SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 18



📌 Poison 📌

I knocked on Giovanni’s door and it was opened by him ..

“Evening poison ” Giovanni said stretching his hands

“Evening Giovanni” I replied ….

We went to the garden in his house and we started our discussion

“Alessia is my daughter and she’s not related to Melanie in any way “I said sadly …

“I wanted to claim her but unfortunately April ran off to another man who is Melanie’s father” I said looking at Giovanni …

“April is the major problem she has no right to any of Melanie’s property but she killed both parents to take over everything Melanie has …. Truly I had a night stand with Daisy but I found out last week that Melanie isn’t my child …the DNA confirmed it ”

“I understand poison ” Giovanni said

“We have to help Melanie get all the property back ” Giovanni said

“Yes that’s all we have to do “I said

“What about the new girl ‘ I asked Giovanni

“Chelsea !!””


“We are gonna find something to do about that ” Giovanni said. . ….

“I have to go before anyone sees us ” i said and I left his house

I went back to my apartment and I started thinking of a plan to go back into April’s house
💎 Melanie 💎

J was determined to find out who poison is ..I monitored Giovanni’s footsteps and I followed him ….

I saw a man coming into the compound from his looks I knew it was poison …

I followed them to the garden and I recorded all their conversation …I was able to see his face clearly …. I left the place when Giovanni saw him off to the gate

I ran back into my room and I played the conversation again …
This is my second proof to take everything from April …I can’t believe my dad was tricked to claim Alessia

I have to get Revenge for the death of my parents .
I went to bed .
👘 April 👘

I stood up to open the door when I saw a postman standing in front of me …

“Good afternoon ” the postman said

“Good afternoon how may I help you ” I asked looking at the dirty looking postman

“I am looking for Melanie ” he asked

“She isn’t here anymore she lives somewhere else ” i said banging the door …

“I am really a fool ” I said to myself
I should have checked the person who was looking for Melanie he looks like someone I have known

“Alessia get me the person that will accomplish tomorrow mission Melanie has to leave this country ..

“Okay I will call Brandy right away ” she said and she went to her room.

Brandy was told everything he had to do along with Melanie’s picture and car ….

We eat dinner and I went to bed

I laid in bed but I couldn’t sleep …I was thinking of my daughter that I sold all in the name of drugs

whether she’s in Italy or America …I really don’t know …

I really wanna see her ..I will look for her after getting Melanie off my way
⭕Ellen ⭕

I saw full repentance in Mark but I wanted him to feel bad for everything he did to me ….

I got discharged In the evening from the hospital and I was waiting at the reception for Mark

I didn’t see him after about 2 hours so I hailed a taxi and I told him to take me on the path to the house

I was checking through the road when I saw Mark’s car in the middle of the road …

“Stop!!! ” I shouted at the taxi driver

I got down from the taxi and I ran to his car

I saw him lying on the floor in blood the taxi driver helped me in carrying him into his car

My adopted parents and Giovanni taught me how to drive so I drove Mark back to the hospital ….

I was crying profusely as he was wheeled into a emergency department
The doctor started a treatment after he was wheeled Into the emergency department ….

I was looking at him through the transparent glass and I was crying …I really didn’t expect that to happen …..I am in love with mark already and i forgive him for everything ..

It was my mum’s fault she took me from my adopted parents and she sold me to Mark ..

I don’t want anything to happen to Mark ….I don’t want him to die ….I love him so much

I slept off in front of the emergency ward ….

📍 Giovanni 📍

I finally had a discussion with poison and no one saw us …. I went back into my room and I slept off …

“Morning Chelsea ” I said giving her a peck on the cheek

“Morning love”she replied

“We are gonna visit somewhere special today ” I said smiling

“Sure I can’t wait Lovie ”

Melanie was staring at us and I looked angrily at her …

“Morning dad ” I heard Jasmine’s voice from the stairs ..she looked so beautiful and perfect in the school uniform which is Melanie’s handwork …

She wanted to run to me but she stopped when she saw Chelsea …she went to Melanie and she gave her a beautiful hug that made me jealous …

“Won’t you come hug daddy ” I asked her

“Not with that Bitch beside you ” she shouted back …

She went to dining with Melanie and they both eat breakfast .

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

My auntie really made me happy today ..she prepared the most delicious breakfast … dad is making me angry because of the new lady in the house……

She drove to school and she waved at me when she dropped me …..

I went to my class happily …

What do you think was the postman ?

What will happen to Melanie ?

What is Mark’s fate ??

What do you think Giovanni is doing !?


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