SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 24



💎 Melanie 💎

I just had to sit on the couch cause I couldn’t withstand the shock

My Dad whom I thought had died all this years is still alive and I have no idea about ….

I hugged my dad tightly and even Giovanni came to look for

Brandy got very angry when he saw Giovanni…he wanted to marry me at all cost

“How is Jasmine ” I asked Giovanni

“Hummm she’s good ” he replied …

He went to where Ellen was standing and he kept looking at her


I went on my kneels when I saw Giovanni came to my front …I felt guilty of abandoning him years ago …

“I am so sorry Gio ……that monster sold me to him ” I said almost crying …

I thought of all the pains and the things I had to tolerate in Mark’s hands

Giovanni pulled me and he gave me a tight hug

“I really did miss you only if you told me that you needed the money ” he said still hugging me

“I hated myself but when Jasmine came l saw you in my princess ..”he said smiling

“She’s hardworking , diligent, smart and she’s also a good cook “he said making me feel impressed

“You really brought her up in the best way thank you so much Ellen ” he said and he disengaged from me

I felt like kissing him just like we use to do before but the Eagle eye of Mark was looking at me ….

I came to sit beside Mark putting my head on his laps ,
The memories of how I use sleep on Giovanni’s laps ….

I felt totally uncomfortable at this point …

How did I suddenly fall in love with Mark??

I am glad he has changed for good

💄 Alessia 💄

I am so glad I finally met you dad I said hugging him …
I went to my brother who was still looking angry and I pulled him to a hug

“Nice meeting you bro ” I said and he smiled …….

“I have always wanted an elder brother and now I found you …I am so happy ” I said

“I love you sis ” he also replied smiling …

I went to Melanie

“I am so sorry for everything I did forgive me please ” I said on my knees

“It’s okay sis I have accepted my fate ” Melanie said to me

“I am really sorry for all the wrong doing “I said and he helped me stand up

🗡️ Brandy 🗡️

“I am so disappointed in you son “my father shouted at me

“I am so sorry dad ” I said on my knees

“You kidnapped a lady just because you want to marry her “he said shouting at me

“I am really sorry dad I will never do that again ” I said

“Now go and apologize to her “my Dad said and I went to Melanie

“I am so sorry for everything I did to you forgive me ” I said

I won’t be able to marry her because of this stupid Giovanni

I just have to let go anyways

📌 Poison 📌

I was so scared as April fainted …the people in the house wasn’t concentrating on her
I drove her very fast to the hospital


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