SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 2


📍Giovanni 📍

It has been seven years since Ellen left me it is high time I try to fall in love with someone …

One of my workers has been making advances at me I think I should give it a try ..

Alessia is also beautiful I just have to test her ..

I knock interrupted my thoughts

I opened the door to see who it was

“Daddy there you are ” the little girl standing right in front of the door screamed .

“Am not your daddy ” I said still surprised …

“Would you let me in cause the day is too sunny “she said leaving me shocked at the door

“What is your name and who is your dad ” I asked still confused

“Mum is right my dad is so rich ” she said staring at everything in the sitting room

“Who are you?? “I asked again

“Daddy can I get a glass of water”she asked ignoring my question

“You won’t get anything until you tell me who you are “I asked looking angrily at her

“Fine ” she said

“I am Jasmine ,I am six years old and the name of my father is Giovanni Jack’s and my mom is Ellen McMartin ” she said looking shyly at me

“Ellen!!” I called out in shock

“Yes she is my mum and she told me you are my father ” she said still smiling ..

I can’t reject her she is my daughter anyways and all I could see in her was Ellen

“Fine you can stay “I said faking a smile

She hugged me …

I took her to a room in the house I had built specially for the baby I and Ellen would give birth to not knowing we weren’t going to get married .

“Wow ” she exclaimed the moment she entered the room

“It is so beautiful thank you Daddy “she smiled and she jumped on the bed …I closed the door and I went back to the sitting room

“What do I do “I asked myself
I hardly know how to cook not to talk of caring for a little child …

I don’t want a nanny for her …I will have to do all my best to make her happy …

💎 Melanie 💎

I drove out my car from the compound cause I don’t wanna be late …

On my way I remembered I had to get a watercolor for a pupil whose parents didn’t buy

I stopped at a store to buy the water color … I meet with the shock of my life when I saw Alessia staring at me from her car …

I got the water color and I rushed to my car driving away speedily

I finally got to a remote area near the school

“I can’t believe I just saw that fool who sent me out of my father’s house ” I said tearfully

“I will revenge” I said

I drove to school and I carried a happy face

“Morning “I greeted some staffs when I got down from the car …

I taught my pupils the necessary things

School hours came to an end and I had a great time with my pupils …

We did painting,I read a beautiful story and I made them all smile…

I can’t wait for tomorrow….

I took my bag and I entered my car ..

💄 Alessia 💄

I saw Melanie just now or is it an imagination … She can’t have such a big car …I said and I drove to the office .

My boss isn’t at work today ….I would have to send messages to check on him ..

I hope to make him mine soon …I must marry him

I took the files on the table and I started working on them ..

I signed the necessary one’s and I sorted the the files for each department …I logged into my laptop to check my Instagram account when my friend Lola walked in

“Hey babes ” she said smiling

“Lola morning “I replied partially concentrated on my laptop

“Guess what babes “she asked me

“What ” I asked shifting my concentration to her

“Jace asked me out “she screamed joyfully

“That’s great news baby what are you gonna wear ..

⭕Ellen ⭕

He dragged me forcefully into the room and he threw me on the floor

Mark never listens he only has sex with me at his own wish …I am suffering for my mum’s punishment

He pulled off he clothes I was wearing ..he pulled my hair roughly nailing me into the table ….

He fucked me hard while I cried in pain ….

He stopped and he gave me two dirty slap

“Will you keep quiet bitch ” he shouted at me

All I could do was keep quiet and bear the pains …Mark isn’t lazy when it comes to sex infact he hardly got tired ..

He fucked me hard for 20 mins straight before letting me go ..

I struggled to drag myself to the bathroom…I am in so much pains right now …

I hope Jasmine is safe ….

I laid in bed to rest after the ugly moment with Mark …

I hardly rested an hour when he told me to go cook for him …

What do I do now I am too weak to cook ??


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