SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 13



💎 Melanie 💎

I woke up to the bright light shining above my head ,a lot of event flashed through my head and I felt a sharp pain in my head

“Auntie you are awake ” I heard a voice said ..

My eyes opened clearly and Jasmine was sitting by my side

“Jasmine ” I called out
I am really happy she is sitting by my side
“Where is your dad ” I asked her

“Daddy went somewhere ” she said with her little voice

” Okay fine ” I said

The nurse and the doctor came into the ward and they checked to see if I was okay …

“You need rest ” the doctor told me

I couldn’t close my eyes remembering my house has been burnt to ashes . My cars are in my friend’s house

“What if I didn’t keep it with him ” I thought to myself
I would have lost my car and everything ..

My documents and the box mum gave me are all in my car perhaps there is something they want me to know .
Some legal documents on the properties we’re kept with me without April knowing

I have to get better and find all the truth about my family

📍 Giovanni 📍

I checked the address once again to be sure I was going to the right place ..

I knocked on the door and It was opened by a woman in her early forties

“Good afternoon ma’am ” I said bowing

“How may I help you ” I came to see someone her name is April

” Yes i am the one ” she said smiling

” I have a lot of questions to ask you may I come in ” I asked her
“Fine come in ” she said pointing to the sitting room

A call came in after I sat down and she went to a corner In the house to receive the call ..

I followed her and I heard all the conversation she had with a guy she called scorpion

“I am so sorry for delaying you ” she said and she sat down
I felt like killing her for causing Melanie so much pain

“Are you the owner of all this property “I asked the first question

” Yes I actually took over it when my step daughter died ” she said

” What’s her name ” I asked in a sober countenance

“Melanie ”

I was so shocked , she’s even lying that Melanie’s is dead

“Am so sorry about that ” I said in pretence ..

“Do you have a daughter and who is her father ”

“Yes I do have a daughter but her father isn’t so responsible so Melanie’s father married me ” she said crying

“Okay it’s fine I have to leave now ” I stood up to leave but I was interrupted by a voice ..

“Mum you finally burnt down Melanie’s house ” I turned to see who it was I was really shocked it was Alessia …

I left the house and preventing her from seeing my face …

“Holy crap ” I said the moment I entered the car

“I almost got caught now I know the truth but now who is Alessia’s father .

I returned back to the hospital

“Welcome sir ” the doctor said when I entered the ward
“She can go home with you but make sure she sleeps and rest perfectly ”

“Okay doc thanks a lot ” I said ..

Melanie stood and she went into the restroom and she came out with a mufty

“Daddy let’s go home” Jasmine said ..

“Can I talk to you privately ” Melanie asked me

“Sure you can ” I said and I asked Jasmine to stay outside .

” I want you to drop me off at an hotel on our way from the hospital ” she said

“Why ” I asked shockingly

“I don’t wanna cause trouble just do as I say ” she said

“Okay I would drop you off but don’t do anything silly ” I said to her

We went out of the ward and Jasmine held the both if us together and we walked to the car after getting the necessary drugs for her ..

I drove her to an hotel and we came to an halt

“Daddy let’s go home ” Jasmine said

“Jasmine Auntie has to stay here ”

Melanie went to the hotel and I promised to bring her car to the hotel ..

I didn’t expect what Jasmine did

She started crying when Melanie left for the hotel ..

I tried touching her but it was to no avail ..

I drove into the house and she got down the moment I parked the car

She ran all the way into the house crying

I followed her but she locked the door to her room

“Jasmine ” I kept shouting and banging her door to open it but she kept on crying

⭕ Ellen ⭕

I woke up the next day after Mark’s beating .my body was filled with scar and bruises . I was having this headache and the pregnancy kept disturbing ..

I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast . I thought the food on mark’s timetable was spaghetti and sauce so I prepared it immediately ..

I tasted it to be sure it wasn’t salty .. it was so delicious and I prayed mark loves it …

I served him the food when he came to the dinning table ..

I turned to go but he called me back

“Come back here Ellen ” he said frankly

“Oh God am doomed! what do I ” I thought to myself

Mark pulled my hair and he stuck my face into the sauce ..he released me after about 5 mins …

I felt pains in my eyes due to the pepper

I ran wildly storming into a lot of things in order to find water …

I was screaming wildly of the maid helped me and she watched my face took almost an hour for me to regain my sight ..

Mark called me again

What does he want this time ?

What do you think will happen to Ellen ?.

How would Jasmine and her father be without Melanie ?


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