Settling Down Right

Today i travelled to a neighbouring state to meet with my business partner and very sweet friend, on returning I met Dadzie seated on the rocking chair in the balcony reading from a newspaper and sipping from a half-filled glass next to the bottle of Carlo Rossi on a stool beside him.

We exchanged pleasantries and he asked about my trip. I replied him, after which I sat on a seat opposite his, freed my smartphone from my pocket and proceeded to check my Facebook notifications.

Dadzie dropped the newspaper, lowered his reading glasses a bit and asked, “do you know why relationships fail ever so often these days”?

I absentmindedly answered “no”, still looking into my phone screen.

He took a sip from the wine glass and exclaimed, “wrong priorities my boy, lead to poor choices”!

My curiosity was piqued by that sentence so I dropped my phone on the stool beside me and listened.

He took another sip and continued, “you know my boy, the world is getting increasingly charged with sex so much that it has become a deciding factor on relationships.

“See my boy, I admired women with sizeable “b00bs” and “@$$” in my younger days so much that even when I was certain your mother was the woman for me, it took a while before I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and settle down with her so I perfectly understand the predicament of many young men today”.

“See, Your mother was on the skinny side when we got married and I’ve watched her add all the flesh in the right places over the years and now that her shape has settled in, I have not found a use for all the extra flesh and fat I had desired in my youthful years”.

At this point, mum walked in to inform us that dinner was ready and Dadzie informed her we’ll soon meet with her at the dining. He waited until she was out of earshot and continued,
“You know I respect your mum and that’s why I’m restricting this discussion to our ears only” then he peeped down the sitting room for reassurance that mum wasn’t there before he continued.

“Son, please don’t make the mistake that many people have made”.

“Don’t choose a lovely shape over character, shape could be improved with proper nutrition but a bad character would drain you”.

“Don’t choose intellect over agreeableness”. If both of you are more often than not having divergent views then it’s a recipe for friction which leads to wear and tear”.

“Many rich men have become impoverished and many paupers have come into wealth, choose affection over a fat bank account”.

“When you’re sipping garri with a loved one, it is tastier than eating chicken and chips with someone who your heart doesn’t agree with”.

“Choose a kind heart, someone who understands moderation in all things, choose someone on the same journey as you”.

“Let peace of mind guide your choices, if you lose peace at any point then that choice is probably not right”.

“Son, don’t be afraid of settling for one woman, I’ve tapped this palmwine for many years and it’s just as sweet if not sweeter than when i began”.

“Are you calling my mum palmwine”? I asked sarcastically, he bursted into laughter and I joined in, not long after which mum reappeared and we both quit laughing and put on a serious look almost instantaneously.

She was frowning now, “honey, the food is getting cold”! Dadzie looked at her admiringly and she legit blushed, “baby geh, I’m right behind you” he said then he winked at me and we left together for dinner.

I admire their relationship so much, they’ve set the bar so high that I won’t settle for anything less.

When you prioritize frivolities over substance in a partner, it’s just a matter of time before the building begins to crumble under it’s own weight.

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