying to stand up but she had a drip fixed to her hand so Melanie asked her to rest …

I left the ward to the ladies and I went to get ice creams and chicken….

Jasmine was discharged in the evening and we all went home ….

I was really happy having everyone at home ..

🤗 Ellen 🤗

I was really happy when I saw Giovanni after so many years of of abandoning him …..

I felt like holding him in my arms and kissing him as we used to do when we were together but I am already married and Mark has Changed for good and I feel better

Jasmine’s birthday is in two days time I have to prepare for that ….

That means I am going to America

💎 Melanie 💎

I was really happy Giovanni showed me love it was all a plan to get me jealous and now my father is back …

I just wish my mom was here it would have been complete but I had Jasmine here as well …

Brandy had to apologise for all his wrong deed Thank God he didn’t sleep with me

I am really happy to be in this house …

Jasmine’s birthday is in two days time and all the preparations has to begin

😍 Bradley 😍

I really glad my son came back home …he has gone astray for years now and he involved in illegal job

He didn’t change his behaviour and he became a kidnapped …..

I am glad all is back to normal

💖 Micheal 💖

I felt so proud seeing my beautiful daughter …she looks exactly like her mother and now ….

She even has a man that looks decent

I got all the property back from April and we returned to America ..

📌 poison 📌

I was really happy when Alessia called me father ..she is absolutely the best daughter

She would get married soon and her mother would live with me

“I love you Dad ” she said hugging me

💄Alessia 💄

I am so glad the problem got solved and everything I wanted came back to normal ..I have a stepsister and I step brother …

I finally found out poison is my Dad and I love him so much forgetting everything that happened in the past

I feel complete and I love myself ..

🗡️ Brandy 🗡️

I am so happy knowing my family members but all the while I still love Melanie

I settled down to drink my whiskey…

😊Mark 😊

It has been long I saw Ellen smile ..the moment she saw the strange guy ..she smiled so happily

He must have been her source of joy

I will do everything in my power to make her happy

“Baby we have to go to America “she said sitting beside me .
“For what ”

“In two days time Melanie will be celebrating her birthday”

“Wow !!! Sure we would go Tomorrow

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

I closed my eyes when I saw my Dad and Melanie kissing in the balcony

“Jasmine “my dad called when he saw me …he ran to me and he threw me up in the sky

He carried me and I stayed in the middle like a new born baby

I finally got my dad a lover …..

Pill and potion

We’re over dosing

Am angry but I still love you

This song played while I wrote the last line …

Title:Se-y Teacher

Written by :Oyeniyi Dorcas Oluwafadekemi
Chapters: Twenty-five

Setting: America and Italy

The Se+y Teacher finally brought light into everything …she went through misery but she scaled through


*Be always kind no matter what

*Be careful about your decisions

*To the ladies do not give s+x in exchange of love

*Be truthful and do not have s+x partners

*Never plan evil

*Say no to smoking and kidnapping


Thanks To God and everyone for the success of this story and thanks to all my fans and lovers

Promising a thrilling story

Love you all

Your authoress 💕💕💕💕

©️ Amethirex 🖋️

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