SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 12



💎 Melanie 💎

“This can’t be happening I didn’t flirt with anyone’s fiance and I never disobeyed your orders ” I said already crying

“You service is no longer needed here Miss Melanie ” the principal said ..

I went to class and I packed everything that was mine into my car …I just don’t know where to go to now lemme just head home ….

I drove roughly to my house with a very cold heart …how could I be given sack letter from the profession I love so much..

I kept hitting my car angrily ,I drove to my house …

I saw large crowd of people staying somewhere close to my house ….

I drove closer to see what was happening …..
The greatest shock caught up in my sleeves

“My house is on fire ” everyone turned around to see him …
The fire was do wolf the news spread like wild fire ….

I lost my job and my house in just a single day ….

I kept on crying while the men held me from going into the house

⚫ Scorpion ⚫

We got the house burnt without trace no one noticed …April must be really happy seeing the head lines

That’s my job anyway I get paid for everything I do..

who cares !

📍 Giovanni 📍

Melanie isn’t picking my calls I said to myself .. I have this feeling that something is wrong ,she’s supposed to be at work by this time of the day .

I opened my Facebook news feed to see the latest new …I saw Melanie’s house had been burnt into flames and bricks ..

I carried Jasmine into the car and I drove to Melanie’s house to check if she was safe ..

I met her on her knees in front of the burnt house crying profusely

“Melanie please don’t do this* I said helping her to get up ..

She was just staring at me ,I realized she was still in shock so I carried her into my car.

I told someone to drive her car to my house so I took her to the hospital..

I went to the family doctor and she was attended to ,she was given a sedate that made her sleep and relax …..
Poison may be behind this but I never paid him for such ..I really can’t bear to see Melanie unhappy ..

“Will auntie be fine “Jasmin asked holding my hand

“Yes of course she will be fine” I said assuring Jasmine who was almost crying

“Brave ones don’t cry princess ” I said to her ..

💄Alessia 💄

My dream came true and Melanie is going to leaving the school …

I was really happy to be able to convince the principal till the extent of firing her.. I made sure everything at work is fine so as to gain trust from Giovanni

The television of the office showed a trending news of a house burning …I saw Melanie screaming and crying

That’s what she deserves …I completed my work for the day and I left the office .
I met my mom laughing and drinking at the same time

“Mom you are the best ” I said giving her a hug

“Thanks baby now Melanie is going to suffer more than ever she has lost two cars and the only house she has even she got fired at work ” my mum said laughing ..

I went upstairs to my room and I took my bath ..

❤️ Jasmine ❤️

I prayed in my heart that Auntie wakes up soon .she’s like a mother to me now I love her a lot and I cannot do without her …

Someone must be behind all of this they are intentionally making life difficult for Melanie but I promised to stay with her forever .

I can’t read my Dad’s mind but I know that he likes my teacher. I want the both of them to get married and become one that was the promise I made to my mother ..

📌 Poison 📌

My phone rang and I received it
📲📱Hi 📲📱 I said over the phone

📲📱 Morning poison this is Giovanni and I need a favor from you 📲📱 he said

📲📱Fine it’s okay 📲📱

📲📱Who else asked for Melanie’s information apart from me 📲📱 he asked me

📲📱Yes someone did her name is April 📲📱

📲📱Okay can you give me her address 📲 📱 he asked again

📲📱Fine I would send a text to you 📲📱 I said and I ended the call …

“Did something happen to Melanie ” I asked myself …

She isn’t my daughter the DNA test confirmed it so why do I have to worry …

I sent the address to Giovanni and I settled for a bottle of whiskey ..

👘 April 👘

Scorpion surely deserves an award for everything he does ..he never makes a mistake or miss his target … The news flooded the headline and television like he promised ..

I puffed and smoked my cigar it is really good to cheer …A whiskey bottle supported me and I drank to satisfaction .

I made myself really happy to have achieved in making my enemy homeless and poor ..

I am really happy … ..

A knock came from the door

“Come in” I told poison ..

“What are you doing here ” I asked in a low tone

” I have come to satisfy you ” he said seductively …

Thank God Alessia is not back we went upstairs and we had fun …

I returned back to sitting room and I continued my smoking while poison left the house …

Alessia came in later …


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