SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 17



⭕Ellen ⭕

I placed my hands on my tummy and I felt totally comfortable ….

I held the doctor’s coat holding on tight …

“What happened to my baby ” I screamed still not letting go of his coat

” Mrs Mark please calm down ” he said as he struggled to release himself from my hold

“I am so sorry you lost the baby ” he said sadly

I burst into tears “my baby can’t be gone “I let go of the doc

“I am so sorry Ellen “Mark said then I remembered he was still sitting by my side
I was so annoyed that I gave him a dirty slap “you are so evil Mark you killed my unborn child ,you treat me like a s+x slave and you beat me at every chance you get now I lost a child ” I shouted still holding the polo of his shirt

The nurse held my noise and she gave me an injection …

💖 Micheal 💖

The time has come for me to rescue my daughter and make life easy for her …
I never forgot about my wife and Melanie .. April threatened me so I had to stray away but my wife knows the truth …

First I have to find out if Melanie is still living in the house …

It’s only one way to find out …

😭Mark 😭

Ellen is never going to forgive me for making her lose the baby ….
She kept shouting at me till she was given a sedate…I had to leave the room afterwards .
I was driving home but my mind was with Ellen ..she’s gonna be discharged today …

I was still driving when a car crossed my path I tried reversing but the other was also at my back ..

I was told to get down from my car which I obeyed immediately …

They were about eight of them who surrounded me …the first one gave me a slap that sent a shiver down my spine …one gave me consecutive blows on my tummy till blood started coming from my mouth …the kicked me and beat me tossing me to one another like a coin .. I didn’t know who did this but surely my behavior is telling on me …

The last one who looked huge finally stabbed me ..I was loosing blood fast …

I blacked out

💎 Melanie 💎

I woke up later in the day when Jasmine told me her dad brought in a new lady ..I went down the stairs to see who the lady is …

She was sitting on the couch enjoying chips with Giovanni …I don’t know why but I felt really jealous .
I went back upstairs to my room and I started crying …

“Auntie why are you crying ” Jasmine asked

“I am not crying ” I said wiping my tears off

“Jasmine sat on my laps and she slept off …I placed her beside me and I decided to sleep but I couldn’t ..

I want to know who poison is and why he is involved in my family matter …

I went downstairs again and this time i overheard Giovanni talking to someone on the phone…
He called the person poison …

Is it the same poison ??

👘 April 👘

I checked the CCTV camera of the house after the stranger left and I invited a secret agent to check the footage and identify the person…

I and Alessia we’re shocked when we found out Giovanni came in a disguise …

“He knows the whole truth already and I have to kill Melanie ..she must have sent him to come over …the agent left after getting her payment ..

I went upstairs to my room staring at the mirror

“I really do have another daughter whom I had abandoned and sold” I said to myself

“Will she be able to forgive me ‘ I thought to myself

All this secret I kept for years will be exposed soon but first I have to put an end to Melanie .

I have to find my daughter

😍 Chelsea 😍

Giovanni is really nice he even helped me with my bags …
I am really happy I found a man like him …his daughter is so cute just like him …

We sat in sitting room watching TV together ..he placed chips on the centre table and we kept eating as we enjoyed the romantic film together .

“I wanna go do something upstairs I will be back in jiffy ” I told him and I went to my room

I called my friend

📲📱Hey babes 📲📱

📲📱Hey Chelsea how are you doing 📲📱her voice came from the other end

📲📱I finally got hooked up site worked 📲📱I said laughing ..

📲📱That great news babe take care 📲📱

📲📱 Yeah thank byeeee 📲📱
I ended the call …

I was coming back when I met a lady .

What the Fuck.

📌 Poison 📌

I don’t know why Giovanni wants me to come to his house doesn’t he understand that it is very dangerous

What if someone knows of our plan ??

I just have to go see him and know whatever he wants…I would visit him tonight ..

💄 Alessia 💄

“Mum if you want Melanie kidnapped I can bring someone to do it ” I said assuring my mum

“The deed has to be tomorrow after she drops Giovanni’s daughter at school …we would kidnapped and take her to a place where she wouldn’t be able to escape ..she must not be able to defeat me “my said beating her chest ….

We heard a knock on the door ….

Guess who knocked the door ?

What is Poison’s plan with Giovanni ??

What will Ellen do when she sees Mark ?


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