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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 16

6 min read



👿Mark 👿

⚡ Flashback ⚡

“Please don’t touch my son “my mom screamed in agony …

We were robbed by ladies who were s+x freaks … they were armed and they insisted on killing my parents if they didn’t have their way …

I was just 13 years when this happened…

I was stripped Stark naked in front of ladies who were about 18 years ….

I was handcuffed to my bed and they slept with me …they satisfied themselves to taste and they all left the house …….

I woke up to the bright light of the hospital and my mom sat beside me crying ..

I had fainted after the evil act that the ladies did.
my mom told him

The doctor came and he checked to see if I was better ..I was told I had been unconscious for two weeks ..

I was mentally and emotionally affected by the act and I went into drugs after my parents death …I became rich and I decided to punish every lady that came my way

I was raped by Ladies …I became a dullard because I couldn’t catch up anymore …I felt like an odd one out in school ..my jovial and lovely life became sorrowful.

I got punished in school almost everyday cause if classes were going on I couldn’t concentrate ,I don’t remember anything I was taught and again I cried easily …I tried my best to be better but it worsened…I lost all happiness
I became a druglord and a very wicked person but the inner me was weak

⚡ Flashback ends ⚡

I sat down in the car thinking about the past ..I shouldn’t have hurt Ellen so much …I would have to apologise for every of my wrong and make her my wife ….All this while she has never complained or tried killing me ..

She would be able to change my life ….

I went back into her ward

😍Chelsea 😍

The taxi dropped me in front of the giant gate and it was opened by a guard after showing Giovanni’s picture.

The walk from the gate to the main entrance was stressful and my heels were aching alongside with the bags I was carrying

“Giovanni is really rich I can’t believe this ” I said to myself smiling

I got to the entrance and I knocked …the door was opened by Giovanni and he welcomed me with a peck on the cheek …

“Come in chelsea ” he said smiling

“Meet my daughter Jasmine * he said pointing to a little girl ….

“Hey princess how are you ” I said stretching my hands out to her …

She looked strangely at me ,hissed and she climbed up the stairs ..

“Don’t mind her she’s not used to strangers “he said

“Let me show you your room”he said leading me upstairs …

“Wow this is so beautiful the room is neatly arranged ”
He dropped my luggage’s and he left

💎 Melanie 💎

I burst into tears after reading my mom’s dairy ..my dad never betrayed my her and Alessia is the strangers daughter whom she called poison …

How do I know who poison is ???

I couldn’t hold it back … I kept crying till the dairy got wet …. Giovanni has been acting strangely how do i explain it all to him …

I know my house getting burnt was a planned work by my step mom and Alessia

I am really in love with Giovanni right now but he now has an opposite feeling …
The way he shout and screams at me recently is really annoying …

I didn’t know when I slept off ….

I woke up the next day and I drove Jasmine to school …I lost my job already so I just have to depend on my account and Giovanni

“Bye baby ” I waved to Jasmine when she walked to her class

I drove back home to see Giovanni reading newspapers …

“Aren’t you going to work” I asked

I got no response and after asking him for about three times

“It’s none of your business ” he shouted at me and I went to my room

I have to find poison by all means …

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

School isn’t fun without Melanie and I miss her so much . ..I was returned to Mrs Smith class after my Auntie was sacked

I concentrated in class cause I promise her to …i ate my food at Break and I bought an ice cream cone from the cafeteria

Classes were over and Melanie came to pick me up at school …

She drove me home and she entered her room …

I was busy painting my book when someone knocked ….

The door opened and a lady entered

“What’s going on here ” I thought to myself …

My dad even pecked her I hissed at her and I walked upstairs angrily …
I wanted to tell Melanie but she was asleep

I went to my room to take a nap as well

📍 Giovanni 📍

I was really happy Chelsea is my house already and I have to prove I am the best man she will ever hook up with …

Jasmine hissed at her which got me totally mad ..I showed her the room she will be staying ….

I need to see poison infact I was him to come over to my house …
We have a lot to discuss

⭕Ellen ⭕

I woke up to see some haphazard shapes in from of me…..I had blurry vision and I couldn’t recognize them clearly …

I finally got to see everyone clearly after minutes … I was shocked when I saw Mark and I tried standing up but the female doc told me to calm down …

“Tell him to stay away from me ” I said pointing at him ..

The doctor gave me an injection and tears came flowing …I am really scared of Needles

I screamed when she gave me the second injection .

I placed my hands on my tummy

What do you think about Mark
What would Ellen’s reaction be about losing the baby …
Guys can boys be raped let’s discuss in the comments box let’s see your views ..


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