SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 11



💎 Melanie 💎

I was shocked when his lips touched mine he didn’t stop he kissed me passionately ..I was lost in his eyes and his melting lips

I could feel his chest massaging my cleavages …he finally stood up and he helped me up .We couldn’t stop staring at each other until Jasmine called my name ..

I carried her and she smiled happily ..
“How are you feeling baby ”

” I am okay mum ” she said smiling ..

“She’s not your mum she your teacher “Giovanni said …

“It’s okay let’s eat I am really hungry ” Jasmine said

We served the food and we ate dinner together ..I took my leave when it was about 8:00 …

I drove to my house in my Jeep …I noticed that my house looked like it was raided …I went into the compound and I drove the two cars to a friend’s house and I told him to keep it safe …

My mind wasn’t at rest as I slept in the house I had a lot of thought on my mind … something must be fishy ..

I hardly slept throughout the night cause I was thinking of a lot things …

I took my bath and dressed up and I left for work ..I took the necessary documents and important things that I had …I picked a particular box my mum gave me when I was twelve … I packed everything that was important and I placed them in my car ….

I drove to the school and I walked to my class …The principal called me and she told me to come to her office …

“Morning ma ” I said the moment I entered her office ..

“Melanie morning trust you had a nice night ”

“Yes thanks a lot ma”

“Let’s go straight to the point ”

“Melanie ”

💄Alessia 💄

I met Melanie and Giovanni kissing and I snapped her picture …. I was really angry ..I drove back to work and I cried out my eyes .

I have to find a plan to implicate Melanie …I went home to check the information given to my mom …I checked the file and I found out Melanie was teaching in Amethire schools.

I went to see the principal at school ..

I met her almost leaving the school compound so I begged her to wait …

She asked me to enter the car so that we can discuss further.
“Ma’am I wanna talk to you about one of your staff ”

“Fine go ahead “the principal said

I showed her the picture on my phone and she screamed ..

“Melanie is flirting with my fiance “I said faking tears …

“Giovanni’s daughter is a student of this school ” I said again

“Please try to put her off my fiance ” I said

“Fine “the principal said

“I will do something about it ”

“Thanks a lot “I said and I left the school …

I drove back to the house,I met my mom sitting on a couch smoking her pipe as usual …

“Mom aren’t you going to do something about Melanie ” I asked my mum

“Just calm down baby I got everything under control ” she said and I walked to the bedroom

📍 Giovanni 📍

Melanie’s lips were soft that I couldn’t resist it .We were staring at each other after the kiss till Jasmine broke the silence ..

She even called Melanie mum ..

Jasmine got better after she left the house …she ate her food and she used her drugs as well ..

I place her on her bed but she kept looking into my eyes …

“Aren’t you gonna sleep princess “I asked smiling …

“Read me a bed time story ”

I opened a bedtime story of Aladdin and princess Jasmine ….I read the story to Jasmine I hardly read five pages when she slept off ..

I covered her with the blanket and I went to my room to sleep …
I woke up the next morning and I went to Jasmine’s room to see if she was fine ..she was looking fine ..

I called Alessia to make sure everything is fine and that I won’t be coming to work ..

I took Jasmine’s bath and I drove her to the hospital ..she was given the injection by the nurse
The doctor checked her temperature and every other thing to see if she was okay ..

I drove back to my house and I got an ice cream for Jasmine .we both entered the house ..

“Daddy I wanna talk to Melanie”she said

“Of course baby I am gonna call her “.

I called her many times but she didn’t pick my call
I was wondering what happened ..
👘 April 👘

I sent the address of Melanie’s house to my men ..I asked them to check if the house wasn’t guarded ..

My men went to check the house and they confirmed everything poison told me about her house … The school she was teaching was located already but I had to deal with her first

I called scorpion
📲📱 Please I need you to do something for me 📲📱

📲📱What is that ma’am 📲📱

📲📱I need you to …📲📱


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