SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 19



🗡️ Brandy 🗡️

I don’t care about anyone ….I just have to do my job and get my money from a’s job is easier just a poor lady ….

I monitored all the car passing from the route and I was waiting for a black Jeep which belonged to the victim …

I had to launch as soon as possible ..we have our style of kidnapping a victim so I used the most effective method

💎 Melanie 💎

I turned my car after I dropped Jasmine at school … I drove along the path back to the house when an old man crossed my car ….I came to an halt and I helped the man cross the road …I was at the middle when three other men came closer the old man dropped his stick then I realized that he was a young man pretending to be old …

They dragged me into another car and they blindfolded ..I was taken to an unknown place..

My eyes were opened to see an abandoned warehouse ..
I was scared and shocked as one of them ran his hand through my hair …
God please save me

📍 Giovanni 📍

I was so worried after two hours of waiting for Melanie …she didn’t tell that she was going out after dropping Jasmine off at school. …

I called Mrs Smith to know if Jasmine is in class and she told me yes ..

I thought Melanie met with an accident on her way back home or maybe she got jealous of I and Chelsea..

I drove through the route to Jasmine’s school and I found Melanie’s car in the middle of the road with the right door opened …

My heart skipped when I didn’t see anyone..I called the FBI and police to look for Melanie

I was really so scared so I had to go pick Melanie from school

“Daddy why are you here so early “she asked when. She saw me in her class

I really didn’t know what to tell her so I just kept quiet

💄 Alessia 💄

“Mum the job is done ” I said smiling ….

” I told you that Brandy will never disappoint you ” k said looking at my mum.

My mum wasn’t answering me so I went to where she was sitting …

“Alessia I have to go to Italy” she said crying

“Italy I said in shock ” I looked at my mum and I knew something wasn’t just right she has been hiding a lot of things from me for the past years

“Okay it’s fine mum ” I said and I went to the room

I will have to travel to Italy as well and find out everything my mum has been hiding

I went to my room and I started arranging my clothes into a travelling box

⭕Ellen ⭕

I was woken up by the tap of a nurse …

“Good morning ma’am ” the nurse said helping me to stand up

“Thanks a lot ” I said trying my best to smile

“Aren’t you Ellen Martin’s ” the nurse asked

“Sure I am ” I said looking at her ..

“Follow me ” she said and I followed her

I was taken to Mark’s ward and I felt so sorry for him ….I couldn’t stand seeing him unconscious ….

I cried till I found no more tears ….I finally sat by his bed looking at him.

The mark I used to know was a bully ,a sex freaks and he cares less about female …He looks absolutely gently right now
I just pray he changes his attitude when he wakes up ….I really pray ..

👘 April 👘

I got Melanie off my way ..I have to go down to Italy and look for my daughter …

It’s been almost 8 years since I sold her now I have to find her and bring her back home ..

I have to pay the monster his money and bring back my daughter ..

I really regret my actions after all this years and my conscience keep hunting me

I have done Evil all my life all in the name of money

I tricked Micheal into claiming a baby ….I took my daughter whom I gave birth to for an Italian ….I gave her in exchange of drugs without caring about her future .Now I kidnapped Melanie too
Melanie has suffered all her life because of me …

I really can’t take this anymore I have to find my daughter

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

Why isn’t Melanie at home I asked my dad in a soft tone

“She will soon be back ” he told me ..

Something is really wrong here …my dad looks worried and still he is assuring me that Melanie will back .
I know something is wrong somewhere

Melanie should be home after all this while I hope it is not what all thinking
😍Chelsea 😍

The lady in the house is Jasmine’s teacher and I really don’t know what’s she’s doing in our house

I really have to find a way to get married to him as soon as possible
Giovanni promised to take me our but did he change all of a sudden

He left the home in a hurry leaving me alone all dressed
This lady is such a bad luck

He brought his daughter home and he kept roaming around the house …

My date with him is ruined

🗡️Brandy 🗡️

I looked at the victim that was tied to a chair in front of me ..she looked absolutely beautiful and endowed …

Making her a wife wouldn’t be too bad at least my father is a top billionaire in Italy …He would be so happy if a brought him a wife

What do you think Giovanni is gonna do ??

How is April gonna find her daughter ?

Alessia wants to know the truth



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