SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 22



🗡️ Brandy 🗡️

Melanie kept staring at me like she should kill me …she looks so beautiful and elegant …

The driver drove up down to my old friends house and I was welcomed by the guards …

I sat In the sitting room and it really hasn’t changed …he sure must have been married by now

Melanie sat down beside wearing a very sad countenance …she looks beautiful even when frowning

“Mark ” I said giving him a tight hug when he entered the sitting room

“Brandy it’s been a long time since I saw you bro ” I said still hugging him tightly …

A lady who looked like his wife greeted ….

“Hi “I said stretching my hands to her

“Am Ellen ” she said smiling …

“Nice meeting you ” I said …

“Who is that damsel “Mark said …

“She Melanie my wife to be ” I said smiling

Melanie didn’t say a word neither did she greet them …

“She feels absolutely strange here you will know her better ” I said covering up for her …

“Let the maid show you the way to your room ” mark said smiling

I carried the luggage’s and Melanie followed without objecting ….

I dragged her into the room pinning her to the wall

“Better behave yourself or I would kill you ” I shouted at her

She fell the floor bursting into tears ….

I kept my gun in a shelf

😊 Mark 😊

I stood up from the bed and Ellen followed me down stairs ….

Who is the exact person that ruined our romantic time …I got downstairs to see Brandy …

He has been a childhood friend due to the friendship of our parents and his father has been a mentor to me since my parents died

I was really happy to see him bring home a wife after many years but it seems like she was forced or something …

Something is fishy about that lady

I will have to find out about her ..

🤗Ellen 🤗

Something seems strange about this lady that Mark friend brought into this house ….

She doesn’t look familiar but her countenance shows that she was forced to come with Brandy ..

I really have to talk to her ….I knocked on the door of their room and it was opened by Brandy…

“I wanna talk to Melanie ” I said from the door and she came to meet me outside …

Her countenance changed when she saw me and she brightened up a little …

We sat at the kitchen counter on a bar stools …

“It’s really nice meeting you ” I said smiling

“You look so familiar “she said looking into my face


“Are you Jasmine’s mother ” she asked and I was shocked

“Yes I am do you know my daughter ?”I asked surprisingly

“I am her teacher and we live together with Giovanni “she said smiling

“Why are you not at home currently ” I asked her

“I was kidnapped by Brandy and now he insists on marrying me ” she said sadly
We were about to continue our discussion when Brandy gave a sound

Melanie left afterward

I went to my room and I picked up my phone
💎 Melanie💎

The mansion looks so beautiful and I couldn’t say a word …

I wasn’t happy at all ..I miss Jasmine and Giovanni so much …

I didn’t get to cook or drop anyone at school…I felt totally absurd and strange when I saw the lady that came down the stairs

She looks exactly like Jasmine and there is no doubt that she is her mother ….

I Didn’t reply all the greetings and Brandy felt very angry at me ….

Ellen is really smart she was quick to make me to explain everything

💄 Alessia 💄

I followed my mom to the house she went to and I recorded the video…

I wonder why she kept crying after she was chased out by the guards at the house.

I waited for a long time….

I saw a black car entering into the house ..I couldn’t see the people in it cause it was all black

I returned back to the house

😍 Chelsea 😍

I didn’t know that this deal would turn out to be an investigative case …

The investigator asked me some certain question which I answered …

They checked the CCTV camera of the city and they traced it down to the airport ….

They checked the airport and the flight book was checked as well

“Italy ” I exclaimed when the investigator told me that she is in Italy

We just have to find her …

“We would speak to the other investigators to take up the case in Italy

I returned back to Giovanni’s house

“Hey ” I said

“Afternoon how was your day “he replied

“Really good Melanie is in Italy ”

“Italy !!”he exclaimed

“Yes Italy ..the investigators are working on that just calm down ” I said smiling

“Fine where is Jasmine’s ” I asked him
“OMG”he screamed and he ran upstairs

📍 Giovanni 📍

“OMG ”

Jasmine has been in there for almost two days and I couldn’t do anything …

How could I think of a lady and forget my daughter

I knocked one the door

“Jasmine jas” I called and Chelsea helped in calling her but we heard nothing from her room holy shit

What is Ellen’s next step ??

What will happen to Jasmine?


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