SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 23



📌 Poison 📌

I wore a face mask that covered my face …it was sticky and Elastic that no one suspected ….

I had known the address of where April was going so I decided to go and apply for a job there since it was a big place …

I was driving when I saw the stranger I met long time ago …he was announced to have been dead but he wasn’t so I decided to help him ….

We went together to the druglord’s house and we applied as chefs ….
They accepted us and we started working for the exact day to launch

📍 Giovanni 📍

I broke the door and I entered into Jasmine’s room …she was lying helplessly on the floor without saying a word ….

“Jasmine jas ” I shouted shaking her but she wasn’t answering

I picked up my car keys and I carried her into the car…. Chelsea followed me and I drove at a very high speed to the hospital not minding the speed limit …

I couldn’t take my mind off Jasmine after her mother even called to ask of her ….
She was taken from me by one of the nurse in the hospital and she was taken to the children’s world …

The doctor called me to his office

“Afternoon doctor thanks for everything ”

“I thank God for his Mercy ” he said smiling …

“What happened to her . Hope she is fine …”I asked

“Yeah she is ….she went through minor shock and malnutrition ” the doctor said

“Thank God “I said getting relieved

“You have to ensure that you take care of her better than this “the doctor said

“I will take care of her I promise ” I said and I left the office …

“Chelsea kindly stay with Jasmine for me ..I have to get to Italy …I have been told where Melanie is ….

I took a flight going to Italy when I got to the airport …..

I took a window seat and we took the flight ….I walked briskly as I got down from the airplane ….

I took a taxi to the direction given but I missed my way …

“Turn around we missed the way” I told the taxi driver

💄Alessia 💄

I went back home ….I was preparing to eat when my phone beeped ….

“This is poison and I am your father …your mother Alessia has been lying to you all this years …she kept this from you all this years and she keeps pretending she’s currently in Italy in the druglord’s house
Go there and find out”
It was an anonymous letter so I followed my mom to the house …

I knocked on the gate and it was opened by poison he told me to wait for a while till the drama unfolds

😘 Brandy 😘

I was so sad when I saw April crying when she returned home

“Are you okay dear ” I asked on seeing her tears

“I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter”she said crying

“Fine we can go together after you stop crying ” I said and she smiled

“Lemme go get ready “she said and she went to her room

“Women “I thought to myself ….

She was ready after an hour of waiting …

👘 April 👘

I was glad when Brandy promised to follow me to the house he was more influential and rich

I took my time in wearing a new make up and a very beautiful gown

I didn’t call Alessia I know she will understand what i am going through

I entered the car with Brandy and I felt absolutely happy …

I gave him the address and he drove all the way there

We knocked on the gate and it was opened by the guards

They let us in when they saw the both of us
So cool……

We entered into the giant mansion and the memories of how I sold Ellen to the druglord ..

“Mum don’t do this to me ” I remembered how she screamed and I felt like crying but i controlled myself .

I opened the door to see four people sitting in the room

Brandy ,Ellen , Melanie and Mark

“April “Maya screamed

“Dad”brandy said shockingly

“You monster “Ellen screamed pointing her hand at me

“My wife ” I heard a voice from the kitchen direction

“Who are you ” I asked and the person removed the wig and mask he was wearing

“Poison “.I shouted in shock

“What are you doing here ”

“I think you need to ask me that question ”

“Alessia” I said and my eyes widened

“You shouldn’t be here ” I said ….

“April you aren’t so smart I knew you were going to come here so I changed my looks and I applied as a chef into this house so as to catch you unawares …I also invited my daughter here ….”

“Guess who I am “another voice came from the kitchen

The person was wearing a face cap and I couldn’t see his face …..

He opened his cap and I met the greatest shock of my life

“Dad !!!!!”Melanie screamed and she sat on the couch looking dumb ….

“Hope I am in the right house another voice came from the entrance of the house

“Giovanni “Ellen screamed and she hugged him tightly …..

“Melanie ” he said walking up to her …..

” I missed you so much ..I am so sorry I lied ” he said hugging her …

I was now left in the middle

“This is my daughter “Bradley said holding Ellen

The shock was just too much for me
I blacked out

💖 Micheal 💖

I was really happy poison helped me and he brought back Melanie to me

She was so shocked when she saw me

“I am so sorry baby ” I said hugging her while she cried

“I lost my memory after the accident and I have been looking for you since I regained my memory
I love you so much

“I love you too Dad ”

What do you think ??

The wicked shall perish


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