SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 20



💖 Micheal 💖

My daughter isn’t staying in the house anymore …April must have thrown her out on the street and taken over everything that belongs to Melanie

I will have to find my daughter at all cost and put things into place …I really can’t bear seeing her go through hell …

Her mother confessed everything about the night stand with the stranger but I told her to forget about it and we still got married

I have to look for Melanie ..

📍 Giovanni 📍

I picked Jasmine from the school and I took her home ..she kept asking me about Melanie but I don’t know how to tell her that she has been kidnapped

I went inside my room pacing up and down ..I really can’t stand not seeing Melanie beside me

I really have to say this

⚡ Flashback ⚡

“Chelsea I have a contract for you but I don’t love you ” I said to Chelsea when we met

“Okay it’s fine if you pay me a lot of money ” she said smiling

“I wanna make someone jealous ..she lives with me and I truly wanna know if she love me” I said

“Okay sure I will do that believe ” she said

I gave her the address and I told her to come over

⚡ Flashback ends⚡

“I am such a big fool it’s all my fault ” I shouted at myself .

“I have to bring Melanie back ” I screamed

“She has been kidnapped I cannot lost her ”

“Dad you lied to me!!! ” Jasmine’s voice came from the door

“I am really sorry princess I didn’t know what to do” I said trying to move closer to her …

“Don’t touch me son of a bitch ” she shouted at me and she ran out of my room crying

👘 April 👘

The plane landed in Italy airport and I got down with my handbag …I collected my luggage and I hailed a taxi …I have to go to Bradley’s house and stay there till I found my daughter

Ellen would hate me such much for putting her into sorrow and taking away her happiness ..

I shouldn’t have taken Ellen from her adopted parents and now I am the one suffering …

“Drop me at the corner of that street ”

“Okay ma’am the driver said taking a sharp turn …

I came down right in front of Bradley’s house and I knocked ….

The gate was opened by the guard and I was asked to wait ….

“April!!!!”Bradley smiled on seeing me

He pulled me into a warm hug and he kissed me …

“I missed you a lot April ” he said …

“I am really good ..I will be staying here for some days “I said
“You can stay as long as you want ” he said walking me to the the entrance..

🗡️Brandy 🗡️

“I am gonna take you to my father ” I said looking at the young lady

“I am going to get married to you cause you are so beautiful ” I said she remained silent ..

Since you aren’t gonna say anything ….I dragged her into the car and we left for the international airport .

💄Alessia 💄

I followed my mom to airport and she didn’t know I took the same flight with her….

She boarded a taxi and I took another taxi as well….

She alighted in front of a big mansion …this house looks too rich and surely it must belong to a billionaire so what is she doing here ….

I don’t know who my father is she has just been lying to me all this while …I looked for an apartment close by and I started monitoring my mom
Something is fishy

I called a secret agent to help in finding the truth

💎 Melanie 💎

My life is ruined …first I lost both parents and my wicked stepmom chased me out of the house …

I lost my job as a teacher after which I fell in love with Giovanni …

The first man I ever loved doesn’t care about me anymore except his precious daughter …

I finally got kidnapped by a fool who insist on marrying me …

I am really confused

I kept silent till we got to the airport ..I couldn’t do anything

😭 Mark 😭

I woke up to see Ellen sitting beside me ..she must have cried cause she had swollen eyes

“I am really sorry Ellen ” I said holding her hands

“Mark you aren’t so good now just lie down ” she said looking into my eyes …

I never realized she was this beautiful until now…the darkness that clouded my eyes made me do evil …

I am so happy she stayed beside me …I feel so happy now …

I have to put things into place and make another baby with her surely she’s the best thing I ever had

I only have to God to forgive me

🤗Ellen 🤗

Today is the happiest day of my life ..the man I feared just said sorry with full remorse in him. I can’t ask for anything else except this ..

Mark has been an heartless person since I met him but now he has changed for better …the doctor put him back to sleep and I sat in the reception…

I touched my tummy but it had nothing in it …I lost my baby to Mark’s cruelness but I am gonna make a new baby …
I love myself

📌 Poison 📌

April is preventing Alessia from knowing the truth about me

I am her father and she has to know that I am her father and nothing changes the fact

I have to find a way .

Who do you think Bradley is ?

Why is Brandy doing this …??

We have a new couple oo💃💃💃💃

….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Can you say this to your dad
“Don’t touch me son of a bitch”



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