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September 17, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 14

6 min read



⭕Ellen ⭕

He pulled me into the room as usual locking the door .I didn’t really know who to call on ..

He brought a cuff and he hand cuffs my hands to the bed .

He placed them over my head and my hands started aching

He covered my mouth with a tape such that I wasn’t able to scream or shout .

Some matured content 🔞.

He pulled down my pants staring wildly at my p”””y .He stopped staring at my pu++y and I pushed out my breast from my bra …they really hurts cause I am pregnant ..

I kept shaking my head to tell Ethan not to su-k my breast but he slapped me ….
He su+ked my breast like his whole life depends on it which I kept on crying ..

He down to my pu+sy and he rubbed his fingers around it before dipping his finger making me to totally wet .I kept on crying like a toddler but does the beast care .

He f+cked me hard making my head constantly hit the bed ..I was tired and fed up ..

I blacked out

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

No !! Melanie shouldn’t be leaving I said still crying in my room

“Jasmine open the door ” my dad said

“I won’t open it till I find Auntie ” I screamed from my room crying

“Come on Jasmine I promise to bring your Auntie ” my dad said and I opened the door..

“Princess” my dad said carrying me on his shoulders and he took me to the sitting room

I couldn’t eat and I had some signs of malaria

📍 Giovanni 📍

I really don’t know what to do .. Jasmine can’t do without Melanie and she kept on crying saying she wanted to see her teacher ..

I really don’t know what is happening I don’t love Melanie neither do I want her in my house . Jasmine loves her a lot and I can’t deprive her of that happiness ..

I do not love Melanie

📲📱Hi Melanie please come to my house Jasmine has been crying since

📲📱I would come tomorrow okay 📲📱

📲📱 Thanks a lot Melanie I would come pick you up 📲📱

I was really glad she came for my daughter..I will have to find another lady that I would date .

Jasmine slept off around 8:00 then I logged into a dating site with a lot of ladies …

One of them caught my Attention her name is Chelsea …

I messaged her and we agreed to meet around 12:00 the next day ..

I went to my bed and I slept off

I woke up the next morning ,took Jasmine’s bath ,prepare breakfast and I placed Jasmine’s food into her lunch box

Someone knocked on the door and the person standing was Melanie

Jasmine ran to meet her the moment she saw her

“Baby how are you ” she said hugging my little daughter ……

“Your room is by the left side of the second floor take care ”

I and Jasmine left the house and I dropped her off at school …

I went to work and the moment it was twelve I went to visit her in a private place .

💄Alessia 💄

“Mum who was that guy that just left ” I asked my mom when I saw a stranger leaving the house ..

“He just came to ask for some questions ” she told me

{Save the stress for tomorrow}

I did my usual routine and I drove to work and I was really happy that Giovanni was at work

“Good morning ” I said when I entered the office

“Morning “he replied coldly

“Giovanni what’s wrong ” I asked when I heard his reply

“Get out of my office and I never wanna have anything to do with you again ” he shouted at me

” Giovanni I thought you loved me ” I screamed at him
“I don’t love a deceiver and a liar ” he shouted back …

Get out now ” he shouted at me

I went out of his office and I went back to my office …

I couldn’t help it but cry

Around 11:30 he left the office to where God knows

😍Chelsea 😍

I finally found a man to hook up with and he’s gonna be meeting me today …

I dressed up and i went to where he asked us to meet …

“Afternoon ” I said when I met him …

” Have your sit ” he said nicely

“I am Giovanni and I have a daughter who is six years and her teacher is living with me ” he said

“Fine it’s okay to stay with them ” I said smiling

“Okay this is the address to my house you can come tomorrow ” he said and he left

“Yes yes yes I finally found a rich man ” I danced happily ..

I hailed a taxi which dropped me off in my apartment

I started arranging my clothes into the box that I have …

👘 April 👘

The stranger who came seems like a threat and his questions were really very difficulty to answer …

Why did he bring up questions about Melanie ..it’s strange and he even left when he saw my daughter.

I will have to stop everyone from taking over my property …

I will punish everyone who tries to hinder me ..

💎 Melanie 💎

Giovanni has started acting somehow but anyways who do I feel this bad about him

I am here for Jasmine not him.

I went to the booth of my car and I brought out the important documents and things of my life

I went back to my room and I opened the box my mum gave me almost ten years …

I opened it and I saw the pictures of my mum and my dad

I remembered during prom night mom had taken a picture with me

I checked the last item in the box and it was my mom’s dairy

👿 Mark 👿

She just a crazy idiot ..we hardly had 20 minutes s+x when she blacked out …

I drove her straight to the hospital …

“We have to take her to an emergency ward” the doctor told me and I went back to the reception

What do you think about the new girl ?

What’s happening to Giovanni ?

Ellen 😭😭😭😭😭😭


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