SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 21



🗡️Brandy 🗡️

We got the airport and we boarded a flight to Italy …The flight was very comfortable while pointing a gun to Melanie …

She sat still without saying anything and she carried a very sad expression I can’t tell how she feels right now

We got down when we got to Italy…it looks absolutely beautiful …it had been long since I visited Italy …

We boarded a taxi to ….

😊Mark 😊

Ellen gave me a little support as we left the hospital …we sat at the back sit and the driver took us home …

I was really happy to be back home and happiness filled my soul …

Ellen offered me a glass of wine with a chicken to support it ….

We ate together from the same plate for the first time since she has been living with me ….

We went upstairs together and I went on my knees

“Ellen I know I must have offended you ..I have treated you like a slave and a s+x slave as well …my arrogance and pride killed our unborn child …I have been a monster all this while and I have made you sorrowful….. please forgive me” I said pleading with her

“I forgive you baby”she said kissing my head

She held me up and she kissed me …

I have never felt so loved in my life …..her kiss was tender and so soft ….
I should have loved her from the very start ….

We were still emotional when a knock came from the door

“Someone is here to see you ” one of my men said …
🤗Ellen 🤗

I was so glad when Mark got discharged from the hospital ….

The doctor gave us the necessary drugs and he gave us appointment to visit him later ..

I have to make him happy as from now on and we would have to build a better family …
I wanna call Giovanni

I told Mark to allow me and he agreed

📲📱Hey Giovanni 📲📱I smiled when he picked my call

📲📱Ellen how are you doing i missed you so much 📲📱he said

📲📱I also do Miss you …sorry I left without telling you 📲📱 I said sadly

📲📱You really raised my daughter well and she so smart and Brilliant 📲📱he said to me

📲📱How is she 📲📱

📲📱She isn’t fine,she has been crying since her teacher got kidnapped 📲📱

📲📱Her teacher 📲📱 I exclaimed

📲📱It’s a long story dear 📲📱I said to her

📲📱Her teacher lives with us due to some circumstances and we both love her so much…
She got kidnapped and since then Jasmine has been crying 📲📱

📲📱Can I talk to her 📲📱 I asked
📲📱No she has locked herself in her room and I can’t even talk to her 📲📱

📲📱Okay I will call you later bye ,📲📱 I said and I ended the call

Mark apologize for all his wrong doing and I have accepted that … I love him so much

I pray Giovanni finds someone who loves him more .

😍 Chelsea 😍

“Giovanni we have to find Melanie at all cost ” I said sitting beside him while he bowed his head ..

I will have the private investigator track her location and find out everything about her …

We really have to find something to do about this

“You are right ..I have to a way to bring back Melanie ” Giovanni said

Okay I will go out right now ..take care of Jasmine

I said and I left the house

👘 April 👘

The next day I took a taxi to the druglord’s house whom i sold Ellen to …I was told he wasn’t around and I was told to leave the house immediately

I was forced to tears when I couldn’t see my daughter …..

I boarded a taxi that took me back to Bradley’s house

I have to find my daughter

What do you think ??


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