SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 15



Doctor gibbs

I am trying my best to save this patient ..she has been beaten in her state of pregnancy ..

We took to her to the emergency ward and we fixed s drip..I checked her body then I saw the traces of pepper ..

Her husband is a real monster ..After hours we completed everything and I was rest assured that she fine ..

“Nurse call me Mc Martin’s

I waited some mins and he entered my office

“Mr mark i so sorry ,she lost the baby due to the harsh treatment she got from you … The sex and beating resulted into the loss of her baby .” I told him gently

“She’s going to be in the hospital for three days and she is gonna be specially taken care of by he nurses and doctors “I said again his time

You can go home and come back to check on her in the next three days

“Thanks doc “. He said and he left

This man is s monster he didn’t even behave like he just lost his unborn child ..

I have to get back to work

💄Alessia 💄

“Mom” I called out when I came back from work

“Alessia why are you crying ” my mom asked me

“Giovanni told me to stay away from him that I am a lair and a deceiver ”

“He even left the office around 12:00 which is unusual of him ”

“I don’t know what to do mum”. I said in tears

“Don’t worry baby you would be fine without him.

I went upstairs trying to forget totally about Giovanni there must be something fishy …

I took my bath and I slept off ..

📍 Giovanni 📍

Chelsea is really nice and beautiful with this boobs that can make any man fall at her feet …

Tomorrow she will be joining the house and we would date till we get married

I didn’t go back to work that day but I went home to prepare for Chelsea …

I drove into the compound and I saw Jasmine and Melanie in the swimming pool …

Melanie was wearing a black swimming suit showing her side and her long black hair was deeply wet and it brought out a very beautiful style … Melanie walked out if the swimming pool and mistakenly she pushed me into the swimming pool

WTF!!! I screamed loud ..

“Are you crazy what’s wrong with you ” she looked shocked with the response I gave to her …

I left the swimming pool area and I went inside the house still angry

I checked a spare room beside mine and I opened it for cleaning

I cleaned the room and I cleared it out ….

Everyone will be feeling strange about my behavior but I have my reasons

Jasmine came upstairs to meet me “Dad what’s going on ” Jasmine asked folding both hands

“What ” I asked looking angrily at her …

“Go downstairs now ” I shouted at her

She went downstairs and I continued with cleaning

💎 Melanie 💎

I was so shocked when Giovanni spoke harshly at me … .
It wasn’t my fault that he fell into the swimming pool it was just a mistake ..

I left the pool sadly and I went to my room I decided to read my mom’s dairy

Daisy Dairy
The first page

Today is the happiest day of my life Micheal proposed me to become his wife and we are starting the preparation soonest

The second page

Micheal took me to an ice rink today and in the process of spinning I found myself in someone else hands ..he looked handsome but not like Micheal.

The third page

Today I am going to a bar house and I met the stranger who claimed his name was poison …I Did something shameful …we had s+x unknowingly and I didn’t get in touch with him again

The fourth page

Micheal and I finally got married and I got pregnant ..I thought Poison was the one who got me pregnant but no your DNA confirmed that I got pregnant for Michael …

The fifth page

Micheal was tricked into a claiming a child that it is not his …
April was the name of the lady who became your stepmother but your stepsister is Poison’s daughter ….

April went to another country and true to my findings also gave birth to a child for another man

Melanie all in this dairy is for you to know everything about you and your family …I also want you to know that I love you so much …

Daisy ..

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

My dad has been behaving strange this days and I don’t know what to do ..he keeps hurting Melanie and he has been shouting at the both of us ..

I really don’t what to do …I hope my dad doesn’t bring home a lady that will make Melanie unhappy

👿Mark 👿

“Holy shit ” I screamed when I left the hospital ..

“She lost my baby ” I couldn’t help it I cried the first time after so many years

A lot of things has happened that has made me cruel and wicked
The whole word has been cold to me and I had to venture into drugs

I sold hard drugs and I deals with rich men’s …

My father and my mother left me in the cruel hands

A flashback is coming

What do you think Giovanni is doing ??

What do you think about this Episode ..

©️ Amethirex 🖋️


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